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Hey What'z Up? Welcome to my *HoMePage* On my page theres a bunch of stuff to see and do! My Page has ~links~ to Kewl pages and other stylin things. Theres Also the 411 on me, things i like, guyz i like blah blah blah, and hopefully soon much much more... But School's Coming Soon So I wont be on much again, or have time to respond to your mail or requests! SORRY =) The latest updates were on: August 23rd: I updated my "Music" page and added a banner to my "Link me" page Check-em-out!! I also Added a new Guestbook, a better one! So please SIGN In! Now u can click up a storm! *l* And 1 more thing... DON'T 4GET TO SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!!
Here's a short part about me if you don't have time to check out my "Me" page! Okay Okay...I wont write a novel *s* your here for some short statz...so here they are! Okay...I'm a 15 year old female (obviously) from Canada. I have brown hair, baby blue eyes, I'm about 5'6. I Luv sportz (there da bomb), partying, guys,(gotta luv them), shopping (gotta luv that too), working out and most of all talking !! N-e-Thing Else? A S K ! ! No driftwoods/Reaners *Hehe* I'm not on the net much, and when I am it's only to chat on IcQ or check email...but once in a blue moon (if I'm BoReD) I'll chat in the chathouse... when i do my handle is :+:*Star*:+:, ~*Lynds*~ or **SuPa DiVa** and if anyone has ICQ Email me (lynds89@hotmail.com) and I'll give you my number... I am trying to keep this short (But SweeT) so you can get on with your trip here! PLEASE BOOKMARK ME!!

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