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"I've Been Waiting for So Long"
"I Was Lost and Alone"
"When All Your Dreams Are Gone"
"Like Chasing a Leaf"
"When Life Goes Awry"
"Guide My Steps, O Lord"

Jazz/Big Band
"Why Not Be Happy?"
"It's Christmas Every Day"

"Yet I'll Trust in Him"
(Ave Maria - Bach/Gounod)
"Whenever I'm Longing"
(Chopin Noct. 2)
"We Saw Him Die"
(Czardas - Vittorio Monti)

"Psalm 23"
  1. "The Lord is My Shepherd"
  2. "Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley"
  3. "Surely Goodness"

"They That Sow in Tears"

"Hebrews 12:12"

Choral Music
"I Will Give You Praise & Glory"


"The Secret"
  1. "Hosanna, Thy King Cometh"
  2. "Opposition of the Pharisees and Priests"
  3. "If Any Man Serve Me"
  4. "I Come to Light the World"
  5. "The Last Supper"
  6. "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled"
  7. "Abide in the Vine"
  8. "Yet a Little While"
  9. "That They May Be One"
  10. "The Betrayal"
  11. "So Send I You"
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