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Welcome to one of the largest "Matrix" sites on the 'net. My name is Ladyhawke, and this is my mainframe. I have one of the biggest collections of rare pictures you'll find, plus quotes, a full cast/crew list, movie info, links, and much, much more. I get most of my news from Morrison's Matrix Site, which is really spectacular, might I add.



WOW! Yahoo actually got around to helping me fix this piece of crap server!! Woo hoo!!! Sorry there hasn't hardly been any updating, but when I have some time there will be! Also, since the Matrix is out on video now, there won't be too much updating here. Especially since I have started school again and it's a Technical school. High demands, no late homework, all kinds of things keep me restricted now. Anyway, hope I didn't leave you all hanging too badly. I'll try to come around often!!!!

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WANTED: I am looking for any and all Matrix .WAV and .MIDI files!!! I am also looking for Matrix Screensavers! E-mail me with what you've got and I will make them available to everyone who visits the site, you will definitely be credited!!


Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, cause Kansas, is goin' bye bye..........

What Is..The Matrix?
Latest Sentinel Movement
Cast & Crew Harddrive
Image Files
Mainframe Communicator
Free My Mind, OK, Free My Mind...
Mr. Wizard, Get Me Out Of Here
Plug Me In
Are you telling me I can dodge bullets?
Use The Cell Phone
Zion Codes & Secrets
Connect to the Mainframe
My View on Colorado Massacre
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