This Portal Stone can take you to many places - the times that were, are and could be.  Someone, perhaps yourself, channels into the Stone.  The world tilts and you feel like you are falling.  Finally, you come out of this strange trance to find yourself standing at the gates of a great city with Shining Walls.  As far as the eye can see are flowing buildings that look like they have grown from the earth itself.  Your eye is drawn to the huge Tower lancing into the distant sky.  Amongst the vendors and townspeople going about their daily business stride women with ageless faces and colorfully fringed shawls, followed closely by men who look ready to dance into battle.  This, you realize, is Tar Valon, but it is not as you remember it, it is the Tar Valon of the past.  You can hear the people talking of nations long gone - Manetheren, Barashalle....
The Mayor and the Amyrlin welcome you, visitor, to

Tar Valon

Come enjoy the sights and people of our fine city.


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