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Hey! I finally made a banner for my page. So if you want to link to it, just paste the following html code:

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I've noticed that compared to the number of hits, very few of you email me or sign my guestbook. So I've decided to make things a little easier. If you have any suggestions, info or anything, just write it in the box and hit submit and it will be emailed to me. It's set to take you back to this page when you're done. So please just take the few minutes it takes and tell me what you think. Thanks

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UpdatedPics Updated
Kinda self-explanotary. These are some cool pictures of Ethan.

UpdatedOlder PicsUpdated
A few pics from Ethan's past that prove that he's always been one of the hottest guys around.

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Mailing List
This is my new mailing list. Click here if you want to join. It lets you talk to other Ethan fans and share your opinions.

The Can't Hardly Wait Movie
These are my thoughts on one the best (and my favorite) movie ever.

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Some articles on Ethan and his movies.

Ethan Info
Lots of info and interesting facts on Ethan.

Quotes from Ethan himself as well as others who know him.

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These are links to other cool sites that have nothing to do with Ethan.

All About Me Page
I made this page cause it seems like everyone has a page about themselves on the web.

Ethan Survey
I decided I'd make a survey about Ethan so click here to go see it.

Survey Results
These are the results to my survey so far. I update this page often so you can still do the survey and I'll add your votes.

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