Welcome to Candy's Mighty Ducks Headquarters.

Now Under New Management!

You stand looking around the run-down, abandoned homepage. It looks decrepit, with broken images and links lying scattered among messy HTML. Fog hangs thick and heavy in the air, obscuring your vision.

Then, the mist parts. A small, black cat trots toward you, shaking the last trails of fog from his paws. Moisture has beaded on his short fur, making him glimmer in the weak light. "Greetings..." he purrs. "I am Silent Meow. And this page is now completely under my control." He makes an odd, feline sniggering sound. "'Under new management' is one way of putting it. 'Hacked into and taken over' is another. But let us not quibble over meanings."

The skinny cat sits down and washes one paw. He places it daintily on the ground and suddenly looks straight at you, his green eyes piercing. "I'm not out to start a fight with anyone. I have preserved all the original documents of the previous owner, in case she wishes to return someday. But in the meantime, I'm taking this site into my own paws. I'm going to clean it up and make it viable again. If anyone has any objections, I can be reached at SilentMeow@hotmail.com. Thank you for your attention."

The cat stands again, stratches lazily, and turns to walk away. He stops, and glances back over his shoulder. "Watch this space, folks..." he murmurs. Then he slips, silent, into the mist from where he came.

Click here for the old Candy's Mighty Ducks Headquarters, soon to be updated.

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