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Btw 00-07-27: While you're at it, check out my Diablo II Character, mmmkay?

Update 00-07-27: Added Blitz III Server, sorry for the delay. All links checked.

Update 00-02-22: More Server updates, this time it is Blitz II. Changed it from blitz2 to arch6.

Update 00-02-10: Changed the links for Server1 from arch4 to arch15 and Server2 from arch5 to arch10. Gee, I wish those operators could stop changing server names all the time.

Update 00-01-25: Fixed a bug in the Army organizer that caused only the first of two stacks to be displayed twice if they were of equal power.

Update 00-01-18: Changed the links for Blitz1 to arch8 from arch6, it should work fine now.

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