Darn's Den of Armour Disclaimer: As with all sites on the web, this one is almost never updated, so excuse the sloth, and enjoy.

In my travels across the web, I have found many things to do with my hobbies.
For the benefit of those that don't have the time to peruse the web constantly, I have compiled
a set of the links I have found to be the most helpful.

First, I have become immersed in the Society for Creative Anachronism
For those of you who don't know what or who we are, we are a group of
people reliving the Middle ages as they should have been, without the
Black Plague(we still have the Pennsic two-step), religious upheavels,
or massive death by war.

Being fairly new to the S.C.A., I have been looking for links to information
on clothing aka garb, what to expect at events, and how to behave at events.
I just made it to my first feast, and was glad to find information
that told me what to expect.
Garb for beginners
Feasting Ettiquite and what to Expect

On and off for about 10 years, I have been practicing making chainmail, which
I find relaxing, but for most people just learning, it can be frustrating.
As for links to articles on making chainmail, they are abundant on the web,
so I will not be posting links for them.

For about 8 months or so, I have been working on Plate Armour. The sites
for the construction of Plate Armour are few and far between, so I will be
adding links to those, as well as posting any patterns that I find to work well.
Medieval Armour Do It Yourself links
My Patterns and Insights on Armour

Our local group, Fearann na Criche is starting to work on a
Trebuchet "tre-bu-shay" for use at Pennsic, the largest single
event in the SCA every year. It lasts for about a week, located in Pennsylvania.
Seige Engines and Plans for Construction
For all those looking for employment, here are a few services, provided free
to get your job search started. Job Resources on the Web

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