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This is home to Starfleet's Elite Black Ops Division. Under the Command of Commodore EJ Jackson, the fleet of Starships attached to this station are well known and feared throughout the Galaxy. When you see one of these big ships coming even the most feared races tend to leave the sector.
Set in the year 2375, our time line is approximately 2 years AFTER Deep Space 9!

Click on the links below to explore Gateway Station and her fleet:
Gateway Station
USS Midway
USS Hunter
USS Mars-Alpha
The Forrestal
Gateway Simming Guide
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Now, on a personal note. I've surfed the web for the last couple of months and noticed some of the "Graphic Intensive" sites out there. That's all well and good for those of you that are into graphics. However, my personal opinion is that I'd rather be able to get PAST the graphics and enjoy the rest of the site, rather than waiting 5 to 10 minutes for the graphics to load, just to figure out where to go. As you've no doubt noticed Gateway Station is a simple, basic site and I'll endeavor to KEEP it that way. This site is based more on the Story behind the Station, not the station itself. This has been my intention from the beginning and it will stay that way. But none the less I thank you for taking the time to visit us here at Gateway. I hope you enjoy your stay and your time simming with us. I also wish to thank Lolth's Kiss for allowing us to be a part of their webring.


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