Welcome aboard the Spindrift, the spaceship used in the 1968-1970 sci-fi series,'Land of the Giants'.

Picture courtesy of Timothy Leming's page.

The series was produced by Irwin Allen, whose other credits were Time Tunnel, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and Lost In Space, as well as various movies. Land of the Giants had the highest television budget, allowing for an excellently produced series.

This being my latest (and, as far as I can tell now, permanent) sci-fi admiration, you will find a link to it below, in among other things that tell about me.

News Flash
...as of
October 26, 1999
Updated, really! I finally kept my promise to those who've sent me pictures, and I started the Spindrift's photo gallery, Space Photos! Feel free to stop on in.

Picture courtesy of the Sci-fi Channel

Read some LotG fan-fic here

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So please look around, and I'd appreciate it if you would report to passenger check-in, then meet your fellow travelers. Due to a mistake in editing, there were some problems in using our former passenger check-in, so this is a new list. You can still view the old list here.

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Any Star Trek TNG fans stopping by might want to check out The Positronic Alliance, a page dedicated to Noonien Soong's eldest son, Lore.

How would you like to warp to some other time periods? Well, you can go to the 40s by visiting my Remember WENN links page or to the 50s by visiting my Roxy's Diner page. For some major warps, you can check out Araveug's Homepage, the home of my Renaissance loving alter ego, or The Newsies Letterpress, my page dedicated to Disney's movie based on the NY Newsies' strike of 1899.

Links to other sites on the Web

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Sites dedicated to that famed ALW musical, The Phantom Of The Opera

I will continue my attempts to improve the Spindrift's appearance as ideas whiz through my addled brain. Please come again to see the updates. Don't forget to stop by CultTVMan's Sci-fi modeling page. Enjoy the rest of your net-surfing!

You are passenger #. Thank you for flying on the Spindrift.

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