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Well in case you haven't guessed, I like FIRE!!! This page houses my tribute to all things combustible.

*Caution* This page was created by someone who is-oh, how did the doctors put it?-unstable? Yeah, that's it...judge for yourself. Heeheehee...

Fire stuff

Spontaneous Human Combustion
A brief explanation of it, and some reported cases.
Household Combustibles List
Just a little list that I've compiled from my many-uh-experiments...
The Science of Combustion
What I learned in Chemistry's not much.

Other stuff

Hoit's World
Who is Hoit, you may ask? Well, he's a small, green, extraterrestrial figment of my imagination.
A biography
Oh yes, it's Mother's story-complete with pictures!!! (don't get too excited...'well hello my name is Simon...' uh, you get the point).
 Proverbs From A Sick Mind
Self-explanatory, I believe...
 Absurdist Poetry
Again, self-explanatory.
 Spanish Inquisition Sonnet
Done in true Monty Python fashion.
 The Adventures of Wenchman
No really, this isn't a parody of comic books...really.
Yes, I've actually won some awards!
 Places I like to visit
um...places I like to visit...

This page is 100%

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SHCCombustibles Science of Fire Hoit's World Mother: A Biography
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This page and all of its contents are copyright 1997-99 by Becky McGirr. Thanks to Katy, Jeff, and all the others who contributed to this place to make it what it is: demented. And, of course, a special thanks goes out to Capsiam for bestowing upon me the name I now go by. I told you I'd do it! Hahaha...

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