He who refuses to take part in modern
mediocrity will forever stand alone, an outcast. He is the bringer of
change, changes that instill fear in all who go with fashion's flow. Their
power comes from others, not from within. They are false! Woe unto them for
the bringers of change hath banded together. The time is now? We cannot be
stopped? We are riding up, riding hard on the will of the people.
The battle rages-choose your side
Fighting the world


There are many rooms to choose from,
but beware;
some arent what they seem! For in this Castle you will find
Horses made of steel, and drums & music from a distant era.

There is great artworks
in the Tapestry room to be seen,
and arms and armour to suit your needs, no matter how plain or exotic.

If literature is your preferance,
there are many books to be read coming to the library, but for right now,
It contains all yu need to know about Robert Jordans "Wheel of Time" books

Talsier's Bard, Reb, awaits you in the Garden
to tell you of stories and poetry from his past,
hence he has just returned from his journeys.

You can also venture into the Courtyard
where you can meet Talsier's friends
from various parts of the Web world

..If you want to know about Talsier Himself, you can go to his Royal Chambers, but also beware
....just sometimes
.....his loyal pet called a hadarak sleeps..
...his name is Sakar, and he has quite the voracious appetite so be careful.


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