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What's the best Movie ever?

PICS!!! Movies

The Energizer Commercial featuring VADER



Darth startup file

Cantina Music


Reasons why Star Wars is better than Star Trek

Everything in life, I've learned from Star Wars

Missing footage text

The History of the Mandalorian Warriors (ex. Boba Fett)

Star Wars text pictures


Episode 4 script

Episode 5 script

Episode 6 script

My hero George Lucas

This page is just going to be links and the few cool things that I can put on here until i get more space

cause I don't think you could make an awesome web page on 2 MEG! (Which is really small!)

If it's Star Wars related it's not mine it's George Lucas & Lucasfilm's
but seriously.

Most items appearing on my pages are trademarked to George Lucas, Lucasfilm, LucasArts, Lucas Digital, Industrial Light and Magic, Skywalker Sound, Topps Inc., Decipher Inc., and 20th Century Fox, and remain the property of their respective owners. This is NOT an official Lucasfilm homepage.

This has nothing to do with Star Wars but it is some poetry by Evan Hoffmann who was a resident of my home town but he just recently died of Leukmia and well this is sort of a tribute to him:
Poetry by Evan Hoffmann
I need to draw from you my friends 
the energy of your thoughts and prayers
to speed me on my journey 
through time and space 
each thought you send reminds me 
that you love me 
it is the power I need on my journey
to discover new life 

you may sense it as a time warp 
we can go back together to those moments
we shared as friends and I will 
carry your love with me to share with all 

space seems so vast that you will 
probably feel your heart exploding
fear not my friend for you and I
boldly go where no man has gone before

time seems so finite that you 
may cry for yourself at my departure
but listen in your heart and you 
will know me again as I know you

Well I haven't been editing this much and well I loaded it up one day and it took forever so I'm making a Awards Page of sorts but really it's just got my groups and rings and stuff like that so if you actually care check it out

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The Complete Star Wars WWW Listing
The Complete Star Wars WWW Listing

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Star Wars and other movie stuff!

Starwars Best Multimedia Links
Starwars Best Multimedia Links

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