Swinburne of Chopwell, Durham and Wylam, Northumberland

THOMAS SWINBURNE of Nafferton, living 1482-1509 (married MARGARET MITCHELSON) had an illegitimate son:

Chopwell Parish Church - November 2000JOHN SWINBURNE, of Chopwell, co. Durham; born about 1504 Edlingham, Northumberland; on whom his father settled lands in the Heugh Mikell, Bavington, Morpeth, Prudhoe, Mikley, ?Ingofannert and Nafferton(e); Will dated 20 September 1545, married 1stly MARGARET HARBOTTLE (daughter of ROBERT HARBOTTLE of Beamish, co. Durham (issue - see below). He married 2ndly ANNE CLAVERING, (daughter of JOHN CLAVERING of Callaly), widow of ROBERT RAYMES of Shortflat, (issue - see below)

John and his 1st wife Margaret (Harbottle) were parents of:

  • ROWLAND SWINBURNE, Priest, master of Clare Hall, Cambridge

  • NICHOLAS SWINBURNE, died unmarried

  • ANTHONY SWINBURNE, died unmarried

  • CHRISTOPHER SWINBURNE, married ANNE RAYMES (daughter of ROBERT RAYMES of Shortflat) issue - see below.

  • THOMAS SWINBURNE, died unmarried

    John and his 2nd wife Anne (Clavering) were parents of:

    Arms granted to John Swinburne of ChopwellJOHN SWINBURNE II, of Chopwell. The Coat of Arms shown on the right was granted to him by Norroy King of Arms on 6th September 1551. The great Leader of the Northern Insurrection in 1569(d) - for his part in which he was attainted c.1569-71. He married ANNE SMITH (daughter of GEORGE SMITH of Nunstainton, co. Durham, and heiress of her mother JANE BOUTH), they were parents of JOHN SWINBURNE, died without issue, WILLIAM SWINBURNE, died without issue, ROBERT SWINBURNE, died without issue, MARGARET SWINBURNE and JANE SWINBURNE

    Christopher and Anne (Raymes) were parents of:

    JOHN SWINBURNE, of Wylam, under 15 in 1545, adm. 31 August 1577, married 1stly, AGNES FAREWELL (daughter and co-heir of WILLIAM FAREWELL of Blanchland), she died without issue 27 October 1566. He married 2ndly on 6 May 1566/7 at St. Oswald, Durham(b) ISABEL BOOTH (daughter of ROBERT BOOTH of Hurwood, co. Durham), issue.

    John and Isabel (Booth) were parents of:

  • ROGER SWINBURNE, of Wylam, adm. 16 February 1591/2, died without issue

  • JOHN SWINBURNE, of Wylam, (there is a John Swinburne on the IGI, born about 1554 Chopwell, relative Ralph Smith) he died 1604, he married DOROTHY OGLE (daughter of JOHN OGLE of Newsham), issue - see below.


  • CHRISTOPHER SWINBURNE, of Newburn, died before 4 February 1591/2, married MARGARET ANDERSON (daughter of CUTHBERT and ALICE ANDERSON of Walbottle. Alice's will, which was dated 25 December 1583, and proved 1584, mentions her grandsons Gawen and Alex), widow of Mr. SHAFTO. issue - see below





    John and Dorothy (Ogle) were parents of:

  • THOMAS SWINBURNE, of Butterby, co. Durham; born about 1597; on 8 December 1845 he petitioned to compound for his estates at Barmston, Oulton, Blackwell and Whesso, Durham; aged 69 in 1666; Royalist at time of Civil Wars [author of the famous 'Swinburne Letters' in the defense of Rome. Declined to join the Protestant Party and turned his sons out of doors because they did so(e)]; married JERONIMA CHAYTOR (daughter of THOMAS CHAYTOR of Butterby, co. Durham), issue - see below.



    Thomas and Jeronima (Chaytor) were parents of:

    St. Oswald's Church, Durham
  • THOMAS SWINBURNE, baptised 2 July 1627 St. Oswald, Durham, buried 27 September 1629

  • MARGARET SWINBURNE, baptised 20 July 1628 St. Oswald, died young

  • JAMES SWINBURNE, baptised 26 July 1630 St. Oswald, died in infancy, buried 1 August 1631

  • JOHN SWINBURNE, of Durham, born about 1632 (the IGI lists a John Swinburne b.c.1630, of Chopwell, relative Alfred C. Smith), aged 34 on 28 August 1666 when he registered his pedigree; Utter Barrister of Grey's Inn, died 1686, married MARY TONGE (daughter of SIR GEORGE TONGE of Denton, co. Durham) issue - see below.

  • WILLIAM SWINBURNE, died young

  • NICHOLAS SWINBURNE, (according to most printed sources - died young) but believed to be the ancestor of a large branch of the family see Nicholas Swinbourne of Butterby, Durham and Bickenhill, Warwickshire; family tradition has it that he was turned out for joining the Church of England when Charles II whipped in Roman Catholics and 'non-conformists' and so migrated to Bickenhill


  • RALPH SWINBURNE, died young

  • THOMAS SWINBURNE, died young (another source - living 1666)

  • JANE SWINBURNE, died young



  • JERONIMA SWINBURNE, baptised 27 June 1640 St. Oswald

    John and Mary (Tonge) were parents of:

  • ELIZABETH SWINBURNE, baptised 2 July 1657 St. Nicholas, Durham

  • THOMAS SWINBURNE, baptised 12 September 1658 St. Oswald, Durham; aged 7 in 1666; Barrister of Gray's Inn, admitted 1670; William Forster of Bamburgh,esq. by his Will dated 19 May 1700 left 300 to Thomas Swinborne of Grays Inn, esq. and 50 to William Swinborne of Grays Inn, gent.; he may have married and had issue (see below)

  • JERONIMA SWINBURNE, married JOHN GARNETT of Co. Durham, Gent., marriage bond January 1674/5


  • CATHERINE SWINBURNE, baptised 27 November 1664 St. Nicholas, Durham, died young

    Thomas Swinburne of Grays Inn may be father of:

  • JERONIMA SWINBORNE, spinster of Hampstead, Middlesex; she left a Will made 1 April 1727 and proved 30 August 1727 naming several family members, she wished to be buried with her 'dear Mother and late sister Thompson' in Hampstead Church yard and also willed that her executrix 'in case I shall not see it done in my lifetime lay out the sume of One hundred pounds of my Estate in Building and Setting up of a Substantial tomb over the Vault .... with proper inscriptions for them and me thereon'

  • male SWINBORNE, the Will of Jeronima 1727 mentions three children of her nephew John Swinborne who was probably the son of a second brother but may have been another son of Thomas below (issue - below)

  • THOMAS SWINBORNE, died before April 1727; mentioned in the Will of his sister Jeronima, together with at least two of his children (issue - see below)

  • female SWINBORNE, died before April 1727 and buried in Hampstead Church yard; married Mr. THOMPSON (the IGI lists ELIZABETH SWINBORNE married January 1705 St. James Dukes Place, London to ROBERT THOMPSON)

    A brother of Jeronima Swinborne (d.1727), was father of:

  • JOHN SWINBORNE, three of his children are mentioned in his aunt Jeronima Swinborne's Will, 1727 (issue - see below)

    John Swinborne, nephew of Jeronima Swinborne (d.1727), was father of:

  • WILLIAM SWINBORNE, eldest son, he was bequeathed a share of the interest, profits etc. of the 800 left to his uncle or cousin Thomas if Thomas died before the age of 21 and also a share of the 1000 bequest to his brother Thomas if he died before the age of 21

  • THOMAS SWINBORNE, second son, an infant in 1727, bequeathed 1000 'Stock of the South Sea Annuities' by his great aunt Jeronima, interest from this bequest to be used for his maintenance and education before he reached the age of 21 at the discretion of his godfather William Ingram, to whom the money was bequeathed in trust until his majority

  • ELIZABETH SWINBORNE, bequeathed a share of the interest, profits etc. of the 800 left to her uncle or cousin Thomas if Thomas died before the age of 21 and also of the 1000 bequest to her brother Thomas if he died before the age of 21

    Thomas Swinborne, brother of Jeronima Swinborne (d.1727), was father of:

  • THOMAS SWINBORNE, second son, bequeathed the interest of 800 Capital stock for his lifetime, by his aunt Jeronima, held in trust for him until he reached the age of 21 by Robert Kilbourne, Clerk, Son of Robert Kilbourne of Saffron Waldon, Essex and James Lucas of Warwick; after his decease the 800 Capital stock was to be divided between William and Elizabeth the children of Jeronima's nephew John

  • MARY SWINBORNE, Goddaughter of her aunt Jeronima, sole executrix and residual legatee 1727 'my niece and Goddaughter Mary Swynborne the youngest daughter of my said Brother Thomas Swynborne (or her husband in case She shall marry) to receive all the interest and other yearly profitts ariseing out of all other my Estate ... not herein disposed of during the terme of her natural life and after her decease if she happen to dye unmarryed to convey and assigne over the same to the Children of my said Nephew John Swynborne in equall shares'

    Christopher and Margaret (Anderson) were parents of:


  • ALEXANDER SWINBURNE, Yeoman, who married 4 August 1583 at Ryton, DORATH HEDLYE of Nether Spen, he died 1584, will dated 30 April 1584. Alexander mentions a possible son in his will and an ALEXANDER SWINBORN was baptised 5 July 1584 Ryton



  • Sources: W. Percy Hedley's 'Northumberland Families'; Visitations of the North - Flower's Pedigrees collected in 1567; (b) International Genealogical Index; (d) History of the Percy Family; (e) M. Davis; Will of Jeronyma Swynborne, proved 30 August 1727-PRO ref: Prob 11/616

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