John Fawcett Swinburn of Workington, Cumberland

JOHN SWINBURN, died before April 1851; married 26 February 1835 St. Michael's, Workington, Cumberland JANE FAWCETT, born c.1805 Workington; she is on the 1851 census, a widow aged 46, with son John at Portland Square, Workington in the household of her mother SARAH FAWCETT, Landed Proprietor; Jane died 15 June 1874 at Workington aged 69, Will proved 19 October 1874 at Carlisle by son John, the sole executor, effects under 16000

John and Jane (Fawcett) were parents of:

  • JOHN FAWCETT SWINBURN, born c.1837 Workington; on 1851 census with mother and grandmother, a scholar aged 14; died 31 October 1875 Workington, Will proved at Carlisle by JAMES BROWN WESTRAY of 112 Fenchurch Street in the City of London, Merchant and JOHN WESTRAY of Saltburn-by-the-Sea in Yorkshire, Iron Master, effects under 20000; married (reg. Q2 Cockermouth) 1867 EMILY MINNA THOMPSON, born Greenwich, Kent c.1842, on the 1881 census at 3 Belmont, Tenby St Mary in Liberty, Pembroke, Wales with her brother-in-law Robert J.H.Parkinson*, his wife Fanny and 6 of her children, she was a widow and Land Owner aged 45; she died 25 December 1893 at Ilkley, Yorkshire aged 52, whilst of West View, Ripon Road, Harrogate, Yorkshire, admon. granted 18 April 1894 London to daughter Jane, spinster, effects 1512

    John Fawcett and Emily Minna (Thompson) were parents of:

  • JOHN FAWCETT SWINBURN, born (reg. Q4 Cockermouth) 1867 Workington; on 1881 census at 1 Somerset House, Tenby St. Mary in Liberty, Pembroke, a scholar and boarder aged 13; died 20 November 1899 of 'Castle View', St. Aubin's, Jersey, probate 11 January 1900 granted to solicitor Arthur Hugh Blankley, Jane Edgecombe (wife of Wilfrid Edgecombe) and his wife, effects 3476, resworn June 1900 10; married ELIZABETH MARY

  • JANE SWINBURN, born (reg. Q4 Cockermouth) 1868 Workington; on 1881 census with mother, a scholar aged 12; married (reg.Q1 Knaresbrough) 1897 WILFRED EDGECOMBE

  • FANNY SWINBURN, born (reg. Q1 Cockermouth) 1870 Workington; on 1881 census with mother, a scholar aged 11

  • EMILY MARY SWINBURN, born (reg.Q3 Cockermouth) 1871 Workington; on 1881 census with mother, a scholar aged 9

  • JAMES CHARLES SWINBURN, born (reg. Q4 Cockermouth) 1872 Workington; on 1881 census with mother, a scholar aged 8

  • ROBERT WILLIAM SWINBURN, born (reg. Q4 Cockermouth) 1875 Workington; on 1881 census with mother, a scholar aged 6

  • ARTHUR WESTRAY SWINBURN, born (reg. Q3 Cockermouth) 1874 Workington; on 1881 census with mother, a scholar aged 5; on 1901 census at 17 Ladbroke Terrace, Kensington, London, a Medical Student aged 26 boarding in the house of Susannah Perley; died (reg. Q2) 1946

    The following family were also from Workington but no connection to the above family has yet been found
    WILLIAM SWINBURN, born 1770, died 1825; married ANN WATSON, born 1770

    William and Ann (Watson) were parents of:

  • WILSON SWINBURN, born c.1804; listed in 'Pigots Trade Directory 1830' and 'Principal Inhabitants of Cumberland 1847' at Christian Street, Workington, a bookkeeper; died (reg.Q1 Cockermouth) 1849; married MARTHA FISHER, born c.1801 Lorton, Cumberland; she is on the 1851 census, a widow and landed proprietor aged 50 at Guard Street, Workington with her four children; she died 5 December 1878 - Will of Martha Swinburn of Workington, Cumberland, widow, proved 25 January 1879 Carlisle by sons Henry and William, two of the executors, personal estate under 4000 (issue - see below)

  • FRANCES SWINBURN, born 1802, died 1823

  • HENRY WILLIAM SWINBURN, born 1809, died 1823

  • ANNE SWINBURN, born 1807

  • JULIA SWINBURN, born 1810, married ISAAC BOND, born 1810




  • RUTH SWINBURN, born 1817

  • GEORGE CYRUS SWINBURN, born 1822, died (reg.Q1 West Derby) 1839

    Wilson and Martha (Fisher) were parents of:

  • SARAH SWINBURN, born (reg.Q1 Cockermouth) 1838 Workington; on 1851 census with mother, a scholar aged 13; on 1881 census aged 42, with brother Henry; died 28 June 1892 aged 51, Will proved 2 August 1892 Carlisle, by brother Henry, gentleman and the Rev. John James Thornley, clerk, effects 1321

  • HENRY SWINBURN, born (reg.Q3) 1839 Cockermouth; on 1851 census with mother, a scholar aged 11; on 1881 census, a former Tea Dealler aged 41 at 24 Curwen Street, Workington; died 15 January 1900 aged 60 (reg. Cockermouth)

    Gravestone of William and Maria

  • WILLIAM SWINBURN, born 28 October 1841 Cockermouth; on 1851 census with mother, a scholar aged 10; living at 28 July Street, Upper Brook Street, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Lancaster, Drapers Clerk in 1879 when executor of mother's Will; died 24 December 1906 aged 65 at The Royal Infirmary, Manchester whilst of 148 Roseberry Street, Moss Side, Manchester, Probate granted London 26 January 1907 to widow, effects 381; married 15 September 1873 Chorlton MARIA ANN WOOLLEY, born c.1844 Chester, Cheshire; they are on the 1881 census at 28 July Street with 2 daughters and mother-in-law MARIA WOOLLEY, William was a Warehouse Mans Clerk aged 39; William also appears in the 1879, 1881, and 1883 Manchester & Dist. Slater's Directory at 28 July Street, Warehouseman, in the 1884-1890 directories he is at 8 June Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock; they are on the 1901 census at 125 Stretford Road, South Manchester, Lancs., William a Bank? Manufacturers Manager aged 59 and Maria aged 57; she probably died 18 June 1926 at 35 Rutland Road, Harrogate, whilst of Bleak House, Blaina, Monmouthshire and Rutland Road, widow, Probate granted 16 October 1926 Wakefield to Kate Day (wife of Herbert William Day) and Annie Fawcett (wife of Thomas Craven Fawcett), effects 192(issue - see below)

  • GEORGE SWINBURN, born (reg. Q2) 1846 Cockermouth; on 1851 census with mother, a scholar aged 4

    William and Maria Ann (Woolley) were parents of:

  • EMMA WILSON SWINBURN, born (reg. Q4 West Derby) 1876 Manchester, Lancashire, baptised 11 February 1877 St. Mary's Church, Edge Hill, Lancashire; on 1881 census with parents, aged 4; on 1901 census at Levenshulme, Lancs., Assistant Confectioner aged 24 (?b.Liverpool, Lancs.); died 16 February 1946; married (reg. Q3 Chorlton) 1905 FREDERICK CHARLES DINNER, born c.1875

  • ANNIE SHERWIN SWINBURN, born (reg. Q1 Chorlton) 1879 Manchester; on 1881 census with parents, aged 2; on 1901 census with parents, Shop Assistant, underclothing, aged 22

  • WILLIAM HENRY SWINBURN, born (reg. Q2 Chorlton) 1882 Manchester; on 1901 census at South Manchester, Insurance Clerk aged 18; died (reg.Q3) 1929; married (reg.Q3 Chorlton) 1907 LILY FORSHAW, born c.1882 (issue - see below)

    William Henry and Lily (Forshaw) were parents of:

  • GEORGE WILLIAM SWINBURN, born 16 March 1911 (reg. Chorlton), died 1974 (d.reg.Q2 1975); married (reg.Q3 Salford) VIOLET POWELL, (daughter of ROBERT POWELL and ELIZABETH JANE HORNBY) born 1912, died 1991 (issue - see below)

  • ANNIE LILIAN SWINBURN, born (reg. Q1 Chorlton) 1908

  • EDNA GERTRUDE SWINBURN, born (reg.Q4 Chorlton) 1909

    George William and Violet (Powell) were parents of:

  • GEORGE R.SWINBURN, born and died (reg.Q1 Salford) 1935

  • SHIRLEY L.SWINBURN, born (reg.Q4 Salford) 1936; married CYRIL RENSHAW (issue)

  • GEORGE BARRIE SWINBURN, born (reg.Q1 Salford) 1940; married BEVERLEY STONES, (daughter of FRANK STONES and ROSE STOKES), born 1938, died 1982 (issue - see below)


    George Barrie and Beverley (Stones) were parents of:



    The following family were also from Workington but no connection to the above 2 families has yet been found
    WILLIAM SWINBURN, born c.1799 Workington; Farmer; listed in 'Principal Inhabitants of Cumberland 1847' as a farmer at Quay, Workington; died 12 May 1885 Workington aged 86, Will proved 10 July 1889 Carlisle by son Herbert, personal estate 20; married 10 June 1847 (reg. Q2 Wigton) JANE STEEL, born c. 1825 Hayton, Cumberland; they are on the 1881 census at 13 Church Street, Workington with 2 of their children, William a retired Farmer aged 82 and Jane aged 56; Jane may be on the 1901 census at Workington aged 75, 'living on own means' and may be Mrs. Jane Swinburn in 'Bulmers Directory of Cumberland 1901' at Guard Street, Workington; she died 3 November 1907 aged 82 whilst of 42 Northumberland Street, Workington (son's home), widow, Probate granted Carlisle 6 December 1907 to Frederick William Jackson, solicitor, effects 631; she was buried at St. Michael's Church, Workington (stone E4) (issue - see below)

    William and Jane (Steel) were parents of:

  • WILLIAM HODGSON SWINBURN, born (reg. Q3) 1849 Cockermouth

  • MARY SWINBURN, born c.1851 (reg.Q1 Cockermouth)

  • JOSEPH SWINBURN, born (reg. Q2) 1855 Cockermouth; died (reg. Q1 Cockermouth) 1856

  • JOSEPH STEEL SWINBURN, born (reg. Q3 Cockermouth) 1856 Workington; died 13 June 1936 whilst of 4 Hengrove Road, Knowle, Bristol, Probate granted 28 July 1936 Bristol to widow, effects 1302; married (possibly Q1 1891 Bedminster, Somerset) ADA, born c.1858 Maryport, Cumberland; they are on the 1901 census at 34 Harford Street, Bristol, Joseph a Marine Engineer aged 44 and Ada a Publican aged 36; she died 7 September 1950 at the Hampstead Nursing Home, Bristol whilst of 44 Hengrove Road, Probate granted 4 December 1950 to Hubert James Doram, grocer and provision merchant, and Frederick Ronald Reed, solicitors cashier, effects 2,240

  • ELIZABETH JANE SWINBURN, born (reg. Q1) 1858 Cockermouth

  • HERBERT SWINBURN, born (reg. Q4 Cockermouth) 1860 Workington; on 1881 census with parents, Clerk aged 20; Ironmaster's Clerk at Workington in 1889 when he was an executor of his father's Will; died 19 May 1928 whilst of 42 Northumberland Street, Workington, Probate granted 11 June 1928 Carlisle to William Swinburn, railway worker, effects 431; married (reg. Q1 Cockermouth) 1896 SARAH MARY WARD, born c.1869 Workington; they are on the 1901 census at 42 Northumberland Street, Workington with 2 daughters and mother-in-law, Herbert a Cashier (Iron and Steel Works) aged 40 and Sarah aged 32 (issue - see below)

  • ELEANOR SWINBURN, born (reg. Q1 Cockermouth) 1862 Workington; on 1881 census with parents, School Mistress aged 19

    Herbert and Sarah Mary (Ward) were parents of:

  • LILY SWINBURNE, born (reg.Q4 Cockermouth) 1896 Workington; on 1901 census with parents, aged 4; died (reg.Q2) 1921

  • DOROTHY SWINBURNE, born (reg.Q1 Cockermouth) 1900 Workington; on 1901 census with parents, aged 1

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    Sources: David Swinburn; Probate calendar; IGI; 1851, 1881 and 1901 census returns; GRO indexes; Manchester & District Directories, Cumberland Directories

    Notes: *A Robert John H. Parkinson married (reg.Q4 Cockermouth) 1867 possibly to Fanny Thompson
    Pigots Trade Directory 1830 also lists Rev. John Swinburn, Workington and Jos. Swinburn, Painter/Plumber of Washington Street, Workington

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