Swinburn of Lamesley, co. Durham

St. Andrews Church Lamesley is a parish lying about four miles to the South of Gateshead, bounded on the north side by Low Fell, on the East by Eighton Banks, on the south by Birtley and on the west by Tanfield. It is a very rural area although the large town of Whickham is only a few miles to the north east and the more recent development of Chowdean is reached through the A1 underpass. The parish encompasses the townships of Hedley, Kibblesworth, Lamesley and Ravensworth.
The 'History, Topography and Directory of Durham' Whellan, London 1894 describes Lamesley thus: This township, which gives it's name to the parish, is rich in coal, and stone of a superior quality, well adapted for the purpose of mill and grind stones. There are several large quarries at work in this township, and coal is extensively wrought at the Ravensworth collieries.
The population in 1801 was 1705, in 1851 it was 1914 then in 1891 when the whole parish was included the number was 4927.
The main A1 ring road around Newcastle now cuts right through the parish. The River Team runs through the town close by the church of St. Andrew's (see picture) which was rebuilt in 1759. From the church yard the Angel of the North, a large metal sculpture standing beside the A1, can be clearly seen. In 2000 Lamesley is no longer a large township but a small collection of scattered dwellings. Kibblesworth, to the south and Chowdean to the north east, are now much larger towns.

  • MATTHEW SWINBOURN, born c.1650-1660, possibly baptised 14 October 1655 St. Mary's, Whickham (son of William Swinbourne and Beatrice Parker (see Lanclot Swinborne), married c.1680 possibly ELIZABETH, *she was buried 13 September 1731 at St. Andrew's Lamesley, the church register says Eliz. Swinbourn of S.(Southren)Row

    Matthew was father of:

  • RALPH SWINBURN, son of Matthew Swinburn, baptised 18 June 1682 St. Andrews, Lamesley, (the St. Andrew's, Lamesley registers start in 1603 and Ralph is the first Swinburn to appear), died 4 January 1744 at Lamesley(a) 'of Loosing Hill' aged about 61, married 22 September 1707 St. Andrew's, Lamesley ELIZABETH RAMSHAW, born c.1680, of Tinckler Row, buried 21 June 1768 St. Andrew's, Lamesley 'of Loosing Hill' aged about 88 (issue - see below)

  • GEORG(E) SWINBURN, son of Matthew Swinburn, baptised 28 June 1685 St. Andrew's, Lamesley, *married 19 May 1710 St. Mary's, Whickham JANE MOORE issue-see George Swinburn of Lamesley

  • HENRY SWINBURN, son of Matthew Swinburn, baptised 3 February 1688 St. Andrew's, Lamesley, married 1 May 1714 Chester-le-Street, Durham MARY WELSH issue-see George Swinburn of Lamesley

  • ELIZABETH SWINBURN, daughter of Matthew Swinburn of Tanfield, baptised 19 July 1691 St. Andrew's, Lamesley, *married 23 August 1714 St. Andrew's, Lamesley WILLIAM GRAY

  • MATTHEW SWINBURN, son of Mathew Swinbourne of Street Gate (The picture on the right [taken Nov. 2000] shows the Marquis of Granby pub on the approach to Streetgate, Durham. The village is little more than a single street of houses, just a mile or so from Lamesley), baptised 5 May 1695 St. Andrew's, Lamesley, possibly buried 25 November 1748 or 6 April 1750 St. Andrew's, Lamesley, (? may have married 11 February 1727 Newcastle St. Andrew ELIZABETH ELLIOT)

    Marquis of Granby, Streetgate

  • JANE SWINBURN, daughter of Mathew Swinbourn of Streetgate, baptised 1 November 1696 St. Andrew's, Lamesley, *married 10 June 1716 Whickham, THOMAS HEDLEY

  • JOHN SWINBURN, son of Matthew Swinburn, of West Fell L.C., baptised 9 June 1700 St. Andrew's, Lamesley

  • JAMES SWINBURN, son of Matthew Swinburn, Tinckler Row L.C., baptised 9 April 1703, *married 26 July 1725 St. Andrew's, Lamesley MARY DAVISON, issue-see George Swinburn of Lamesley

  • EASTER SWINBURNE, died 22 February 1704 'of Tinckler Row'

  • EASTER SWINBURNE, daughter of Matthew Swinburne, Tinckler Row L.C., baptised 29 April 1705

    Ralph and Elizabeth (Ramshaw) were parents of:

  • WILLIAM SWINBURN, son of Ralph Swinburn of Birkhead (near Loosing Hill), baptised 4 July 1708 St. Andrew's, Lamesley, (possibly had a daughter ELIZABETH SWINBURN, daughter of William of Ravensworth, baptised 27 September 1741 Lamesley 'of Ravensworth')

  • MATTHEW SWINBURN, son of Ralph Swinburn of Blackburn, baptised 20 May 1711 St. Andrew's, Lamesley, married 1stly 26 December 1737 Lamesley, Durham MARY BROWN, she was buried 15 June 1747 St. Andrews, Lamesley, (issue - see below), Matthew married 2ndly 24 December 1747 Lamesley MARGARET DORMOND (possibly had a son Matthew), she may be the Margaret Swinburn buried 25 December 1762 St. Andrew's, Lamesley(b)

  • ISABELL SWINBURN, daughter of Ralph Swinburn, Tinckler Row, baptised 26 April 1713 St. Andrew's, Lamesley

  • ELISABETH SWINBURN, daughter of Ralph Swinburn, Tinckler Row, baptised 16 February 1717 St. Andrew's, Lamesley, died 12 January 1718

  • JOHN SWINBOURN, son of Ralph Swinbourn of Loosing Hill, baptised 24 May 1730

    Matthew and Mary (Brown) were parents of:

  • WILLIAM SWINBOURN, of Loosing Hill and Ravensworth, near Lamesley, Durham, baptised 17 September 1738 Lamesley, Durham, died 25 March 1803 aged 60, buried 27 March 1803 Whickham, married 26 January 1771 St. Andrews, Lamesley (MARY)/MARGARETT PROCTER (daughter of JOHN and MARGARETT PROCTER), baptised 22 November 1741 Whickham, died 28 September 1794 of Chowdean aged 53, buried Whickham. Banns called 13 January 1771 at Whickham Church for William Swinbourn and Margarett Procter, not married at that church, marriage 26 January 1771 St. Andrews Lamesley of William Swinburne and Mary Procter, 1st child born to William Swinbourn, registered St. Andrew's, Lamesley, 4 next children born to William and Margarett Swinbourn of Lamesley, births registered at Whickham (issue - see below)

  • ELIZABETH SWINBURN, baptised 27 September 1741 Lamesley

  • MARY SWINBOURN, baptised 18 February 1743/4 Lamesley, *buried 23 February 1744 St. Andrew's, Lamesley

  • Child of Matthew Swinbourn, buried 8 February 1746, St. Andrew's, Lamesley

  • RALPH SWINBURN, Pitman of Chowdean, (son of Matthew Swinburn of S. Shops), of Streetgate, baptised 20 April 1747 Lamesley, died 21 and buried 22 December 1810 Lamesley aged 60, married 20 February 1769 Lamesley CATHERINE LEE, born 1748, died 25 and buried 27 March 1808 Lamesley aged 60 (issue - see Ralph Swinburn of Chowdean)

    William and Mary/Margarett (Procter) were parents of:

  • WILLIAM SWINBURN, Wagon-way-wright then Miner (at Benton), son of William Swinbourn, born 1771 Lamesley, Durham, baptised St. Andrews, Lamesley 15 September 1771, died 19 February 1851 Little Benton, Tynemouth, Northumberland aged 80 (86 given on death cert.), married 17 November 1798 St. Andrews, Lamesley, JANE JACKSON (daughter of JOHN JACKSON of Ravensworth near Lamesley), born c.1769/70 Lamesley, baptised St. Andrews, Lamesley 25 February 1770. Witnesses at the marriage were RALPH SWINBURN and HANNAH JACKSON. William and Jane were living in Walker, Wallsend, Northumberland in 1841 with son William, Jane was a widow living at West Pit, Biggs Main, Little Benton in 1851 when she gave her age as 86; she died 31 October 1856 at Wallsend, age given as 91, the informant present at death was her grandson Matthew Wilkinson of Slake Row, South Shields (issue - see below)

  • ROBERT SWINBURN, son of William and Margarett, baptised 2 January 1774 St. Mary's, Whickham (of Lamesley Parish), Wagon-way-wright, married 1stly 5 May 1800 ALICE/ELSWICK HALL, married 2ndly 23 May 1802 Lamesley ISABEL BEVERIDGE (see Robert Swinburn of Lamesley)

    Giggleswick Parish Church - September 2003

  • RALPH SWINBURN, Paper Maker (possibly at Kearsley Paper Mill, which on an 1850 map, was half way between Prestolee and Ringley, they are about a mile apart and to the south of Bolton); baptised 22 September 1776 Lamesley, son of William and Margaret Swinburn; died 26 August 1841 Prestolee, Lancashire, aged 65; married Giggleswick Parish Church, West Yorkshire (see photo) 11 September 1802 MARTHA BLAKEY, (daughter of JOHN BLAKEY and ALICE ARMITSTEAD of Giggleswick) born c.1778, died 16 December 1844 Prestolee aged 66; they had four children, ALICE SWINBURN, baptised 27 December 1803 Giggleswick, West Yorkshire; possibly died (reg. Q4 Bury) 1852, WILLIAM SWINBURN, baptised 14 September 1806 Ringley, Lancashire; present at and informant of his father's death in 1841 and his mothers in 1844; possibly died (reg. Q3 Bury) 1862, JOHN SWINBURN, baptised 24 November 1813 Ringley, Lancashire, and ANN SWINBURN, baptised 3 March 1816 Ringley, Lancashire

  • MARY SWINBURN, daughter of William and Margarett, baptised 16 May 1779 St. Mary's, Whickham, (of Lamesley Parish), married 24 November 1808 Chester le Street JOHN WANLASS, Husbandman, native of Thorp, Mary was described as a native of Lamesley on the marriage record, they had three daughters, all baptised at Lamesley

  • ELIZABETH SWINBURN, daughter of William and Margaret, baptised 14 October 1781 Whickham, of Lamesley Parish

    William and Jane (Jackson) were parents of:

  • ISABEL SWINBURN, born 16 May 1799 Lamesley, baptised 4 August 1799 Whickham, Durham; married (as Isabella Swinburn) 29 February 1824 Newburn, Northumberland WILLIAM WILKINSON, (issue) Isabella Wilkinson was a widow at the 1851 census living in Wallsend, she gave her age as 51 and birthplace Whickham, a niece MARGARET HEDLEY was lodging with her along with her sons, MATTHEW WILKINSON, aged 20 (informant of his grandmother's death in 1856) and WILLIAM WILKINSON, aged 12

  • WILLIAM SWINBURNE, born 13 December 1801 Lamesley, baptised 31 January 1802 Whickham, Durham; a widower on 1841 census living with his parents in Walker aged 35-39; on 1851 census at George Pit Cottages, Walker, Northumberland with wife and 3 children, Coal Miner Hewer; Pitman, he was a widower (possibly married 1stly JANE McNEAL 15 November 1824 Gateshead, her death would have been c.1829-41 prob. Wallsend area), when he married 26 February 1842 All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne, MARIA CHAMBERS, (daughter of WILLIAM CHAMBERS, Potter) born 1805 Longbenton. Their residence at the time of their marriage was Ballast Hills, Ouseburn (near Byker), they are on the 1861 census at Low Row, Biggs Main, Little Benton with three of their children and grand-daughter MARGARET SWINBURN, born 1859 Longbenton; William died 17 June 1876 at Union Workhouse, Tynemouth, aged 77, labourer, of a cancerous tumour of the thigh and general exhaustion (issue - see below)

  • MARGARET SWINBURNE, born 26 February 1805 Lamesley, baptised 14 April 1805 Whickham, Durham

  • ELEANOR SWINBURN, born 11 May 1809, baptised 2 July 1809 Wallsend, Northumberland; married THOMAS HEDLEY, a Hewer at Wrekenton King Pit, who died in a mining accident in April 1843, Eleanor died in December 1848 in Gateshead of Bronchitis and Fever, aged 40; they had three daughters, including the youngest Margaret, born 1841 Wingate, near Castle Eden, Durham

    William and Maria (Chambers) were parents of:

    All Saints Church, Newcastle, Northumberland, November 2000
    BIGGES MAIN was a small village to the south east of Newcastle, about half a mile outside Wallsend. It was named after the Bigge family who, in the 17th Century, opened a pit there around which the village grew up. The pit was abandoned in 1856 after a local dispute about drainage but was opened again a few years later. The colliery was eventually closed when floods hit the mid-Tyne area and the pits were flodded out. In its post-mining era Bigges Main was described as a pretty peaceful village surrounded by manors and farmlands. In 1910 Bigges Main was incorporated into the Borough of Wallsend. Coal was worked in the area until 1918 but after that the colliery village declined and finally Wallsend Council bought the land and a Sports Centre and Golf Course were built on it in 1961.
  • WILLIAM SWINBURN, born 1837 Bigges Main, Northumberland, baptised 28 April 1838 All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne (see picture) as William Chambers; living with parents at 1851 census, a Coal Miner Trapper aged 14; a widower at 28 Diamond Row, Longbenton in 1891, died 20 September 1899 at Diamond Row of Bronchitis aged 62, married 7 May 1855 All Saints, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, MARGARET MASTERMAN (daughter of GEORGE MASTERTON**, Potter), born 1830-32 Byker, Northumberland; Margaret was living with her brother JAMES MASTERMAN, Potter, at Stringers Yard, Cut Bank, Newcastle at the 1851 census, she was a washhouse woman aged 21; Margaret's eldest daughter Jane, was born 7 months later at Stringers Yard; William and Margaret were both residing at Ouseburn at the time of their marriage, then at Henry Pit, Walker in 1861 with their 4 eldest children; between 1868 and the 1871 census they moved to Diamond Row, Longbenton where William was still living in 1899; Margaret died 4 December 1882 of diptheria at Diamond Row, aged 51 (issue - see below)

  • JANE SWINBURN, born about 1839 Longbenton, baptised 11 September 1841 All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne, on 1851 census with parents, a scholar aged 12; on the 1861 census with parents, an Agricultural Labourer, aged 21, mother of MARGARET SWINBURN, born 25 February 1859 at Biggs Main, no father's name appears on the birth certificate

    Wallsend, Northumberland, November 2000

  • MATTHEW SWINBURN, born 2 June 1842 George Pit, Bigges Main, baptised 27 August 1842 All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne, on 1851 census with parents, a scholar aged 9; also with them on 1861 census, a Miner aged 19; Coal Miner when he married 18 June 1866 St. Andrew's, Newcastle ANN FORSTER, (daughter of John [Bricklayer] and Hannah FORSTER of 35 Long Row, Wallsend), born 1845 Newcastle; at the 1871 census they were living at Long Row, Wallsend with their 2 eldest children (The picture shows Wallsend high street, November 2000);by the 1881 census they had moved to 4 Henry Pit, Wallsend, where in the 1891 census their niece ELIZABETH CAMERON, aged 3, born Wallsend was staying with them and at the 1901 census their 4 children plus cousins William Sanderson and Michael Chambers were with them (issue - see below)

  • ?RALPH SWINBURN, born June/July (reg. Q4 Tynemouth) 1845; died (reg. Q4 Tynemouth) 1846; buried 5 November 1846 aged 16 months, St. Bartholomew's, Longbenton

  • RALPH SWINBURN, born 19 November 1851 at George Pit, Bigges Main, Longbenton; on 1861 census with parents, a scholar aged 9; on the 1881 census aged 22 a convict, unmarried, and a Dock Labourer, at Portland Prison, Dorset; Ralph was a Miner, aged 30 when he married 14 February 1888 Longbenton Parish Church MARY ELLEN PROUDHOE, (daughter of GEORGE PROUDHOE, Labourer), born c.1865 Wallsend; Ralph is on the 1901 census aged 47, a Farm Labourer at Stotts House Farm Cottages, Walker whilst Mary Ellen was at 25 Hedley Street, Wallsend, a Rope Worker aged 34 lodging with Elizabeth Livingstone, widow

    William and Margaret (Masterman) were parents of:

  • JANE MASTERMAN (SWINBURN), born 7 November 1851 Stringer's Yard, Cut Bank, Ouse Burn, Newcastle, registered as Jane Masterman with no father's name given on the certificate; her mother Margaret was at least 6 years older than father William and he would have been only 14 when she was born so it is doubtful if he was Jane's father although she is on 1861 census with them at Henry Pit as Jane Swinburn, daughter, a scholar aged 9; she is not with them on the 1871 census

  • MARGARET SWINBURN, born 14 December 1855, Byker Hill, Byker, Northumberland; on 1861, 1871 and 1881 census with parents by which time she was aged 25 unmarried, with a daughter JANE; in 1888 (reg. Q1 Tynemouth) she married DANIEL McKENNA, Machine Planer, but on the 1891 census she was still living with her father at Diamond Row, listed as MARGARET SWINBURN, married, aged 36; when her son Bartholomew was born in September 1888 Daniel's address was given as Diamond Row also; she appears on the 1901 census as MARGARET McKENNA, widow, aged 48, at 21 Church Street, Walker, with her four children and brothers Matthew and Henry (issue - see below)

  • MARIA SWINBURN, born (reg. Q1 Tynemouth) 1859 Biggs Main; on 1861 census with parents at Henry Pit, aged 2; on 1871 census with parents, aged 12; married 2 June 1879 Byker Parish Church JAMES WATSON (son of JAMES WATSON, fitter) Boiler Smith of full age, the witnesses were MARY ANN SWINBOURNE and MICHAEL MASTERMAN; no Maria Watson appears on the 1881 census so she may have died by then although there is no registered death of a Maria Watson in the vicinity between 1879-81

  • MARY ANN SWINBURN, born c.1862 Walker (possibly reg. Q1 1861 or Q1 1862 Tynemouth); on the 1871 census with parents, aged 9; witness at her sister Maria's marriage 1879

    Westoe Village

  • JOHN SWINBURN, born 12 August 1860 Henry Pit, Walker; on 1871 census with parents, aged 10; Coal Miner living with parents aged 21 at 1881 census; in attendance at and informant of his mother's death in December 1882; he died 19 September 1931 aged 71 at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, All Saints District, Newcastle, he had been living at 6 Reay's Buildings, Heworth Lane, Felling on Tyne, an old age pensioner formerly general labourer; married 11 December 1886 St. Michael's Church, South Westoe, Durham (the picture shows part of Westoe Village) MARY MARSHALL, born 27 October 1865 at Ann Pit, Walker (daughter of JAMES MARSHALL, occupation-Miner and ELEANOR WILSON, living at Diamond Row from 1881 to the 1901 census) Mary was with her grandparents John and Ann Wilson at the 1881 census at 26 Diamond Row, Walker so the three families were close neighbours), John and Mary were living at 5 Mitchell Street, Walker in 1890 when son William was born (John was now a Shipyard Labourer), at Walker Road, Walker at the 1891 census with Hannah and William, then at 107 Church Street in 1893 when son Matthew was born; on 1901 census they were with 4 of their children at 58 River View, Walker (issue - see below)

  • WILLIAM SWINBURN, born 8 February 1864 Henry Pit, Walker, Longbenton; on 1871 census with parents at Diamond Row, aged 7; on 1881 census with parents, a Coal Miner aged 17; on 1891 census with father at Diamond Row, Longbenton aged 27; married (reg.Q2) 1892 Tynemouth ISABELLA ATKINSON, (daughter of EDWARD and SUSANNAH ATKINSON) born c.1865 St. Peter's, Northumberland; they are on the 1901 census at 104 Chichester Road, South Shields, William a Coal Hewer aged 37, with daughter MARGARET SWINBURNE, born 19 May 1893 at 153 Church Street, Walker; they also had another daughter ELIZABETH A.SWINBURN, born 1886 Walker and baptised 7 July 1886 Christ Church, Walker (she was probably registered as Atkinson as there is no birth reg. for her as Swinburn), she is on the 1901 census aged 14 with her Atkinson grandparents at 151 Church Street, Walker

    Sarah Wake nee Swinburn c.1905

  • SARAH SWINBURN, born 6 February 1866 Henry Pit, Walker; on 1871 census with parents, aged 5; on the 1881 census at the Barley Mow, 3 Sandgate, Newcastle on Tyne All Saints, a General Servant, aged 15; she married (reg.Q3 S.Shields) 1885 JAMES WILLIAM SWAN WAKE, Miner; they are on the 1901 census at 58 Byron St. and moved to Washington between 1901-08; they had 13 children; James was killed in the Glebe Colliery disaster aged 42, Sarah lived on in Washington and outlived 3 of their children, she died 11 July 1936 aged 70 and is buried with her husband and 2 sons in Washington cemetery

  • MATTHEW SWINBURN, born 26 February 1868 Henry Pit, Walker; on 1871 census with parents, aged 4; on 1881 census with parents, a Coal Miner aged 14; on 1891 census with father, a Boiler Maker aged 22, unmarried; present at fathers death Diamond Row 1899; on 1901 census with sister Margaret McKenna at 21 Church Street, Walker, a Boilermakers Labourer, aged 32, unmarried; possibly married (reg.Q2 Gateshead) 1903; died (reg. Q1) 1944 aged about 75

  • HENRY SWINBURN, born 1870 Walker (reg. Q2 Tynemouth); on 1871 census with parents, aged 1; on 1881 census with parents, a scholar aged 11; on 1891 census with father, a Coal Miner aged 20; on 1901 census with sister Margaret McKenna, an Engineers Labourer, aged 30, unmarried; died (reg. Q3) 1955 Newcastle, aged about 84

  • BARBARA (or ANN) SWINBURN, born 1875 Walker (reg.Q2 Tynemouth as Barbara); on 1881 census with parents as Ann Swinburn, a scholar aged 6; and as Barbra on 1891 census with father, aged 16; on 1901 census at 22 Diamond Row, Walker, a General Domestic Servant aged 26 (to Henry Jackson, Coal Screener aged 71); possibly married (reg.Q1 Tynemouth) 1903

    Matthew and Ann (Forster) were parents of;

  • HANNAH SWINBURN, born (birth reg. Q4) 1866 Wallsend, Northumberland; on 1871 census with parents at Long Row, aged 4; and in 1881 at Henry Pit, aged 14, (also possibly entered on the census with her grandparents John and Hannah Forster at 35 Long Row, Wallsend, aged 14, general servant)

  • WILLIAM SWINBURN, born 18 November 1868 Long Row, Wallsend; with parents on 1871, 1881 and 1891 census when he was a Boiler Maker, aged 22; died 10 March 1949 Newcastle upon Tyne of 49 Carville Road, Byker, Probate granted Newcastle on Tyne 29 March 1949 to Robert Thackray Morrison, Scientific Instrument Maker, effects 330; married (reg.Q3) 1893 Newcastle upon Tyne JANE ANN BATSON, born about 1868 St. Peter's, Northumberland; they are on the 1901 census at 49 Carville Road, Byker with 3 children, William a Boiler Plater aged 32 and Jane aged 33; Jane Ann died 20 September 1924 at 49 Carville Road, Admon. granted Newcastle on Tyne 6 December 1924 to husband, effects 193 (issue - see below)

  • JOHN FOSTER SWINBURN, born c.1872 Wallsend (reg. Q1 1872), baptised 10 February 1875 Walker; on 1881 census with parents aged 9 and 1891 aged 19, Coal Miner; on 1901 census still with parents but a Labourer at Boiler Works, aged 28; married Q1 1903 Newcastle

  • MARIA SWINBURN, born c.1876 Wallsend (reg. Q2 1876 Tynemouth), on 1881, 1891 and 1901 census with parents

  • MATTHEW SWINBURN, born c.1878 Wallsend (reg. Q3 1878 Tynemouth), on 1881, 1891 and 1901 census with parents by which time he was a Cartman aged 22 working on his own account; died Q3 1947 Newcastle upon Tyne aged 69

  • LIZZIE SWINBURNE, born c.1887 Wallsend; on 1901 census with parents, aged 14; she was not registered as a Swinburn so may be ELIZABETH CAMERON, born c.1888 Wallsend (birth probably reg. Q3 Tynemouth) 1887, who was with Matthew and Ann at the 1891 census as their niece

    William and Jane Ann (Batson) were parents of;

  • JOHN BATSON SWINBURNE, born (reg.Q1) 1894 Newcastle on Tyne; died (reg.Q2) 1894

  • MARGARET BATSON SWINBURN, born 19 April 1895 Newcastle upon Tyne; on 1901 census with parents, aged 5; died Q2 1983 Newcastle upon Tyne

  • HANNAH SWINBURN, born (reg.Q2) 1897 Newcastle; on 1901 census with parents, aged 3

  • MATTHEW SWINBURN, born 14 December 1900 Newcastle; on 1901 census with parents, aged 3 months; died 12 September 1982 of 35 Southlands, High Heaton, Newcastle, Probate granted 7 July 1982 Newcastle, effects 57,430

  • ?ELEANOR BATSON SWINBURNE, born (reg.Q4 Newcastle) 1905; died (reg.Q4) 1925

    Margaret Swinburn, later McKenna, and Daniel McKenna were parents of;

  • JANE SWINBURN (later McKENNA), born June/July 1880 Walker (reg.Q3 1880 Tynemouth); on 1881 census as Jane Swinburn with mother and grandparents aged 9 months; on 1891 census with mother and grandfather, aged 10; on 1901 census with mother, as JANE McKENNA, aged 20, born Walker, Drapers Assistant

  • MARGARET SWINBURN (later McKENNA), born 19 June 1885 Diamond Row, Walker, illegitimate daughter of Margaret Swinburn, no father's name given on birth certificate; on 1891 census aged 5 with mother and grandfather; on 1901 census with mother, as MARGARET McKENNA, aged 15, born Walker, Drapers Clerk

  • BARTHOLOMEW McKENNA (SWINBURN), born 20 September 1888 Diamond Row, Walker; on 1891 census aged 2 with mother and grandfather as Bartholomew Swinburn; on 1901 census with mother as Bartholomew McKenna, aged 12

  • ALICE McKENNA (SWINBURN), born c.1890 Longbenton; on 1891 census as Alice Swinburn aged 1 with mother and grandfather; on 1901 census with mother, as ALICE McKENNA, aged 11, born Walker

  • WILLIAM McKENNA, born c. 1895 Walker, Northumberland; on 1901 census with mother, aged 6

    John and Mary (Marshall) were parents of;

  • MARGARET MARSHALL (SWINBURN), born c.1885 Longbenton, not registered as a Swinburn; on 1891 census as Margaret Swinburn with grandparents, James and Ellen Marshall, a scholar aged 6; on the 1901 census she is again living with James and Eleanor Marshall at 30 Diamond Row, Walker, but is listed as their daughter, aged 20, born Walker; with her in the household is her husband; she married as Margaret Marshall (reg. Q1 Tynemouth) 1901 WILLIAM BENNETT, born c.1878 Washington, Durham, a Coal Miner Hewer, aged 23

  • HANNAH JANE G. SWINBURN, born 2 June 1888 Walker; on 1891 census with parents, aged 2 and on 1901 census, aged 12; died Q2 1973 Gateshead, aged about 85

    Woodhorn Parish Church William Swinburn, 1890-1970

  • WILLIAM SWINBURN, born 30 January 1890 at 5 Mitchell Street, Walker; on 1891 census with parents aged 1 and on 1901 census with grandparents James and Eleanor Marshall, at 30 Diamond Row, Walker, aged 11; a Miner in Newcastle; he died 28 May 1970 at 97 Strodes Crescent, Staines, Middlesex and is buried at Staines Cemetery with his wife, Probate granted Oxford 19 August 1970, effects 6094; he married 24 March 1913 Woodhorn Parish Church (see picture), Northumberland ESTHER WILSON (daughter of THOMAS WILSON of Durham, occupation - Miner and ESTHER SNAREY of Durham), born 1889, died 6 April 1945 Staines, Middlesex of cancer. William and Esther were living at King George Road, Newbiggin Colliery at the time of their marriage, witnesses - George Thomas Wilson and Martha Wilson. (issue - see below)

  • ? JAMES MARSHALL SWINBURN, born (reg.Q4 Tynemouth) 1891; died (reg.Q4) 1892

  • MATTHEW SWINBURN, born 10 August 1893 at 107 Church Street, Walker; on 1901 census with parents, aged 7; he died (reg. Q3 Rugby) 1964

  • JAMES MARSHALL SWINBURN, born 1 August 1895 Walker; on 1901 census with parents, aged 5; died Q2 1973, aged about 78

  • ? JOHN SWINBURN, born (reg.Q3 Tynemouth) 1896

  • ELEANOR MARSHALL SWINBURN, born (reg.Q4) 1897 Tynemouth, died (reg.Q1) 1900 Tynemouth aged 2

  • JOHN SWINBURN, born (reg. Q1 Tynemouth) 1900 Walker; on 1901 census with parents, aged 1; he was living at 6 Reay's Buildings, Heworth Street, Felling on Tyne in 1931 when he was informant of his fathers death

  • ELIZABETH ANN SWINBURN, lived in Coventry, her birth is not registered as a Swinburn; married JAMES CASEY

    William and Esther (Wilson) were parents of;

  • EVA WILSON, born about 1910/11; probably (reg. Q2 Tynemouth) 1911; she was a witness at her sister Dencie's marriage in 1935; she came south for a while and lived with the family at Strouds Crescent, Staines, Middlesex but returned to Northumberland to marry BOB SINGLETON

  • DENCIE SWINBURN, born 4 September 1913 at 5 Lawson's Buildings, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland, residence at time of marriage 52 Marine Terrace, Blyth, died 12 September 1999 Brixton, London, buried 21 September 1999 Staines, Middlesex, married 2 March 1935 St. Bedes, Bedlington, Northumberland THOMAS PATRICK LYNSKEY, born 19 December 1910 Pegswood, Northumberland, died 28 December 1979 Staines, Middlesex, buried Staines cemetery, residence at time of marriage 21 Second Street, Netherton, occupation Colliery Putter, later a Miner in Ashington, he was involved in a pit accident shortly before the birth of their first child in 1935 and they decided to move south away from the Mining community. They eventually settled in Staines, Middlesex and several of Dencie's brothers and sisters and also her parents gradually joined them in Staines

  • DOROTHY SWINBURN, born about 1915 (birth registered Q3 1915, died Q3 1915 Tynemouth), died in infancy

    Tom Swinburn 1919-1982

  • THOMAS WILSON SWINBURN, (see photo to left) born 21 November 1919 Tynemouth, died Q3 1982 Surrey, aged about 61, married Q4 1942 Colchester, Essex, NANCY BRETT (issue - see below)

    John (Jack) Swinburn 1921-1944

  • JOHN SWINBURN, (see photo to right) born (reg. Q3 Tynemouth) 1921, Trooper, 25th Dragoons RAC, India Command, killed in war in Burma 26 January 1944 aged 22, buried Taukkyan War Cemetery, Myanmar (formerly Burma)(12.F.22)

    Esther (Ettie) Swinburn

  • ESTHER SWINBURN, (see picture to left), birth reg. Q4 1923 Tynemouth married Q2 1948 Stepney HENRY CHARLES STANNARD

  • WILLIAM SWINBURN, born 24 October 1926 Tynemouth, died 29 July 1982 aged 55, buried Staines Cemetery, married LILLIAN GREEN, they had three children: ALAN J. SWINBURN, birth reg. Q4 1952 Middlesex; WILLIAM T. SWINBURN, birth reg. Q1 1954 Windsor; CHRISTINE SWINBURN, birth reg. Q3 1957 Middlesex

  • BEATRICE ETHEL W. SWINBURN, born 1 February 1928 Tynemouth, died 12 January 2001 Ashington, Northumberland, married 18 June 1949 Tynemouth JAMES BARKER LIVINGSTONE

  • JAMES MARSHALL SWINBURN, born 4 June 1930 Tynemouth, died 24 February 1998, memorial Staines Cemetery, married Q3 1950 Middlesex ETHEL D. W. RICKETT (issue - see below)

    Thomas Wilson and Nancy (Brett) were parents of;

  • WILLIAM A. W. SWINBURN, born Colchester, married North Surrey VERA J. P. RICKETT (they had one son and three daughters)

  • DENCIE SWINBURN, born Middlesex, married Surrey North STEVEN MAUDE

  • FRANK SWINBURN, born and died Q2 1948 Middlesex

    James Marshall and Ethel D.W.(Rickett) were parents of;

  • ALAN J. SWINBURN, died in infancy

  • GWENDOLINE L. SWINBURN, married IAN CRAIGMYLE at the Christ Church, Staines, Middlesex (issue)

  • TERESA SWINBURN, married ALAN R. BULLEN at the Christ Church, Staines, Middlesex

  • JOHN P. SWINBURN, married THERESA C. O'FARRELL at the Christ Church, Staines, Middlesex (2 daughters and 1 son)

  • KEVIN SWINBURN, married ANNE M. PERRY at the Christ Church, Staines, Middlesex (1 daughter)

  • Notes:
    *probable but not yet confirmed
    (a) this may be wrong as there is another Ralph Swinburn who was buried 29 November 1733 Lamesley

    **The marriage certificates says Margaret MASTERTON and father George MASTERTON but this seems to have been an error as every other reference to Margaret and her family gives the name as MASTERMAN
    There is a Margaret Masterman, widow aged 56, Washer Woman born Branspeth, Durham, with two children, (Mary aged 33, married, born Hexham and Henery, aged 16 born Hexham) on the 1861 census at Henry Pit, Walker, 2 houses away from William and Margaret

    Sources: C.M.Lynskey (ml@clara.net); Whickham, Lamesley, Newcastle All Saints Parish Registers; 1841-1901 Census returns; IGI; Mr. D. Richardson, Derby; (b)-National Burial Index; John Wake

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