Royston Harry Swinbourne of Yorkshire

SAMUEL THOMAS SWINBOURNE, born (reg. Q1 Birmingham) 1862; possibly died (reg Q3 Birmingham) 1941 aged 80; married 9 May 1881 St. Stephen's, Birmingham AMELIA FANNY ALLEN
(he may be the son of Charles Swinbourne and Lydia Marriott of Warwickshire or of Thomas Swinbourne and Esther of Warwickshire, as both couples had a son named Samuel born about this time see John Swinbourne of Warwickshire)

They were parents of:

  • THOMAS CHARLES SWINBOURNE, born circa 1882; he was a reserve full-back for Aston Villa Football Club; died (reg. Q1) 1969 Don Valley aged 87; married 1 May 1909 St. Stephen's, Worcester JESSIE MAYO PRICE

    They were parents of:

  • THOMAS WILLIAM SWINBOURNE, born (reg. Q3 Doncaster) 1911; married (reg. Q2 Doncaster) 1931 ELIZABETH TURTON (issue - see below)

  • JOHN EDWARD SWINBOURNE, born 3 November 1912 Doncaster; died 27 February 1978 Malvern; married (reg. Q3 Worcester) 1936 MARGARET McKEOWN

  • WALTER FRANK SWINBOURNE, born 13 August 1914 Doncaster; died (reg. Q2 Doncaster) 1982

  • CHARLES A. SWINBOURNE, born (reg. Q4 Doncaster) 1917; married (reg. Q4 Don Valley) 1943 IVY ROBSON (issue - see below)

  • ROYSTON HARRY SWINBOURNE, born 25 August 1929 Denaby Main, Doncaster, Yorkshire; became a professional footballer, being recruited to the Wath nursery side at the age of 15 in 1944, he turned professional at Molineux, home of Wolverhampton Wanderers, on his 17th birthday, made his league debut in 1949/50 and the following season scored 20 goals in 21 league games. Playing for Wolves, he became a prolific goal scorer and helped them to the League title in 1953/4. In 1955 he suffered a crippling knee injury when he tried to jump over a group of cameramen near the goal at Molineux. He never recovered fully from this injury and was forced to retire in 1957; he went to live at Kinver, near Kidderminster; he married at Wednesbury BETTY A. ADAMS, they had a daughter HELEN SWINBOURNE, who married IAN J. MEREDITH

    Thomas William and Elizabeth (Turton) were parents of:

  • MARGARET E. SWINBOURNE, born Doncaster; married Don Valley HUGH F. KEEBLE

  • JOAN SWINBOURNE, born Doncaster; married Don Valley ERNEST D. NELSON


  • ROYSTON D. SWINBOURNE, born Don Valley; married Don Valley MAUREEN MYCROFT, they had two children

    Charles A. and Ivy (Robson) were parents of:

  • ROYSTON C. SWINBOURNE, born Don Valley; married Doncaster PAMELA HEALD; they had 4 children

  • RICHARD E. SWINBOURNE, born Don Valley; married Don Valley MARJORIE EDWARDS; they had 4 children

  • STEPHEN R. SWINBOURNE, born Don Valley; married Doncaster PAULA T. MARTIN, they had a son

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  • Sources: Graeme Swinbourne; Linda Swinburn, Lancashire; 1881 census; GRO indexes

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