Ulfchill de Swyneburne
of East or Little Swinburn

ULFCHILL DE SWYNEBURNE, is the earliest known resident proprietor of East Swinburn. His name is 6th of the 29 witnesses to the famous judgment that Odinel de Umfraville delivered in favour of Bertram de Widdrington in the chief court of the barony of Whalton, in the late 1100's.

He was father of:

Gules, three boars heads argent - the Arms of Adam de SwynburneADAM DE SWINBURN, born about 1160 at Swinburn, Northumberland. Adam renounced to his Lord, Ralph de Gunwarton and his heirs, various lands in East Swinburn. In return he received the remainder of East Swinburn in perpetuity at a rent of 30 shillings. He was living in 1236. The coat of arms to the left is recorded at the College of Arms, London, as belonging to Adam de Swynburne

Adam was father of:

RICHARD DE SWINBURNE, born about 1185 at Swinburn and living in 1236. He used the same arms as his father.

Richard was probably father of:

Argent on a cross Gules five garbs Or - the arms used by Sir John de Swynburne
  • SIR JOHN DE SWINBURNE, granted lands in Stamfordham to Walter de Foderingeye, the principal and scholars of the house of Balliol, Oxford, in about 1270. Sheriff of Cumberland 1278. One of the commissioners appointed in 1300 to summon the knights of Northumberland to meet King Edward to perform military service against Scotland. He was commanded in October 1309 to repair, with his two sons Adam and Robert, to their respective estates in defence of the Marches. Sir John de Swinburn, knight, and AVICIA, his consort, were buried in the Parish Church of Chollerton, Northumberland in 1313. Sir John and his son Sir Adam used the arms shown on the right, which are recorded in Glover's Ordinary as the arms of SWINBURN. There is a seal on a document at Balliol College, Oxford containing these arms surrounded by the lettering S.IOHIS DE SWYNBVRNE. Another seal on a document held at the Treasury in Durham and dated 5th February 1312 contains these arms surrounded by three boars heads as accessories and the lettering S.IOHIS DE SWI...

    Sir John and Avicia were parents of:

  • SIR ADAM DE SWINBURNE, who held the estate of East Swinburn. He married 1stly MARGERY and by her had two daughters (see below). He married 2ndly IDONEA DE GRAHAM, sister of HENRY DE GRAHAM, about 1274-9 at Swinburn or Simonburn, Northumberland. Adam allied himself with the Scots and in 1296 led the hordes of Athol and Mentieth in the destruction of Hexham. The subsidy roll of 1296 shows that his father's village of East Swinburn was flourishing. Soon, through his efforts, it was to be reduced, along with most of Northumberland, to the state of a blackened desert. For his treason, Sir Adam was imprisoned in Berwick Castle until May 1297 when Edward I allowed his release. He was sheriff of Northumberland in 1315 and died in 1318.

  • ROBERT DE SWINBURNE, inherited the manor of Gunnerton. He received a grant of Knaresdale for his services in Scotland 3 May 1315. He purchased Little Horkesley, Essex in 1324. Robert reverted to the coat of arms of his paternal ancestors but added cross crosslets argent for difference.(issue - see below)

    Sir Adam and his 1st wife, Margery were parents of:

  • ELIZABETH DE SWINBURNE, married ROGER HERON of Ford. They were parents of WILLIAM HERON, born 1304, who also received some of his grandfathers' lands in 1327, and ROGER HERON.

  • ? ADAM DE SWINBURNE, born about 1275, Swinburn (perhaps died young)

    Sir Adam and his 2nd wife, Idonea (de Graham) were parents of:

  • CHRISTIANA DE SWINBURNE, born about 1280 in Swinburn; married about 1302 JOHN DE WIDDRINGTON. They were parents of GERARD DE WIDDRINGTON, born 1302, who received some of his grandfathers'(Sir Adam de Swinburn) lands in 1327.

  • BARBARA DE SWINBURNE, born about 1293 Swinburn. She received some of her father's lands after the deposition of Edward II. She married SIR JOHN DE STRIVELYN of Belsay. She was still living in 1363

  • HENRY DE SWINBURN, born 1296. His fathers' lands had been confiscated and in 1323-4 he presented a petition praying for the restitution of some of them.

    Robert was father of:

  • ? WILLIAM SWINBURNE, born about 1270 Horkesley, Essex*

  • THOMAS DE SWINBURNE, born 1287

  • Sources: From Hodgsons' History of Northumberland, Vol.4

    Notes: The IGI also lists the following:-
    Alice Swinburne, born about 1370 or 1390 of Little Horkesley, Essex, daughter of Robert Swinburne and Joan Botetourt

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