Swinburn Photographs

A selection of some of the photographs appearing in the various branches of the family listed on the index page. Most have been kindly contributed by descendants or relatives.

William and Margaret WILLIAM and MARGERY SWINBURN

William Swinburn was born 1821 Hetton, Durham and died 1891 Victoria, Australia. He married Margery Denton in 1851 Newcastle and they emigrated to Australia on the 'Lizzie Webber', arriving in Melbourne in 1852.

William is a descendant of
Michael Swinburn of Collier Moor, Houghton-le-Spring, Durham

Photograph contributed by Marcus Swinburne, Australia

Richard Swinbourne 1789-1866RICHARD SWINBOURNE

Born 1789 Co. Louth, Ireland, died Christchurch, New Zealand. He married Ann McGrath c.1811 Louth and they emigrated to New Zealand in 1851 aboard the 'Duke of Portsmouth' with some of their large family

(See Swinbourne of Collon, co. Louth, Ireland , New Zealand and Australia)

Photograph contributed by Helen Swinbourne, New South Wales, Australia


Colonel 83rd Regiment of Foot. Ran away from home and joined the army, being recruited to the 83rd Regiment of Foot in 1805. He rose through the ranks becoming Colonel of the regiment in 1851.

Descendant of Nicholas Swinbourne of Warwickshire.
See also Col Joseph Swinburne of Lichfield, Staffordshire.

(Photograph contributed by descendant Martin Davis of Vancouver, Canada)

Elizabeth Murray nee Swinburn 1810-1882John Murray 1809-1876 ELIZABETH SWINBURNE and JOHN MURRAY

Elizabeth Swinburne born 1810 Edmundbyers, Durham, died 1882 Benfieldside, Durham.
She married 1810 Hunstanworth John Murray, Auctioneer

She was a descendant of
George Swinburn of Lanchester, Durham

(Photographs contributed by Peter Hollins)


Partner in G.P. Swinborne and Co. of St. Andrew's Hill, London and Coggeshall, Essex - Gelatine and Isinglass Manufacturers.

(see The Swinborne Family of Essex)

(Picture supplied by the Coggeshall Heritage Centre)

Nottingham wedding group THOMAS SWINBURNE

Thomas is pictured to the far right of this wedding group, standing with folded arms. The owner of the photograph cannot identify any others in the group.

Thomas belongs to the branch of the Swinburne's of Loughborough, Leicestershire and Nottingham

(Photograph contributed by Bill Chapman)

William Swinburn 1890-1970WILLIAM SWINBURN
Born Walker, Northumberland and died Staines, Middlesex
(Photograph contributed by descendant Marie Lynskey, Surrey)

Sarah Wake nee Swinburn 1866-1936 SARAH SWINBURN
Born Walker and died Washington, Durham. Aunt of William. She married 1885 James William Swan Wake
(Photograph contributed by descendant John Wake)

Descendants of Ralph Swinburn of Lamesley, co. Durham

Enrique Swinburn 1859-1929 ENRIQUE SWINBURN


Born and died in Santiago, Chile.

(see The Swinburn Family in Chile)

Photograph contributed by Mario Velasco Carvallo

Thomas Joseph Swinburne c.1868-1936 THOMAS JOSEPH SWINBURNE
c.1868 - 1936

Born and died Birtley, Durham.
Eminent church organist and choirmaster for more than 40 years at St. Dominic's Priory, Newcastle

Descendant of (Cuthbert Swinburn of Warden, near Hexham, Northumberland)

(Picture contributed by John Hattam, Birtley)

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