Swinb(o)urn(e)'s in Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A. and Canada
Australia and New Zealand

There are two large branches of the Swinburn(e) family in Australia and New Zealand. One is descended from Michael Swinburn of Collier Moor, Northumberland and the other from Richard Swinburn of Co. Louth, Ireland, possibly descended from the Swinburns of Hewthwaite, Cumberland, England. The histories of each branch have been well researched over the years by family members and some excellent records survive to tell the stories of how the Swinburne's have spread out from their North of England origins to different parts of the world. Six other branches are also known and hopefully these will in time be expanded.

For genealogies see:

Samuel Swinburne of Hornsey, London
John (Jack) and Reginald Hubert (Bert) Swinburne, grandsons of Samuel went out to New Zealand c.1905 and eventually founded an upholstery business

Swinburne of Stepney, London
Sarah Elizabeth Swinburne, daughter of Robert Swinburne of Stepney, went to New Zealand aboard the 'Himalaya' in 1867.

Michael Swinburn of Pickering, Yorkshire
Alfred Swinburne, born 1886 Richmond, Yorkshire emigrated to New Zealand c.1910 with his wife Lily (nee Haley). He later married a second time, to Ann Pratt. Alfred had several children and was buried in Whakatane, New Zealand in 1972

Ralph Swinburn of Chowdean, Durham
Jane Swinburne, born 1831 Lamesley, Durham, married in Newcastle 1857 Joseph Trotter. They went to Australia with their three children on the 'Great Victoria', arriving in Melbourne in November 1863

Michael Swinburn of Collier Moor, Houghton-le-Spring, Durham
William Swinburne, born 1821, Houghton le Spring, Durham, England, married in 1851 in Newcastle and emigrated to Australia with his new wife aboard the "Lizzie Webber". They left England on 31 July 1851 and arrived in Melbourne, Australia on 4 December 1852. William's brother Michael followed him to Australia where he married and had a family.

Swinbourne of Collon, Co. Louth, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia
John Foster Swinb(o)urne, born 1826 County Louth, Ireland, emigrated with his wife on 3 July 1849 to Sydney, Australia aboard the "Lady Peel". On 16 November 1849 they left for New Zealand on the "Minerva", arriving at Wellington on 8 December. They returned to Australia in 1863. John's father also emigrated to New Zealand in 1851 aboard the "Duke of Portsmouth" with some of his other children. There are descendants of the family in both New Zealand and Australia.(For a fascinating account of the voyage of the 'Duke of Portland' click here)

Swinburn of Dearham, Cumberland and Greymouth, New Zealand
George Henry Swinburn, born 1878 Cumberland, England, emigrated to New Zealand with his wife, Isabella, on the "RMS Mataroa" on 21 June 1929. They settled and had a large family in Greymouth.

James Swinbourn, Pent Side, Kent, England
James Swinbourn born about 1815/6 in Kent, England, went to live in Guernsey, Channel Islands, U.K., then emigrated to Australia with his wife Elizabeth and three young children. They arrived in Melbourne on 4 April 1848.

Swinburn of Prestbury, Cheshire, England
Adam Swinburn, born 1799 Butley, Cheshire, England, was sentenced to 7 years for street robbery at Antrim on 13 March 1834 and transported to Australia. He had a wife and two children in England but married again and had further children in Australia.

William Swinburn of Skelton, Cumberland
Myles Swinburn, born 1907, son of Thomas Henry Swinburn of Salford, Lancashire, emigrated to New Zealand.

Swinburn of Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
George Swinburne, born 1861 Benwell, Northumberland, emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1886. He was an eminent engineer whose career is well documented. He married and had four daughters.


Many members of the Swinburn(e) family are known to have emigrated to the U.S. Details of a few branches have been received and it is hoped that we can build on these to give a good coverage of the spread of the family in the U.S.A.

For branches linked to the U.S.A. see:

Benjamin Swinburne of Holywell, Earsdon, Northumberland
John Swinburne, born 1877 in Scotland, emigrated with his family (probably in the 1920's) to Pennsylvannia, U.S.A. where he died in 1932. Some of his children went to live in Utah and Ohio.

George Washington Swinburne of Millston, Monroe, WI, U.S.A.
George Washington Swinburne, born about 1851 Millston, Monroe, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Edwin N. Swinburne of Worcestershire, England and Texas, U.S.A.
Edwin N. Swinburne, born 1813 in Worcestershire, England, an apprentice in Birmingham at the age of 14 or 15, he emigrated from Liverpool to New York at some time between 1827 - 1844, then sailed to New Orleans, U.S.A. He married in Illinois in 1844. In 1854 he went to Texas where he died in 1905 leaving a large family of children born in Illinois. Indiana and Texas.

Thomas Swinburne of Clarborough, Nottinghamshire, England
John Swinburne, born 1819 Treswell, Nottingham, England, emigrated to America with his wife and two young sons (one of whom died on the voyage) between 1851-2, they settled in Iowa where John died in 1886 leaving a large family.

John Thomas Swinburn of Sunderland, Durham, England
His grandson George Swinburn, born 1811 Sunderland, Durham, England emigrated to the U.S.A. some time before 1842. He married in Buffalo, New York and had a family.


Col. Joseph Swinburne of Lichfield, Staffordshire
His descendant Denis Swinburne, born 1901 Hampstead, London, went to Vancouver Island, British Colombia, Canada with his wife. They had two daughters and a son.

Other ships with Swinburn passengers:
ANN SWINBURN(E), spinster and CUTHBERT SWINBURN, Minor, passengers on the "EMIGRANT" to Australia, sailed from Sunderland, Durham 10 September 1852, arrived Melbourne, Australia 3 January 1853

Miscellaneous details:

HANNAH SWINBURN, 1756 - 31 January 1831 one of the first settlers at Colchester County, U.S.A.

WILLIAM SWINBURNE TURNER, born 8 April 1857 probably in Monroe County, Mo, married 14 June 1885 in Randolph County, Mo. LIZZIE E. PALMER, born 8 April 1857. They are both buried in Oakland Cemetery in Randolph County, he died 2 October 1938 and she on 21 September 1940. Lizzie had a sister STELLA PALMER who married E.G. BLADES and lived in Houston for many years before returning to Missouri (sent by Lisa P. Perry 30.11.2001)

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