Swinburne of Oldham, Lancashire, England
JOHN THOMAS SWINBURNE, Soldier in 1877 at time of son's marriage

Father of:

JOHN THOMAS SWINBURNE, born c.1857; a Labourer when he married aged 20 on 7 November 1877 at the Parish Church, Oldham, Lancaster MARTHA HOLLINSWORTH, (daughter of JOHN HOLLINSWORTH, Blacksmith), born about 1857 Manchester, Lancashire; Martha was also aged 20 at their marriage and their residence at the time was Lyon Dam, Oldham; they are on the 1881 census at 1 Granville Street, Chadderton, Lancashire, with their two eldest children, John was a Cotton Cardroom Jobber; and on the 1901 census at 43 Slater Street, Chadderton, Lancashire, John a 'Lap Carrier Cotton' aged 43 and Martha aged 43 with 6 children; Martha died on 13 March 1924 in Blackpool and John died on 2 April 1924 also in Blackpool (issue - see below)

John Thomas and Martha (Hollinsworth) were parents of:

  • SARAH ANN SWINB(O)URNE, born Chadderton, Lancashire (reg. Q4 Oldham, Lancashire) 1878; on 1881 census with parents, aged 2; on 1901 census with parents Cotton Cardroom Hand aged 22

  • JOHN THOMAS SWINBOURNE, born (reg. Q3 Oldham) 1880 Chadderton; on 1881 census with parents aged 1; on 1901 census with parents, a Cotton Piecer aged 20; died (reg. Q4) 1918

  • ADAM SWINBOURNE, born (reg. Q3) Oldham 1882; on 1901 census with parents, a Cotton Piecer aged 18; died (reg. Q2) 1963; married (reg. Q2 Oldham) 1904 ANNIE P., died (reg. Q4) 1963, (issue - see below)

  • EMMA SWINBOURNE, born 2 February 1884 at 4 Dorset Street, Tonge, Lancaster; on 1901 census with parents, a Ring Frame Piecer aged 16; married aged 27 on 23 September 1911 at St. Matthew's, Chadderton HERBERT SPENCER, (son of JAMES SPENCER, Caretaker), born c.1882; a Cotton Operative aged 29 at his marriage when their residence was 221 Garforth Street, John Thomas, Adam and Sarah Ann Swinbourne were witnesses; Emma died on 11 April 1960 at Thornton, Lancashire, her husband having died on 9 March 1953 at Victoria Hospital, Blackpool (issue)

  • JAMES HENRY SWINBOURNE, born (reg. Q4 Oldham) 1886; died (reg Q3) 1887

  • CHARLES HENRY SWINBOURNE, born (reg. Q2 Oldham) 1888 Middleton, Lancashire; on 1901 census with parents, a Cotton Piecer Half Timer aged 12; died (reg. Q1) 1967, married (reg. Q3 Fylde) 1913 ELIZA A. CLEGG, (issue - see below)

  • ELIZABETH SWINBOURNE, born (reg. Q1) 1891 Oldham; on 1901 census with parents, aged 10

  • INA SWINBOURNE, born (reg. Q1) 1893 Oldham; died (reg. Q4) 1894

    Adam and Annie P. were parents of:

  • INA SWINBOURNE, born (reg. Q1 Oldham) 1905; died (reg.Q4) 1966; married EDNA OGDEN, they had three children

  • GEORGE SWINBOURNE, probably born 8 October 1906 Oldham; died 22 August 1976 whilst of 158 Garforth Street, Chadderton, Oldham, Lancashire, Admon. with Will granted Manchester 22 November 1976, effects 11,383; married WINIFRED EVANS, she died 12 March 1976 whilst of 158 Garforth Street, Admon. granted Manchester 14 June 1976, effects 1801; they had a daughter

    Charles Henry and Eliza A. (Clegg) were parents of:

  • LESLIE SWINBOURNE, born Fylde, Cheshire; died in infancy

  • EDITH SWINBOURNE, born Fylde, Cheshire

  • FLORENCE A. SWINBOURNE, born Fylde, Cheshire

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  • Sources: Wendy Bond (great grandaughter of Emma Spencer nee Swinbourne); GRO indexes; 1881 and 1901 census returns; Linda Swinburn, Lancashire

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