Swinburne of Loughborough, Leicestershire and Nottingham


William and Elizabeth were parents of:

  • WILLIAM SWINBURNE, died young?

  • WILLIAM SWINBURNE, baptised 11 May 1803 All Saints, Loughborough; died (reg. Q3 East Retford) 1862; married 25 March 1824 All Saints, Loughborough, Leicestershire LUCINDA GRAY, born c.1797; died 23 October 1874 'formerly of the town of Nottingham but late of Sneinton*, Nottingham', Will proved 9 March 1875 Nottingham (as Lucy Swinburne), by son Edwin, sole executor, effects under 20

    William and Lucinda were parents of:

  • ELIZABETH FLAVEL SWINBURNE, born c. 1825, married (reg. Q2 Basford) 1851

  • THOMAS FLAVEL SWINBURNE, baptised 13 November 1827 All Saints, Loughborough, died 28 July 1862, married 13 March 1849 Christ Church, Derby MARY SMITH (issue - see below)

  • HANNAH SWINBURNE, baptised 13 February 1833 All Saints, Loughborough

  • WILLIAM CHARLES SWINBURNE, baptised 19 April 1833 Loughborough, died (reg. Q1) 1885, married (reg. Q4 Nottingham) 1851

  • EDWIN SWINBURNE, born c.1837; died 8 August 1911 at 12 Wilverton Road, Nottingham whilst of 12 Hillside Avenue, Thornton Hill, Exeter, gent., probate granted Exeter 7 September 1911 to widow, effects 3110; married 1stly (reg.Q3 Nottingham) 1856 SUSANNAH, born c.1824 Nottingham; died before 1887; Edwin is on the 1881 census as Edward Swinbourne, aged 46, born Loughborough, Principal Visitor for Nottingham Schoolboard, with wife Susannah, at 33 Birkland Avenue, Nottingham St. Mary, Nottinghamshire, two nephews were staying with them; Edwin married 2ndly (reg.Q3 Nottingham) 1887 ELIZA MARRISON SHARDLOW, born c. 1858 Nottingham; they are on the 1901 census at Exeter, Devon, Edwin aged 66 and Eliza aged 43; Eliza died 16 July 1948 of 12 Wiverton Road, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham, Probate granted 25 September 1948 Nottingham to Edwin Marrison Swinburne, retired head master, effects 6,273 (no issue)

    Thomas Flavel and Mary were parents of:

  • ELIZABETH SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q2 Derby) 1849

  • LUCY JANE SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q2 Derby) 1852, died 18 September 1856 Radford

  • CAROLINE SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q1 Derby) 1854, married (reg. Q2 Radford) 1874

  • WILLIAM SWINBURNE, born 18 December 1856 Radford; on 1881 census at 40 Sneinton Road, Sneinton, Nottingham, a Moulder (Iron), born Sneinton, aged 24, in household of Henry Roe, Printer; died (reg. Q3) 1928; married (reg. Q4 Nottingham) 1883 ANNIE PALMER, born c.1863 Lincoln; died (reg. Q1) 1957; they are on the 1901 census at 22 Victoria Square, Nottingham with 6 children, William a Labourer in Iron Foundry aged 44 and Annie aged 38 (issue - see below)

    Wedding group

  • THOMAS SWINBURNE, born 2 March 1859 Sneinton, Nottingham; on 1881 census, a Letter Press Printer aged 22, with uncle Edwin (Edward); died 6 March 1935; married 1stly (reg. Q4 Nottingham) 1881 SARAH ANN FOX, born c.1855 Derby; died (reg. Q2) 1917; they are on the 1901 census at 74 Woodhouse Street, Nottingham, with 3 children, Thomas an Insurance Agent aged 42 and Sarah a Lace Warper aged 45; (issue - see below), Thomas married 2ndly (reg. Q1 Nottingham) 1918 KATE CHALLANDS, born 18 March 1892; died (reg. Q2) 1971 (issue - see below) The photograph above is a wedding group c.1910-15? with Thomas Swinburne standing at the far right with folded arms. The groom is in army uniform, none of the other people in the photograph can be identified by the owner who would be grateful to know if anybody recognises an ancestor amongst the group

  • EDWIN SWINBURNE, born 16 September 1862 Sneinton, Nottingham; on 1881 census, a Litho Printer aged 18, with uncle Edwin; died (reg. Q3) 1947; married (reg. Q3) 1889 HARRIET MARRISON SHARDLOW, born c.1867 Nottingham; they are on the 1901 census at Nottingham, Edwin a Sewing Machine Agent aged 38 and Harriet a School Teacher aged 33; she was still living in 1947 (issue - see below)

    William and Annie (Palmer) were parents of:

  • SARAH ANN SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q2) Nottingham 1884; on 1901 census with parents, a Lace Friller aged 16

  • EDWIN SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q2) 1886 Nottingham; on 1901 census with parents, a Mineral Water Filler aged 14; married (reg. Q4 Nottingham) 1907

  • EMILY SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q4) 1888 Nottingham; on 1901 census with parents, aged 12; married (reg. Q3 Nottingham) 1908

  • WILLIAM SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q4) 1890 Nottingham; died (reg. Q1) 1896

  • ANNIE SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q1) 1893 Nottingham; on 1901 census with parents, aged 9; died unmarried 21 February 1949, of 44 Crown Street, Blue Bell Hill, Nottingham, Admon. granted 20 April 1949 to Annie Palmer Swinburne, widow, effects 589

  • MINNIE SWINBURNE, born 30 May 1895 Nottingham; on 1901 census with parents, aged 5; died 2 March 1982 at Basford Hospital, Nottingham, probate granted 6 April 1982 Manchester, not exceeding 25,000

  • SAMUEL SWINBURNE, born 3 September 1900 Nottingham; on 1901 census with parents, aged 7 months; died (reg Q2) 1977

    Thomas and Sarah Ann (Fox) were parents of:

  • THOMAS EDWIN SWINBURNE, born (reg.Q4) December 1882 Nottingham; died 8 June 1883 at 40 Vicarage Street, Nottingham aged 6 months

  • GERTRUDE SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q3) 1884 Nottingham; on 1901 census with parents, a Lace Warper aged 16; married (reg. Q1 Nottingham) 1917 WILLIAM KING

  • SUSANNAH SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q2 Nottingham) 1887; died (reg. Q1) 1891

  • THOMAS FLAVEL SWINBURNE, born 28 May 1890 West Bromwich, Nottingham; on 1901 census with parents, aged 10

  • FRANK SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q2) 1893 Nottingham; on 1901 census with parents, aged 7; died (reg. Q4) 1960

    Thomas and Kate (Challands) were parents of:

  • ELIZA MARIAN SWINBURNE, born Nottingham; married Basford, Nottingham WALTER LEONARD CHAPMAN

  • JOAN LOUISE SWINBURNE, born Nottingham

    Edwin and Harriet Marrison (Shardlow) were parents of:

  • EDWIN MARRISON SWINBURNE, born 16 April 1891 Nottingham; died 2 February 1977 Nottingham, of 12 Wilverton Road, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham, probate Nottingham 29 April 1977, effects 6864; married (reg. Q2 Nottingham) 1915 LAURA D. KNOWLES, born c.1891; died (reg. Q3) 1965

  • ?CHRISTINE MARRISON SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q2) 1897 Nottingham; died (reg. Q3) 1897

    Edwin Marrison and Laura D. (Knowles) were parents of:

  • HATTIE MARRISON SWINBURNE, born Nottingham; married in Essex JOHN H. GRIFFITHS


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    *Probably Snainton, 6 miles west of Pickering

    Sources: Linda Swinburn, GRO indexes, IGI, 1881 and 1901 census; Probate Calendar; Bill Chapman

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