William Stokoe Swinburne of Sunderland, Durham
EDWARD SWINBURNE, still living at time of son's marriage in 1842

Edward was father of:

JOHN SWINBURNE, Coal Miner, died before 1881, married 20 November 1842 JANE SCOTT (daughter of JAMES SCOTT, Weaver), born c.1820 Sunderland, Durham; both were 'of full age' at marriage and living at Fenkle Street, Newcastle, John was then a Labourer; Jane was living at 73 Burdon Street, Ryhope, Durham in 1881, a widow, with her two sons John and William and grandaughter ELLEN HETHERINGTON, aged 5, born Ryhope

John and Jane (Scott) were parents of:

  • ? EDWARD SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q4 Newcastle/Tyne) 1843, baptised 13 November 1843 All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne; possibly died (reg.Q4 Hexham) 1843

  • ? JAMES SWINBURNE, born (reg.Q2 Newcastle) 1845, baptised 2 June 1845 All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne; on 1881 census at 65 Burdon Street, Ryhope; possibly married (Q4 1869 Sunderland) MARY JANE, they are on the 1901 census at 65 Burdon Street with 2 children, William and John

  • ? ELEANOR SWINBURNE, born (reg.Q2 Newcastle/Tyne) 1849, baptised 20 May 1849 Newcastle upon Tyne

  • JOHN SWINBURNE, baptised 20 June 1851 All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne; Coal Miner, on 1881 census with mother

  • ? EDWARD SWINBURNE, born (reg.Q3 Newcastle/Tyne) 1853, baptised 5 August 1853 All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne

  • JANE HARKER SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q2 Sunderland) 1856; died (reg.Q2 Sunderland) 1877 aged 21 along with infant daughter Jane; married (reg.Q1 Sunderland) 1875 WATSON JOSEPH HETHERINGTON, born about 1853 (2 daughters)

  • WILLIAM STOKOE SWINBURNE, born 29 January 1859 at 29 John Street, Monkwearmouth, Durham, Coal Miner living with mother on 1881 census; living at 4 Cromwell Street, Millfield at time of marriage, died 2 May 1942 at Roker Park Football Ground, Sunderland whilst of 14 Dunelm, Sunderland, Probate granted Durham 20 June 1942 to Osmond Camille Clarke, dentist, Harold Sidney Pattinson, schoolmaster and Francis Osborn Bretherton, solicitor, effects 1015; married 6 February 1884 at the Latham Street Chapel (Primitive Methodist) Sunderland, Durham ELIZABETH LISTER (daughter of JOSEPH LISTER, Coal Miner) born c.1859 Seghill, Northumberland; she was living at 58 Burdon Street, Ryhope at the time of her marriage, the witnesses at the wedding were John Swinburne and Marcus Lister; they were at Campbell Terrace, Hetton le Hole, Durham at 1901 census, William a 'Refuge Assurance Super' aged 42 and Elizabeth aged 41

    William Stokoe and Elizabeth (Lister) were parents of:

  • ESTHER BEATRICE SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q2 Sunderland) 1885 Ryhope, Durham; on 1901 census with parents, Pupil Teacher aged 16; married (reg. Q3 Sunderland) 1916 OSMOND CAMILLE CLARKE

  • JOHN JOSEPH SWINBURNE, born 12 November 1887 Ryhope, Sunderland, Durham; on 1901 census with parents, aged 13; died 10 February 1929 of 127 Cleveland Road, Sunderland, Admon. granted Durham 4 March 1929 to widow, effects 134; married 23 January 1918 Sunderland KATE VIOLET WITTY, born 20 November 1895 Sunderland, died 25 October 1957 Tottenham, London (issue - see below)

  • IRENE SWINBURNE, born (reg.Q4 Houghton) 1894 Easington Lane, Durham; on 1901 census with parents aged 6; married (reg. Q3 Sunderland) 1919 HAROLD S. PATTINSON

    John Joseph and Kate Violet (Witty) were parents of:

  • WILLIAM STOKOE SWINBURNE, born 20 February 1919 Sunderland; died 10 April 1984 Benenden; married 24 February 1951 Leytonstone, London VIOLET LILIAN WHYTE, they had 2 daughters, KATHERINE MARY SWINBURNE and DOROTHY IRENE SWINBURNE

  • IRENE WITTY SWINBURNE, born 11 July 1921 Sunderland, died 3 May 1995 Southampton, Hampshire, married 1948 PETER ADOLPH CHAUBERT, born 30 Januaru 1923, died 26 January 1978 (issue)

  • ELIZABETH SWINBURNE, born 9 November 1926, died 11 November 1926 Sunderland

    Sources: Katherine Mary Nicholson, nee Swinburne, Essex (email: kate.nicholson@btconnect.com); Census returns; GRO indexes; Probate Calendars; Vital Records Index-2

    Possibly connected to this branch:
    Edward Swinburn m.Elizabeth Stokoe 31 May 1795 Hexham; Edward Swinburn baptised 27 October 1805 Hexham
    Edward Swinburne, leather dresser of Newgate Street, Newcastle, married Jane Murray, they had a son William Stokoe Swinburne, born 11 November 1840 Newcastle
    Edward Swinburne m. Jane Morrow 16 August 1830 Newcastle St. John

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