Swinburne of Edlingham Castle and Nafferton, Northumberland, England

JOHN SWINBURNE, illegitimate son of SIR WILLIAM SWINBURNE VII, knight (see Swynburne of West Swinburn), inherited lands at Nafferton, living 1443 and 1451, married 1stly* MARGARET HAGGERSTON of Haggerston (daughter of Thomas Haggerston and Agnes de Umfraville) (issue - see below), he married 2ndly MARGARET (issue - see below), he married 3rdly JANE, a widow 11 July 1488

John and Margaret of Haggerston were parents of:

  • THOMAS SWINBURNE, of Nafferton, son and heir, living 1482 - 1509. Born c.1465(b). He purchased Edlingham from Sir Edward Hastings in 1490. He purchased lands at the Heugh 10 February 1481/2. He was still living 4 January 1508/9. He married MARGARET MITCHELSON/MICKELSON about 1485 in Edlingham (daughter and co-heir of ROBERT MITCHELSON of Offerton, co. Durham) and they had 12 children (see below). Thomas also had an illegitimate son from whom are descended the Swinburne's of Wylam.

  • RICHARD SWINBURNE, vicar of Hartburn

  • GILBERT SWINBURNE, had a lease 26 April 1476 from Baliol College of lands in Heugh and Stamfordham. He was slain at Bosworth Field on 2 (or 22) August 1485, bearing King Richard III's standard.(d)

    John and his second wife Margaret were parents of:





    Thomas and Margaret were parents of:

  • GEORGE SWINBURNE, of Nafferton, son and heir, born about 1486 Edlingham, constable of Prudhoe, purchased Edlingham Castle 1520, dead before 16 August 1527 when his son was party to a deed relating to Nafferton. He married 1stly the daughter of SIR HUMPHREY LISLE, of Felton, knight. They had a daughter LUCY SWINBURNE, who married JOHN RODDAM of Roddam. He married 2ndly MARIAN FENWICK (daughter of JOHN FENWICK of Wallington) (Issue - see below)

  • RALPH SWINBURNE, living 16 August 1527, he had an illegimimate son, SIMON SWINBURNE who must have pre-deceased him as he died without issue.

  • SIMON SWINBURNE, born about 1489 Edlingham, married 1stly ?ELIZABETH BERTRAM (daughter and co-heir of ROGER BERTRAM of Brenkley), they had a daughter who died unamrried before 1607, Simon married 2ndly a lady from Cowdale

  • WILLIAM SWINBURNE, born about 1491 Edlingham, died unmarried

  • JAMES SWINBURNE, of Newcastle, living 16 August 1527, merchant, died unmarried

  • HENRY SWINBURNE, living 16 August 1527, died unmarried

  • GILBERT SWINBURNE, born before 1493 Edlingham, living 16 August 1527, he married and had a son GILBERT SWINBURNE of Prudhoe Castle, will dated 4 February 1590/1, who married DOROTHY LEE, sister of Arthur Lee and they had six children - ANTHONY SWINBURNE; JOHN SWINBURNE baptised 9 May 1574 Lanchester, Durham(b); EDWARD SWINBURNE; ELIZABETH SWINBURNE; married 1stly STOWTE then 2ndly HUGH SHEILL; JANE SWINBURNE and ANNE SWINBURNE

  • AGNES SWINBURNE, born about 1500 Edlingham, married THOMAS RUTHERFORD of Rudchester

  • LUCY SWINBURNE, born before 1502 Edlingham, married CHRISTOPHER WELDON of Welton

  • ANTHONY SWINBURNE, of Inns of Court, born before 1506 Edlingham, died without issue

  • ROBERT SWINBURNE, a priest, living 16 August 1527


    Thomas was also father of an illegitimate son:

    JOHN SWINBURNE, born about 1504 Edlingham. Of Chopwell, he married twice and had 5 children. (see Swinburne of Wylam)

    George and Marian (Fenwick) were parents of:

  • ROGER SWINBURNE, of Edlingham, son and heir, gave to the prior and convent of Hexham 8 July 1530, a messuage in Hexham and a tenement at Bingfield, to have masses in Ovingham church for himself and his ancestor, died seized of the manor of Hamsterley. Died 30 June 1538. He married 1531 Edlingham, ISABELL or ELIZABETH ERRINGTON (daughter and co-heir of THOMAS ERRINGTON). (Issue - see below).

  • GAWEN SWINBURNE, of Cheeseburn Grange, to whom his brother George gave the Stelling. Supervisor of his nephew Thomas's will dated 26 April 1576, inv. 2 October 1576, to be buried in Stamfordham church. He married MARGARET RAYMES of Shortflat, named in her husband's will. (Gawen had an illegitimate son JOHN SWINBURNE, 1576)

  • JOHN SWINBURNE, born c.1511 Edlingham(b); will dated 11 April 1565

  • THOMAS SWINBURNE, ('Long Thomas') of Haughton; born c.1513 Edlingham(b); will dated 7 April 1565, inv. 16 May 1566; died without issue.

  • GILBERT SWINBURNE, born c.1519 Edlingham(b)



    Roger and (Isabell) Elizabeth (Errington) were parents of:

  • THOMAS SWINBURNE, of Edlingham and Nafferton, son and heir, born about 1527, aged 12 in 1539/40, had livery of his lands 1 March 1548/9, granted a lease to his brother Roger 23 February 1555/6, will dated 21 July 1572, proved 2 August 1572, to be buried in Edlingham church. An Inventory of his household goods was made 4 November 1572. He married 1stly c.1558 Edlingham(b), MARGARET CARR (daughter of JOHN CARR of Heaton, captain of Wark). (Issue - see below). Thomas married 2ndly ELIZABETH, (natural daughter of HUMPHREY, DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM) and had her dower 20 August 1573. She married 2ndly ROBERT BARROW of Edlingham. They had a son RALPH who died without issue.

  • INGRAM SWINBURNE, died without issue.

  • ROGER SWINBURNE, born 1536 Edlingham, to whom his brother Thomas gave a messuage in Bingfield 30 November 1553.

  • JOHN SWINBURNE, born 1538 Edlingham, died without issue

  • GEORGE SWINBURNE, of Seaham, co. Durham, born 1538 or 1540 Edlingham, married AGNES BILLINGHAM (sister of JOHN BILLINGHAM of Crookhall, co. Durham)


  • ELIZABETH SWINBURNE, married 1stly GEORGE or WILLIAM WARD of Consett, co. Durham, she married 2ndly JOHN BILLINGHAM of Crookhall, co. Durham


  • ANN SWINBURNE, born 1546 Edlingham, married WILLIAM SHAFTO of Bavington

  • MARGERY SWINBURNE, married her cousin JOHN HERON of Chipchase

    Thomas and 1st wife Margaret (Carr) were parents of:

  • GEORGE SWINBURNE, son and heir, died without issue

  • WILLIAM SWINBURNE, born about 1559 Edlingham; possibly baptised 12 March 1564 St. Nicholas, Newcastle; under age 21 July 1572, to whom his father gave his lands in Abberwick and Middle Bavington for his life; 1 December 1591 granted lands at Hawkwell to his brother John who regranted the same to him, of Edlingham 1596.

  • JOHN SWINBURNE, born about 1563 Edlingham, of Edlingham and Nafferton, sold a tenement in Bavington 18 April 1598 to Roger Widdrington of Beaufort, registered his pedigree at the visitation of 1615. Inq. p.m. 13 February 1625/6, died July 1639, married ANNE COLLINGWOOD (daughter of SIR CUTHBERT COLLINGWOOD of Eslington), marriage settlement 13 July 1572. Issue - see below

  • URSULA SWINBURNE, died in her father's lifetime

  • ELIZABETH SWINBURNE, died in her father's lifetime

  • JANE SWINBURNE, born 1569 Edlingham, married about 1581 Edlingham, GEORGE COLLINGWOOD of Eslington and of Eppleton, co. Durham

    John and Ann (Collingwood) were parents of:

    St. Oswald's Church, Durham
  • SIR THOMAS SWINBURNE, of Edlingham and Nafferton, knight; born c.1589; aged 26 in 1615, knighted before 13 September 1626, sheriff of Northumberland 1628-29, died at Blanchland without issue 1 May 1645, nuncupative will dated 28 April 1645. He married MARGARET LEE (daughter of WILLIAM LEE of Brandon, co. Durham), she was residing at Elvet, Durham in 1616 and was buried at St. Oswald's in that city 27 February 1636/7.

  • MARGARET SWINBURNE, sister (and in her issue sole heir) of Sir Thomas Swinburne. She married WILLIAM SWINBURNE of Capheaton (See Sir John Swinburne of Capheaton), issue.

  • ELEANOR SWINBURNE, born c.1591(b); married WILLIAM WALLAS of Knaresdale.

  • Sources: Hodgson's 'Northumberland County History', Vol.7; (b)IGI; W. Percy Hedley's 'Northumberland Families'; (d)Harl.Vol.16 page 303

    *according to Harl.Vol.16 this John Swinburne had only 2 wives, the 1st names Iris and the 2nd Margaret Haggerston, this source also gives his father as Alan 1378 but this is unlikely as too early for subsequent dates

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