William Swinburn of Houghton-le-Spring, Durham

Father of:

WILLIAM SWINBURN, born Houghton le Spring c.1842 (birth poss. reg. Q4 Durham 1843); joined the 1/5th Fusiliers on 15 July 1858 aged 18, deserted 22 December 1863; enlisted again on 30 January 1864 under the name of George Gray aged 21, giving his birthplace as St. Andrews, Durham; he re-enlisted in 1868 and was imprisoned for desertion; married 1 December 1869 at the Register Office, Newcastle upon Tyne HANNAH PEARS, born c.1849 Ridsdale, Northumberland (their marriage is also recorded as 3 October 1870 in Glasgow); they are on the 1881 census at Tower Lane, Alnwick, Northumberland, William a Sergeant 1/5th Fusiliers (Soldier), aged 39, with 2 children; on his discharge in 1896 it says his conduct and character while in service was exemplary and he then became a Barrack Warden; [he is possibly on the 1901 census at Pwllcrochan, Pembrokeshire, Wales, a Canteen Steward aged 59, born Houghton-le-Spring]; Hannah died 13 October 1908 whilst of 29 New Street, Plymouth, Probate granted London 27 November 1908 to daughter Barbara Ledger and Percy Trevarthian Pearce, solicitor, effects 75; William died 28 November 1931 at City Hospital, Plymouth, an Army Pensioner aged 91, whilst of 72 The Octagon, Union Street, Plymouth (issue - see below)

William and Hannah (Pears) were parents of:

  • AGNES ANNE SWINBURN, born 24 July 1875 Bengal, India, registered in British Army Records, 5th Regt., Allahabad 1875; on 1881 census with parents, aged 5; married 23 April 1898 (reg. Portsea) BRICE HARLEY GRELLIER

  • WILLIAM PEARS SWINBURN, born 25 November 1877 Haydon, Northumberland and in Army Records 1877 Haydon Bridge (5th Regt.); on 1881 census with parents, aged 3; died (reg.Q4) 1935; married (reg.Q4) 1898 Portsea HENRIETTA MARIE ADAMS; born c.1877 Plymouth, Devonshire; they are on the 1901 census in a military establishment, William a Sergeant Royal Garrison Artillery aged 23; Henrietta aged 24 with daughter Dorothy Agnes; Henrietta died 28 January 1938 whilst of 24 Farringdon Road, Plymouth, widow, Admon. granted Exeter 3 March 1938 to son Harry and daughter Ena, effects 498 (issue - see below)

  • BARBARA SWINBURN, born 22 April 1881 (reg.Alnwick); married 19 December 1900 Plymouth PERCY EDWARD LEDGER

  • ESTHER SWINBURN, born 6 August 1884 (reg. Newcastle/Tyne)

  • JOHN SWINBURN, born 8 October 1886 (reg. Newcastle/Tyne)

  • HANNAH ELEANOR L. SWINBURN, born 9 February 1888 (reg.Q2 Stoke Damerel, Devon); married (reg.Q4 Plymouth) 1907

    William Pears and Henrietta Marie (Adams) were parents of:

  • DOROTHY AGNES SWINBURN, born (reg.Q4 Rochford) 1900 Shoeburyness, Essex; on 1901 census with parents aged 7 months; probably married (reg.Q2 Plymouth) 1923 Mr. BARRY

  • HARRY EDWARD ERNEST SWINBURN, (probably Harry Swinburn, birth reg.Q2 1911 Plymouth); executor of his mothers Will 1938, dry cleaner supervisor; died 11 June 1986, whilst of 14 Haynes Close, Totnes, Devon, Admon. granted Bristol 4 July 1986, effects not exceeding 40,000

  • ENA MILDRED SWINBURN, born (reg.Q4 Plymouth) 1914; executrix of mothers Will March 1938; she may be Edna M. Swinburne who married (reg.Q2 Plymouth) 1938 Mr. YEATES

  • PHYLLIS MARGERY HANNAH SWINBURNE, born 18 November 1919 Plymouth; died 18 May 1996 whilst of Ground Floor Flat, 23 Seymour Avenue, St. Judes, Plymouth, Devon, Probate granted Bristol 21 August 1996, effects not exceeding 180,000

  • ? WILLIAM ARTHUR JOHN SWINBURNE, died 3 November 1934 at the Royal Naval Hospital, Bermuda, whilst of 24 Faringdon Road, Plymouth, Admon. granted London 29 March 1935 to Annie Jarvis Swinburne, widow, effects 418; married (reg.Q1 Plymouth) 1933 ANNIE JARVIS SOWDEN

    Sources: Joyce Hancox; Census returns; GRO indexes inc. Army records; Joiner Marriage Index; IGI; Probate Calendar

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