Thomas Swinburn
of Byker Hill and Cowpen, Northumberland

Newcastle upon Tyne from Byker Hill The view from Byker Hill over the city of Newcastle. The Tyne bridge can just be seen in the centre. Byker itself is a very built up and quite run down area but the views from the top of the hill, over the city and surrounding countryside are worth seeing.

MATTHEW SWINBURN, probably baptised 26 September 1777, son of BENJAMIN SWINBURNE and ELIZABETH BROWNE see Benjamin Swinburne of Holywell; possibly died (reg.Q3) 1844 South Shields; married 30 October 1804 Horton, Northumberland MARGARET RAMSHAW

They were parents of:

  • MATTHEW SWINBURN, baptised 24 November 1805 Horton by Blyth, Northumberland; possibly married 24 November 1834 Gateshead SUSANNAH (SARAH?) PARKER

  • THOMAS SWINBURN, born 25 March 1807 Byker Hill, Northumberland, baptised 23 April 1807 St. Andrews, Brunswick Place (Primitive Methodist), Newcastle, at the 1841 census he was a Coal Miner, aged 35, living at Cramlington High Colliery with his wife and 3 children, in 1861 he was a 'roadman at pit', living at Camboise Point, Cowpen, aged 54 with his wife and 2 of their 5 children, in 1881 Thomas was a widower aged 73, retired, living at Old Factory, Cowpen with his unmarried son Thomas, he married 10 July 1831 St. Bartholomew, Longbenton, Northumberland ANN STOBS, born 1809 Hartley (1841 and 1861 census) or Earsden (1851 census)
    Picture - Cowpen Quay, November 2000Cowpen Quay

    Thomas and Ann were parents of:

  • MARY ANN SWINBURN, born circa 1830 Seghill, Northumberland, died 1910, married 17 November 1855 St. Andrews, Newcastle THOMAS USHER, born Hexham, Northumberland, baptised 15 April 1827 St. Marys, Carlisle, at the 1871 census they were living at the Black Bull Inn, 20 Liddel Street, North Shields, with their 4 children, Thomas gave his occupation as Tailor/Innkeeper and Mary Ann as Barkeeper, also staying with them were Mary Ann's sister Isabella and her husband, in 1881 they were living at 25 Croft Street, Cowpen, Northumberland with their 4 children and their niece ISABELLA REDFORD, born about 1871 Blyth, was staying with them, Thomas died 1909, in his will Thomas mentions his nephew THOMAS SWINBURN DRIVER and brother-in-law JAMES DRIVER.

  • MATTHEW SWINBURN, born 2 October 1831; buried 11 October 1831 Seghill (reg. Earsdon) aged 9 days

  • THOMAS SWINBURN, born Cramlington, birth reg. Q4 1837 Tynemouth, living with parents at 1841 and 1851 census, Coal Miner, roadman at pit 1861 census, living with father in Cowpen at 1881 census, unmarried, died 1892 (death reg. Q3 1892)

  • ISABELLA SWINBURN, born 8 April 1841 Blyth, Tynemouth; with parents in Blyth at 1851 census; a servant at Cowpen Farm 1861 census, unmarried; married before 1871 JAMES DRIVER, born c.1843 Scotland, Mariner; they were staying with Mary Ann and her husband at The Black Bull Inn, 20 Liddel Street, North Shields at the 1871 census; at 4 Milburn Street, Cowpen, Northumberland with their 2 month old son THOMAS SWINBURN DRIVER at the 1881 census

  • ELIZABETH SWINBURN, born c.1843 (birth reg. Q3 1843 Tynemouth), with parents at Blyth at 1851 census but not with family on 1861 census

  • HANNAH SWINBURN, born 1846 Cramlington, (birth reg. Q3 1846 Tynemouth), with parents at Camboise Point, Cowpen at 1861 census aged 15, possibly married Q4 1866 Tynemouth

    North Shields North Shields is a busy fishing port at the mouth of the Tyne, lying alongside Tynemouth. It has long been famous for its fishing industry although this has been reduced in recent years, however at daybreak it still buzzes with activity as the catches are unloaded.

    Mary Ann and Thomas Usher were parents of:

  • MARGARET/MARY ANN USHER, born about 1860 Cowpen Quay, Blyth, Northumberland, on 1871 and 1881 census with parents

  • THOMAS SWINBURN USHER, born about 1863 Cowpen Quay, Blyth, Northumberland, Iron Labourer, on 1871 and 1881 census with parents

  • WILLIAM USHER, born about 1866 North Shields, Tailor, on 1871 and 1881 census with parents

  • MATTHEW USHER, born 1869 North Shields, on 1871 and 1881 census with parents, married SARAH ROBINSON

    Matthew and Sarah were parents of:

    MATTHEW SWINBURN USHER, born 1897 North Shields, married SARAH CULLUM

    Parents of:

    MATTHEW SWINBURN USHER, born 1923, married GWEN GILHOME, issue.

    A Robert Swinburne born about 1819 Blythe, married (possibly reg.Q4 1847 Houghton le Spring) Suzanne, born about 1817 Northumberland, they had three children, John born about 1851 Cowpen, Robert born about 1856 Cowpen and Thomas born about 1859 Cowpen

    Jane Swinburn, born c.1811/12 Cowpen, married 6 October 1832 Longbenton, JOHN LEGG

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