John Swinburn of Collier Row, Houghton-le-Spring, Durham
Colliery Row
  • JOHN SWINBURN, (4th son of Michael Swinburn of Collier Moor) born Collier Row, baptised 16 July 1774, Houghton-le-Spring, died 6 June 1808 Newbottle Engine, Durham, aged 33, married 16 February 1799 Penshaw ELIZABETH FATHERLEY, she possibly died (reg. Q1) 1849 Houghton le Spring (The picture to the right shows Colliery Row, Durham - February 2003)

    Parents of:

    Houghton le Spring
  • THOMAS SWINBURN, baptised 28 July 1799 Houghton-le-Spring (see picture on left), married 29 December 1834 St. Nicholas, Durham (same day as brother Michael) JANE SWINBURN, they were living at East Rainton, Houghton le Spring at the 1851 census (next door to brother Michael) with their 7 children, he was a colliery contractor employing 18 machiners (issue - see below)

  • MICHAEL SWINBURN, born Newbottle, baptised 13 September 1801 Houghton le Spring, Durham, Sawyer, married 29 December 1834 St. Nicholas, Durham (same day as brother Thomas) ANN NATTRASS, born 1805 Manhope, Durham, they were living at East Rainton, Houghton le Spring at the 1851 census with their two children (issue - see below)

  • MARY SWINBURN, baptised 25 April 1805 Houghton le Spring, Durham

  • WILLIAM SWINBURN, born 9 September 1807 Newbottle Engine, Durham, baptised 4 October 1807 Houghton le Spring, Durham, died 17 December 1811 Newbottle Engine, aged 4

    Thomas and Jane were parents of:

    Chester le Street, Durham - February 2003
  • AUGUSTA SOPHIA SWINBURN, born about 1836 Chester le Street, Durham (picture shows Chester le Street Market Place and St. Oswald's Church - February 2003), married 3 May 1864 St. Michael's, Bishopwearmouth, Durham aged 25 DAVID MATTHEW BLANCHARD, born c.1841

  • THOMAS F. SWINBURN, born about 1838 Chester le Street, Durham

  • WILLIAM WALTON SWINBURN, born 1839 Waldridge Fell, Durham (birth reg. Q2 Chester le Street), died Q1 1906, married Q2 1869 Easington ELLEN MARY WRIGHT, born about 1845 Kingsland, Hereford, they are on the 1881 census at 36 Adolphus Street, Dawdon, Durham, with their four children, William was an Engine Smith (Dom) aged 40; and on the 1901 census at 8 Emily Street, Dawdon, with 3 children, William now a Blacksmith aged 60 and Ellen aged 56(issue - see below)

  • MICHAEL GEORGE SWINBURN, born 7 April 1841 at Lyons, Hetton le Hole, Houghton le Spring (father an Engineer), Engine Fitter, died Q2 1907, married (reg.Q4) 1868 York ANNIE HARLAND, born 1844 Fridaythorpe, York. They were living at 38 Hampden Street, York in 1881 with their son Harland (see below) and lodger Fredk. Holden, aged 14. On 1901 census at Elswick, Michael aged 59 and Annie 57 (birthplace given as Scotland?)

  • JANE SARAH SWINBURN, born about 1844 Trimdon (birth reg. Q2 1843 Stockton, Durham)

  • MARY ANN SWINBURN, born about 1847 Higher Grange, Durham (birth reg. Q2 1846 Durham)

  • ROBERT HENRY SWINBURN, born about 1848 East Rainton, Durham, birth reg. Q1 1848 Houghton le Spring; on 1901 census at Washington, a Colliery Labourer above Ground aged 53

  • ? FREDERICK CHARLES SWINBORNE*, born Rainton (birth reg. Q1 1851 Houghton le Spring), on 1881 census, a Boarder at 5 Foundry Row (Leeman Road), York St Mary Bishopshill Snr., York, aged 29, a Striker at Iron Works; possibly on 1901 census at York (Frederick Swinburne) aged 54 born Sunderland (c.1847) Hydraulic ...., with Helen Swinburne aged 67, born c.1834 York

    William Walton and Ellen Mary (Wright) were parents of:

    Seaham Harbour, Durham - February 2003
  • WILLIAM WRIGHT SWINBURN, born (reg. Q2 Easington) 1870 Seaham, Durham, on 1881 census with parents, aged 11, died (reg. Q1) 1950 aged about 80; married (reg. Q4 Easington) 1895 JEMIMA EVES, born c.1875 Seaham Harbour, Durham (see pictures right and below); they are on the 1901 census at 41 Marlbro's Station Hotel, Dawdon, Durham with their sons, William was a Steam Engine Fitter aged 30 and Jemima aged 26 (issue - see below)

  • CHARLES WALTER SWINBURN, born about 1871 (reg. Q1 1872 Easington) Seaham; on 1881 census with parents aged 9; on 1901 census at Dawdon with parents, a Cartman at Glass Bottle Works aged 29; died (reg. Q4) 1945

  • HENRIETTA ELLEN SWINBURN, born (reg. Q3 Easington) 1874 Seaham, on 1881 census with parents aged 6, married (reg. Q4 Easington) 1896

  • MAUD LIZZIE SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q3 Easington) 1880 Seaham Harbour; on 1881 census with parents aged 9 months; on 1901 census with parents, aged 20; probably married (reg. Q2 Hackney) 1911

  • HENRY FREDERICK SWINBURNE, born (reg.Q1 Easington 1887) Seaham Harbour; on 1901 census with parents, an Apprentice Iron Moulder aged 14; died (reg. Q2) 1936

    Seaham - February 2003

    William Wright and Jemima (Eves) were parents of:

  • HERBERT WILLIAM SWINBURNE, born (reg.Q3) 1897 Sunderland, Durham; on 1901 census with parents aged 3; died 11 April 1960 at The General Hospital, Sunderland whilst of 14 Pit Row, Silksworth Colliery, Silksworth, Durham, Probate granted Durham 1 June 1960 to William Angus Taylor, enginewright and William Burt, electrical engineer, effects 907

  • FREDERICK JAMES SWINBURNE, born 13 July 1898 Sunderland; on 1901 census with parents aged 2; died (reg.Q1) 1971

  • WALTER STANLEY SWINBURNE, born 1 July 1900 Seaham Harbour, Durham; on 1901 census aged 9 months; died (reg.Q2) 1974

    Michael George and Annie (Harland) were parents of:

  • HARLAND SWINBURN, born (reg. Q3) 1869 York; on 1881 census with parents at 38 Hampden Street, York; married (reg. Q2) 1895 Newcastle upon Tyne MARY ELLEN, born c.1866 Bishop Auckland, Durham; they are on 1901 census as Harland and Mary Swinbourne with son Frederick, at Elswick, Durham, Harland was a Machine Metal Man aged 31, and Mary aged 35, also with them were mother MARY WOOD, aged 70 and her grand-daughter MARY ELLEN WOOD, aged 8 (issue - see below)

    Harland and Mary Ellen were parents of:

  • FREDERICK SWINBOURNE, born 16 August 1897 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland; on 1901 census with parents aged 3; died (reg. Q4) 1969

    Michael and Ann (Nattrass) were parents of:

  • JOHN P. SWINBURN, born 1837 Pelton (near Chester le Street), Durham; on 1851 census with parents, aged 14; on 1881 census at Coley Lane, Brampton Bierlow, York, aged 44, born 'Chesterly St.', Engine Driver & Mine ? Mang Emp 5 Men & 2 Boys, with wife ISABELLA, born 1835 Easington Lane, Durham (died before 1901?) and 5 daughters; John is on 1901 census at Aberystruth, Mon(mouth?) with two of his daughters, he was a Mechanical Engineer aged 63 (issue - see below)

  • MICHAEL JOSEPH SWINBURN, born 1839 Plawsworth, Durham (reg. Q3 1839 Chester le Street); on 1851 census aged 11, Engineer (Artiza); died 1 May 1908 of 11 Hawthorn Terrace, Durham, probate granted 9 May Durham to daughters Margaret Ann Prudhoe Hindson and Eleanor Elizabeth Swinburn, effects 372; married (Q4 Auckland) 1870 ELIZABETH PRUDHOE, born 1850 Giles Gate, Durham, they were living at 4 Barnsley Road, Wombwell, York in 1881 with their four daughters; not found on 1901 census (issue - see below)

    John P. and Isabella were parents of:

  • MARY ANN SWINBURN, born (reg. Q1) 1867 Thornley, Durham, on 1881 census with parents, aged 14, 'Pupil Teacher Elementary School'; on 1901 census aged 34 at Aberystruth, Mon(mouth?) with father

  • MARGARET JANE SWINBURN, born 1870 Wombwell, York (reg. Q2 Barnsley); on 1881 census with parents, aged 11, Scholar

  • ELIZABETH SWINBURN, born 1871 Wombwell, York (reg. Q3 Barnsley), on 1881 census with parents, aged 9, Scholar

  • FRANCES HANNAH SWINBURN, born 1875 Wombwell, York (reg. Q1 1875 Barnsley), on 1881 census with parents, aged 6, Scholar; on 1901 census with father at Aberystruth, Mon. aged 26, a Drapers C. Clerk; married (reg. Q2) 1904 Bedwelty, Monmouthshire

  • ISABELLA SWINBURN, born 1877 Wombwell, York (reg. Q3 1876 Barnsley), on 1881 census with parents, aged 4

    Michael Joseph and Elizabeth (Prudhoe) were parents of:

  • MARGARET ANN PRUDHOE SWINBURN, born 1871 Thornley, Durham (reg.Q3 1871 Easington); on 1881 census with parents, aged 9; she is on the 1891 census at Lawson Street, Trimdon Colliery, Durham, an Elementary Teacher aged 19, a boarder in the household of George and Dora Barker; married (reg.Q3 1897 Durham) WILLIAM EDWARD HINDSON, she is mentioned in her father's will 1908 and also in the will of ROBERT JOHN SWINBURNE, who died 15 December 1908 of 174 Bexley Road, Northumberland Heath, Erith, Kent, admon. granted 4 January 1909 London to Margaret Ann Prudhoe, effects 163

  • ELEANOR ELIZABETH SWINBURN, born 1873 Thornley, Durham (reg. Q3 Easington), on 1881 census with parents aged 7, mentioned in father's will 1908, spinster

  • MARY FRANCES SWINBURN, born 1875 Thornley, Durham (reg. Q3 Easington), on 1881 census aged 5

  • JANE POSTAL SWINBURN, born 1877 Spennymoor, Durham (reg. Q3 Auckland); on 1881 census aged 3; possibly on the 1901 census at Cowpen, Durham, aged 24; married (reg.Q3 Durham) 1914 LEONARD A. DAVIS; she was executrix of her sister Ethel's estate in 1963

  • ROBERT JOHN WATSON SWINBURNE, born (reg Q3 Barnsley) 1881

  • ETHEL GERTRUDE SWINBURNE, born 26 August 1889 Trimdon Colliery, Durham; she had a daughter KATHLEEN VERA SWINBURNE, born at 426 Kingsbury Road, Erdington, Birmingham; Ethel died 28 September 1962 at Dryburn Hospital, Durham whilst of Mayland Lea, 3 Victoria Terrace, Durham, admon. Durham 25 February 1963 to sister Jane Postle Davis, effects 361

    Sources: 1851, 1881, 1891 and 1901 census returns, GRO indexes, Joiner Marriage Index, IGI, Probate Calendars, Mrs. K.V. Mittler, Canada

    *Frederick Charles Swinborne could be connected to the Lincolnshire branch of the family at, the christian name HARLAND also appears in both branches indicating a connection between the two families

    ELIZABETH SWINBURNE, age 6, born c.1895 New Washington, Durham was living at Dawdon at the 1901 census and may belong to the family at Dawdon listed above.

    JOHN SWINBURNE (or POSTLE) died 1907 Monmouthshire, probate to widow Mary Ann

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