Samuel Swinburne of Hornsey, London
SAMUEL SWINBURNE, born about 1811 Worcester; died after 1844 and before 1856 (death probably reg.Q1 1854 Kensington); there is also a Will for Samuel Swinburn of Paddington 25 July 1854 at the PRO; married 25 November 1832 St. Dunstan's, Stepney, London MIRANDA IVORY, born about 1811; they are on the 1851 census at 34 Spring Street, Paddington, Samuel a varnish maker, both aged 40; Samuel is listed with the same address and profession in the 1848 London Post Office directory but in the 1856 directory Mrs. Miranda Swinburn is listed instead; she died 18 November 1892 whilst of 27 Hornsey Park Road, Middlesex, probate granted 8 December to son Edward Swinburn and Percy Charles Harvey, effects 2,966

Parents of:

  • HELEN/ELLEN MIRANDA SWINBURNE, baptised 22 August 1834 St. James, Paddington; died (reg. Q3 Kensington) 1837

  • CATHERINE SWINBURNE, born 30 June 1836, baptised 5 March 1837 St. James, Paddington

  • SAMUEL SWINBURNE, born 26 October 1838; baptised 25 November 1838 St. James, Paddington, London; died of scarlet fever aged 6 at 10 Spring Street, Paddington in 1844

  • EDWARD SWINBURNE, born 11 November 1840 Paddington, Middlesex; baptised 10 January 1841 St. James, Paddington; died 14 February 1905, of Harrow Street, Leavenheath, (near Colchester) Suffolk, probate granted London 10 March to his daughter Miranda Helen Raymes and son Reginald Hubert Swinburne, effects 1,155, resworn 1238; married (reg.Q3) 1867 St. George's, Hanover Square, London AMINA PHILLIS WHITEHOUSE (daughter of JOHN HENRY WHITEHOUSE and MARY ANN HARRIET), born 16 December 1848 Hampstead Road, St. Pancras, Middlesex; they are on the 1881 census at 14 Hornsey Park Road, Hornsey, Middlesex with 5 of their children, Edward was a Storekeeper (at London Zoo) aged 40; and on the 1901 census at 22 Chalcot Crescent, St. Pancras, London, with son Hubert, Edward was then a Commercial Clerk aged 60 and Amina (entered as Annie) aged 51; she died 14 November 1901 aged 51, whilst of 181 King's Road, Camden Town, Middlesex, admon. London 30 November to her husband, effects 561

  • ELLEN MIRANDA SWINBURNE, born 6 April 1843 (reg.Q2 1843 Kensington as female SWINBURN); baptised 12 July 1844 St. James, Paddington; death probably reg. Q1 Kensington 1848 (as Helen Miranda)

    Edward and Amina Phillis (Whitehouse) were parents of:

  • SAMUEL EDWARD SWINBURNE, born 6 February 1869, Westminster, Middlesex, baptised 10 October 1869 St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster; on the 1881 census with parents, aged 12; died 13 May 1905 of Harrow Street, Leavenheath, Suffolk, aged about 36, admon. London 7 October to his sister Miranda Helen Raymes, effects 826

  • KATE AMINA SWINBURNE, born c.1871 St. Pancras, Middlesex; baptised 7 May 1871 St.Martin in the Fields, Westminster; on 1881 census with parents, aged 10; married Mr. WOOD (?1905)

  • BESSIE MARY SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q1 Pancras) 1872 St. Pancras, Middlesex; on 1881 census with parents, aged 9; she may have married GERALD PAXTON of London (solicitor who handled her brother Reginald's estate) or Col. EDWARDS (?1905), she or one of her sisters went out to South Africa with brother Reginald

    Swinburne Bros., High Class House Furnishers, Eden Terrace

  • JOHN (JACK) HENRY IVORY SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q2 Pancras) 1875 St. Pancras, Middlesex; on 1881 census with parents, aged 5; died c.1914; married (reg.Q3 Pancras) 1903 London CLARA WHEELER; John was an Upholsterer and he and his wife went out to New Zealand after November 1905 with their two daughters where he and his younger brother 'Bert' were employed by a prominent Auckland firm (issue - see below) The photograph to the right reads 'Messrs. Swinburne Bros. Eden Vine Furnishing Stores Exhibit of High-Class Furniture and Adjustable Head Chesterfields'

  • MIRANDA HELEN (or ELLEN) SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q3 Pancras) 1878 St. Pancras, Middlesex; on 1881 census with parents, aged 2; married (reg. Q3 Pancras) 1899 JAMES HENRY RAYMES

  • REGINALD HUBERT (BERT) SWINBURNE, born 14 September 1882 at 27 Hornsey Park Road, Hornsey; Reginald Hubert Swinburne 1882-1935on 1901 census as Herbert Swinburne at St. Pancras with parents, an Upholsterers Apprentice aged 18; Upholsterer in 1905 when he was an executor of his fathers Will, Ruby Vivien McAneny 1887-1973at this time he was living at 16 Tokar Street, Easting, Portsmouth; he went out to South Africa where he stayed for a year in Johannesburg with one of his sisters (?the wife of Col. EDWARDS), he then followed his brother Jack to New Zealand; he had a workshop on the corner of Miller and Pt. Chev Rds. in Pt. Chev. and sold his furniture through the Swinburne Bros. Eden Vine Furnishing Stores in Eden Terrace; died 27 January 1935 aged 53; married 15 February 1911 Church Street, Devonport, New Zealand RUBY VIVIEN McANENY (daughter of FRANCIS XAVIER McANENY and ELEANOR DORA BEST), born 3 July 1887 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand; died 16 January 1973 aged 85; buried Waikumete Cemetery (issue - see below)

    John Henry Ivory and Clara (Wheeler) were parents of:

  • AMINA PHYLLIS B. SWINBURNE, born (reg.Q3) 1903 Pancras; went out to New Zealand with parents c.1905; married JOHN ELLIOT, Undertaker; they had 6 children

  • DORIS ETHEL SWINBURNE, born (reg.Q3) 1905 Hendon; went out to New Zealand with parents as a baby; married NORMAN IRWIN; they had one daughter

  • GLADYS SWINBURNE, born in New Zealand; married LEO McMAHON; they had a daughter and 2 sons

  • EDWARD SWINBURNE, born in New Zealand; married ROSARY McMAHON, (sister of Leo); they had 2 sons and 2 daughters

  • ERIC SWINBURNE, born in New Zealand shortly before father's death in 1914; served in World War II for 5 years; married PHILLIS CASPER; they had 3 children

    Reginald Hubert and Ruby Vivien (McAneny) were parents of:

    Athol Francis (left) and Reginald Edward Swinburne
  • REGINALD EDWARD SWINBURNE, born 1912; carried on his fathers furniture business then moved into furniture retail; died 1986 aged 74; married JESSE MARTIN, of Warkworth (no issue) photograph to right of Athol (on left) and Reginald

    Ellie Amina Swinburne

  • ELLIE AMINA SWINBURNE, born 26 September 1917 Auckland, New Zealand; married 1stly COLIN KINROSS, killed in England flying in bomber command 4 June 1943, buried Ely (1 child); married 2ndly IVAN FRANCIS ROBERTSON, died 1960 (2 sons)

  • ATHOL FRANCIS SWINBURNE, (twin) born 1920; Upholsterer; died 21 February 1983 aged 62; buried Waikumete cemetery; married JEAN LORINA SCOTT (3 children)

    Jack Hubert Swinburne 1920-1944

  • JACK HUBERT SWINBURNE, (twin) born 1920; Sergeant 71666, New Zealand Artillery, killed WWII 9 February 1944 aged 23 Vellalavella, buried Bourail NZ War Cemetery, New Caledonia 6.4., his name is also inscribed on the family plot at Waikumete

    Vivienne Delsie Swinburne

  • VIVIENNE DELSIE SWINBURNE, born 20 July 1926, married 1stly 1946 JOSEPH JAMES COOKE (no issue); married 2ndly 1952 HARVEY BURR HERRICK, Stockman at Smith and Browns, died c.1962; married 3rdly GORDON WEST McMORRAN

    Sources: Maureen Agate, New Zealand; John Robertson, New Zealand (who kindly also supplied copies of the family photographs); GRO indexes; Probate Calendar; IGI; 1881 and 1901 census returns

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