Swinburne of Hewthwaite, Cumberland

The coat of arms for Swinburne of HewthwaiteALAN SWINBURNE, a younger son of Sir William Swinburne, of Capheaton; born about 1329 Capheaton; married the heir or co-heir of the Huthwaites of Huthwaite. In a settlement of the Manor of Williamston and lands in Slaggyford, Cumberland on 22 February 1354 Alan de Swinburn was the final remainder man. Alan de Swinburn and son Richard were included in a settlement of 26 May 1378. In 1398 he held half of Huthwaite and Brigham, Cumberland of Matilda, Countess of Northumberland

Alan was father of:

RICHARD SWINBURNE, included in a settlement with father 26 May 1378

Richard was probably ancestor of:

JOHN SWINBURNE, who in 1454 was a retainer of the Earl of Northumberland, Receiver in Cumberland and Bailiff of Allerdale. In 1456 John settled lands in Brigham on his son and heir Robert on his marriage

John was father of:

ROBERT SWINBURNE, he received lands in Brigham, Cumberland from his father 1456 on his marriage with ELIZABETH HUDLESTON, daughter of Sir John Hudleston

Robert and Elizabeth (Hudleston) were probably ancestors of:

JOHN SWYNBORN, senior of Hewthwaite, who on 17 July 1520 granted that his son and heir John Swinborn might 'peaceably receive 42s.8d yearly of William Swynborne of Mikle Heton'; he may have been the John Swinburne of Huthwaite Hall whose daughter married William Fletcher (died 1540), a prosperous merchant who built or rebuilt Cockermouth Hall, Cumberland(1)

John was probably father of:

JOHN SWINBURNE, who in 1537 saved the life of John Wetlay, one of the assistants to Dr. Leigh, when he was surveying the Cumberland monasteries. Wetlay was seized by a mob of 500 men and taken to Cockermouth market where the crowd wanted to behead him. John Swinburne persuaded the mob to spare his life. In 1544 he sold all his lands and rents at Chollerton to his kinsman William Swinburne of Capheaton. (a)

John was succeeded by:

Hewthwaite Hall,  Cumbria JOHN SWYNBOURNE of Hewthwaite;
Will dated 30 December 1617, buried Cockermouth;
he begins the visitation pedigree registered in 1665 by his great grandson Richard;
(daughter of THOMAS SALKELD of Whitehall),
Will dated 21 February 1617/8

(The picture to the right shows Hewthwaite Hall, Cumbria, taken in July 1992 - An inscription above the door reads "John Swynburn Esquire and elsabth his wyfe did make coste of this work in the dais of ther lyf. An Dom 1581: An Rie 23")

John and Elizabeth (Salkeld) were parents of:

  • HENRY SWYNBOURNE, of Hewthwaite, married before 1618 MARGARET IRTON (daughter of CHRISTOPHER IRTON of Irton), living 1646 (issue - see below)

  • MARY SWYNBOURNE, married 1595 JOHN IRTON of Irton


    Henry and Margaret (Irton) were parents of:

  • JOHN SWYNBOURNE, of Hewthwaite, died 1646, will dated 19 August 1646, proved 24 November 1646. Inventory 11 September 1646, married MABELL MUSGRAVE (daughter of THOMAS MUSGRAVE of 'Cum Tatch'), living 1646 (issue - see below)

  • RICHARD SWYNBOURNE, of Cockermouth

  • CUTHBERT SWYNBOURNE, 'slain in Ireland'

  • THOMAS SWYNBOURNE, 'now residing in Ireland' (possibly an ancestor of the Swinbourne's of Co. Louth, Ireland)

  • ANNE SWYNBOURNE, married 1stly MATTHEW BLENERHASSET of Beanseales; married 2ndly ---- TUKE


  • BARBARA SWYNBOURNE, married 1stly JAMES PEARSON; married 2ndly JOHN SCOTT of Keswick

    John and Mabell (Musgrave) were parents of:

  • THOMAS SWYNBOURNE, died young

  • RICHARD SWYNBOURNE, of Hewthwaite, born about 1636; aged 29 on 31 March 1665 when he registered his pedigree which began with his great-grandfather John; he was buried 7 January 1714/5 at Cockermouth; married ELEANOR (HELEN) BOUCHE (daughter of ANTHONY BOUCHE of Cockermouth), buried 18 March 1713/4 aged 82 at Cockermouth; in 1699 Richard and Eleanor joined with their son John and his wife, Winifred, in selling for 800 the manor of Huthwaite and 1,100 acres. He died a pauper, an inventory of his goods was taken on 8 January 1714/15, his assets were 5.7s and his funeral costs 4 (issue - see below).

  • MARGARET SWYNBOURNE, baptised 1632 (Cockermouth Reg.), living 1646, married ROBERT JENKINSON of Ireland

    Richard and Eleanor (Bouche) were parents of:

  • JOHN SWYNBOURNE, born 9 November 1661, living 18 March 1740/1, married WINIFRED LAWSON (grand-daughter of SIR WILFRID LAWSON), buried 5 January 1750/1 Cockermouth Reg.(issue - see below)

  • EDWARD SWYNBOURNE, born 14 July 1663 Cockermouth Reg., died without issue, married 23 May 1683 Cockermouth, JANE WEBSTER, of Cockermouth, buried 4 August 1688 Cockermouth Reg.

  • HENRY SWINBURNE, born 15 September 1665 Cockermouth; Mercer, apprenticed 18 September 1680 to Bulmer Ile of Newcastle, Mercer; admitted 22 October 1691 to Freedom of the New Merchants Company; buried St. John's, Newcastle 4 July 1716, probably last of the family to own Hewthwaite Manor, adm. to widow Anna 27 October 1716; married 1stly 9 June 1690 Cockermouth MARY THOMPSON of Lowca; he married 2ndly, bond of marriage 11 June 1691, ANNA PEILE, will dated 27 February 1727/8, proved 9 September 1729 (issue - see below).

    John and Winifred (Lawson) were parents of:

  • WILFRID SWINBURNE, born 11 October 1683 Cockermouth; buried Isell 9 November 1683

  • JOHN SWINBURNE, born 10 March 1686/7 Cockermouth (issue - see below)

  • RICHARD SWINBURNE, buried 17 January 1684/5 Cockermouth

  • ELEANOR SWINBURNE, born 3 May 1688 Cockermouth

  • JANE SWINBURNE, baptised 18 September 1690 and buried 16 June 1692 All Saints, Cockermouth

  • MILCAH SWINBURNE, baptised 12 November 1691 and buried 12 November 1693 All Saints, Cockermouth

  • FRANCES SWINBURNE, born 1 November 1693 and buried 23 March 1696/7 Cockermouth

    John was father of:

    WILLIAM SWINBURNE, baptised Flimby, Cumberland 15 October 1726, married MARY

    William and Mary were parents of:

  • WILFRID SWINBURNE, baptised Flimby 24 August 1755

  • NANCY SWINBURNE, baptised Flimby 12 June 1757

    Henry and Anna (Peile) were parents of:

  • RICHARD SWINBURNE, of Newcastle, merchant; baptised 8 April 1692 St. Nicholas, Newcastle upon Tyne; admitted to Merchants Company by patrimony 26 November 1716; died 1730

  • ANTHONY SWINBURNE, baptised 18 May 1699 St. John, Newcastle; admitted to Merchants Company by patrimony 5 October 1724/5

  • ANNA SWINBURNE, of Newcastle; baptised 27 January 1704 St. John, Newcastle; Will dated 18 March 1740, proved Durham 9 April 1742

  • Sources: Visitation pedigree registered 31 March 1665, with additions by C.R.H.; IGI; W. Percy Hedley's 'Northumberland Families'
    (a)Cumberland Families and Heraldry

    Notes: Newcastle Courant 4 Oct. 1794 "Thursday se'night at Brigham Mr. Samuel Fearon, hatter, to Miss Sarah Swinburne both of Cockermouth".
    IGI-on 20 November 1769 All Saints, Cockermouth, William Swinburn m. Mary Fearon

    *Another source gives: The de Huthwaites held the manor and house for some 300 years from about 1228. They passed by marriage to the de Swynburnes in about 1580 and John Swynburn rebuilt the house in 1581. It is one of the oldest examples of domestic architecture in Cumbria.

    (1) Information about William Fletcher and his wife supplied by Dan Murray, Michigan

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