Thomas Swinbourn of London

  • THOMAS SWINBOURN, Gentleman, born c.1790, (possibly the son of Thomas Swinbourne of Warwick, born c.1748, see Nicholas Swinbourne)(a); married c.1812 MARTHA HETHERICK

    Parents of:

  • CLARA HETHERICK SWINBOURN, baptised 26 September 1813 Finsbury, St. Luke Old Street, London

  • ANGELINA SWINBOURN, baptised 3 May 1815 St. Pancras Old Church, London

  • ANGELINA SWINBOURN, baptised 9 July 1822 St. Pancras Old Church, London

  • JAMES SWINBOURN, born c.1821, baptised 9 July 1822 St Pancras Old Church, London; ordained Priest 1863; died 7 June 1898 aged 78, of 1 Hartley Place, Clifton, Bristol, clerk, Probate granted London 20 July 1898 to widow and the Rev. Stanley Swinbourn, clerk, effects 4718; married 18 October 1843 at Marylebone Parish Church EVE PHILLIPS, (daughter of PHILIP PHILLIPS, manufacturer), born c.1825 St. James's, Westminster, London; they are on the 1871 census at Cockfosters, James aged 50 and Eve aged 46 with son Percy; on the 1881 census at 11 Belgrave Place, Brighton, Sussex, with their daughter and granddaughter, James was aged 60, a 'Clergyman Chaplain at Female Home' and Eve was aged 56; she is probably on the 1901 census as Eva Swinbourn age 14 (should be 74), at St. Mary's, Hampshire, born Camden Town, London; she died 26 April 1913 at Braeval Knoll Road, Camberley, Surrey (of 16 Mortimer Road, Clifton, Bristol), Probate granted 17 June 1913 to son Rev. Stanley Swinbourn, effects 5296 (issue - see below)

  • SELINA SWINBOURN, baptised 9 July 1822 St Pancras Old Church, London; possibly married (reg. Q4) 1840 St. George Hanover Square, London

  • possibly nine other children born between 1813-1830(a)

    James and Eve (Phillips) were parents of:

  • STANLEY SWINBOURN, born 24 January 1845 London, baptised 24 January 1845 St. Pancras Old Church; ordained priest 1871; House Canon of Manchester Cathedral(a); The Rev. Canon Stanley Swinbourn died 8 December 1929, whilst of Catton House, Old Catton, Norfolk, Probate granted at Norwich 5 March 1930 to Herbert Mayne Buller, retired schoolmaster, effects 37,019 and then on 29 April 1932 at Norwich to Raymond Swinburne Buller, Major H.M.Army, effects 25,143; married 1stly 27 July 1871 Ealing SUSAN JESSIE VIVEASH, (dau. of Rev. JAMES VIVEASH), born c.1852 Ealing, Middlesex; they are probably on the 1881 census at St. Margarets Parsonage, Prestwich, Lancashire, he was then aged 36 and the curate of Prestwich; on the 1901 census they are at The Rectory, Roscow Street, Radcliffe, Lancashire; she died 20 July 1908 whilst of Radcliffe Rectory, Lancashire, admon. granted London 29 October 1908 to husband, effects 1090; he married 2ndly (reg. Q4 St. George, Hanover Square) 1912 JULIA VERTUE MANSEL

    St. Peter and St. Paul's Church, Aldeburgh, Suffolk

  • JAMES ALFRED SWINBOURN (also known as ALFRED JAMES SWINBURNE), Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools 1875-1910; born 21 October 1846 Camden Town, London, baptised 27 January 1847 St. Pancras Old Church; educated Merchant Taylors' and Queen's College, Oxford. Author of 'Picture Logic', 1875 and 'Memories of a School Inspector', 1912. He lived at Snape Priory, Saxmundham, Suffolk and died whilst of that address on 13 February 1915, probate granted Ipswich 17 June 1915 to his widow, effects 2,159; he married (reg. Q3 Bicester, Oxon) 1875 St. John the Baptist Church, Snape, Saxmundham, SuffolkELLEN MARY BLOMFIELD, (daughter of JAMES BLOMFIELD), born c. 1854 Taunton, Oxfordshire; they are on the 1881 census at Poyle House, Norwich Road, Ipswich St. Matthew, Suffolk with their 2 children; on the 1901 census at Snape Entire, East Suffolk with son James; she died 19 February 1924 whilst of The Vicarage, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, probate granted Ipswich 28 April 1924 to the Rev. Sidney Wilmer Goldsmith, effects 2,027 (issue - see below)

  • JESSIE EVE SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q4 Gravesend) 1848 Milton, Kent, married (reg. Q2) 1867 Marylebone ROBERT NEIL; on 1881 census with parents as Jessie Neil Swinburne, married, aged 32, she is probably the mother of BEATRICE NEIL SWINBURNE, born c.1869 St. Faith's, Norfolk also on 1881 census with grandparents James and Eve, aged 12 (there is no birth registration for her in the GRO indexes under this name so she was probably registered as Beatrice Neil)

  • HENRY PERCY SWINBOURN, born (reg. Q4) 1852 Gravesend, baptised 25 May 1858; on 1871 census with parents, as Percy, Teabroker aged 18 (birthplace given as Edenbridge, Kent)

  • EDITH ROSA SWINBURNE, born (reg.Q3 Islington) 1859; married 30 December 1884 St. Mary's, Brighton (by father James Swinburne and assisted by brother Stanley Swinburne) HERBERT MAYNE BULLER, (younger son of FREDERICK POLE BULLER, Esq.)

    James Alfred and Ellen Mary (Blomfield) were parents of:

    St. Andrew's Church, Rushmere-St.-Andrew, Suffolk
  • JAMES KEMBLE SWINBOURN, born 3 August 1876 Taunton, Oxfordshire; on 1881 census with parents, aged 4; on 1901 census with parents, Graduate Reading for Holy Orders, aged 24; ordained priest 1902; The Rev. Canon James Kemble Swinbourn died 29 May 1947 whilst of The Vicarage, Rushmere-St-Andrew, Suffolk, probate granted Ipswich 29 September 1947 to widow, effects 6351; married (reg. Q1 Plomesgate, Suffolk) 1905 EDITH WALWYN REYNOLDS, she died 21 January 1970 whilst of Flat 2, Greenacres, King Edward Avenue, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, probate granted London 24 April 1970, effects 47,162 (issue - see below)

  • WYNFORD PERCY SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q3) 1880 Ipswich, Suffolk, on 1881 census with parents aged 9 months; on 1901 census at St. Peter Port, Guernsey, 2nd Lieutenant 3rd Suffolk Regiment, aged 21; died 13 July 1956 of 26 Cherry Garden Avenue, Folkestone, probate granted London 28 September 1956 to widow, effects 1361; married (reg.Q3) 1929 E.Preston (Sussex), BEATRICE EMMA BETTY MORTEN, she died 25 March 1981 whilst of Heather Lodge, 2 Radnor Park West, Folkestone, Kent, probate granted London 10 June 1981, effects 202,470

    James Kemble and Edith Walwyn (Reynolds) were parents of:

    William Swinburne 1907-1994
  • WILLIAM HENRY SWINBURNE, born 11 April 1907 Mutford, Suffolk; Music Educationist, trained as a teacher in Winchester in 1923 before taking up his first appointment in Birmingham; completed his doctorate at Birmingham School of Music; accepted a position at the Royal Grammar School, Colchester in 1935 where he taught maths and physics, indulging in music as a sideline; he carried on teaching during the war and afterwards became one of the first music advisers in the country; Swinburne Hall in the Colchester Institute stands as a memorial to him; he was awarded the OBE in 1972 for his services to music and education; he retired in 1974 but continued to be involved in new music education ventures for many years; he died 16 October 1994 whilst of Endsleigh Court, Colchester, Essex, probate granted Winchester 27 October 1994, effects 148,201; married (reg. Q2) 1933 Birmingham GLADYS EDITH PARKER, died some years before her husband (issue - see below)

  • SYLVIA MARY SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q1) 1908 Mutford; she died unmarried on 13 April 1991 whilst of Queen Mary House, Manor Park Road, Chislehurst, probate granted Brighton 26 July 1991, effects 255,119

  • CHARLES JOHN SWINBURNE, born (reg. Q3) 1909 Plomesgate, married (reg. Q3) 1936 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire MARGARET S. OLIVER

    William Henry and Gladys Edith (Parker) are parents of:

  • RICHARD GRANVILLE SWINBURNE, born 26 December 1934, Lecturer of Theology at Oxford University, (Nolloth Professor of Philosophy of Christian Religion since 1985), FBA 1992, he has had many books published including in 1968 'Space and Time', in 1971 'The Concept of Miracle' and in 1996 'Is There A God?'. He writes articles and reviews in many learned journals, his address in 1998 was Oriel College, Oxford; he married (reg. Q3) 1960 Oxford MONICA HOLMSTROM, they have two daughters, JULIET C. SWINBURNE, born Oxford and NICOLA M. SWINBURN, born Leeds

    Charles John and his wife are parents of:

  • SUSAN M. SWINBURNE, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

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    Sources: Linda Swinburn, Census returns, GRO indexes, Who was Who 1897-??, Who's Who 1998

    (a) Martin Davis, Canada
    (b) 'Times' marriage notice 1 Jan.1885
    Other possible ancestors of Thomas Swinbourn b.c.1790 are Henry Swinbourne and Mary Stanley (see Nicholas Swinbourne of Butterby), they had a son Thomas who was baptised 6 April 1788 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire
    or James Swinbourne and Eleanor Pugh (see John Swinbourne of Warwickshire), they had a son Thomas, baptised 12 February 1787 St. Martin's, Birmingham

    Thomas Swinburn and Elizabeth Ward, married 9 Sep 1759 St. John Zachary with St. Anne and St. Agnes, London, they had a son Thomas Ward Swinburn, baptised 7 Sep 1760 Saint Luke Old St., Finsbury, London

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