Thomas Swinburne of Clarborough, Nottinghamshire, England
Clarborough is just north of East Retford on the main road between Worksop and Gainsborough. Treswell, South Levenden and Cottam are small villages to the south east of Clarborough. Sheffield, to the west, is the nearest city and Nottingham lies to the south.

THOMAS SWINBURNE, born 1753 Clarborough, Nottinghamshire (son of THOMAS and ELIZABETH SWINBURNE), possibly died (reg.Q2 East Retford) 1838; married 19 April 1779 Clarborough ANN BELLAMY (daughter of JOHN BELLAMY and ELIZABETH SALMON), born 1750 South Leverton, Nottinghamshire, possibly died (reg.Q4 East Retford) 1846

Parents of:

  • THOMAS SWINBURNE, baptised 2 September 1781 Treswell, Nottinghamshire

  • ELIZABETH SWINBURNE, baptised 17 April 1785 Treswell, Nottinghamshire, England

    Elizabeth was mother of:

    JOHN SWINBURNE, baptised 5 June 1819 Treswell, Nottinghamshire, England, died 3 January 1886 Dehli, Delaware County, Iowa, U.S.A., married 29 March 1849 Cottam, Nottinghamshire, SARAH BURLEY, (daughter of JOSEPH BURLEY and MARY HALIFAX) born 15 May 1826 Nottinghamshire, died 14 May 1917 Humboldt, Iowa, U.S.A. Sarah was pregnant when she and John sailed to America with their two young sons (departure between 8 June 1851 and 30 June 1852, arrival before 25 November 1852), one of whom died on the voyage. They settled in Iowa and John bought a plant nursery.

    John and Sarah were parents of:

  • JOSEPH B. SWINBURNE, born 21 November 1849 Cottam, Nottinghamshire; died 15 March 1944 Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California, U.S.A.; owned and published the 'Delhi Monitor' newspaper; married 27 May 1879 Fairfield, Iowa, U.S.A., VIRGINIA JUNKIN, born 7 September 1858 Fairfield, Iowa; died 14 July 1936 Fairfield

  • GEORGE SWINBURNE, born 8 June 1851 (reg.Q2 1851 East Retford); baptised 22 June 1851 Cottam; died 30 June 1852 onboard ship to U.S.A.

  • MEARY ELIZABETH SWINBURNE, born 25 November 1852 Joliet, Kendal County, Illinois, U.S.A., died 21 December 1928, married 27 May 1879 Manchester, Iowa, U.S.A., GEORGE L. CLARK (issue)

  • SARAH ANN SWINBURNE, born 20 August 1854 U.S.A., died 27 May 1948 Earlville, Delaware County, Iowa, married 27 October 1887 WILLIAM ROBINSON

  • JOHN WILLIAM SWINBURNE, born 23 October 1856 Delhi, Delaware County, Iowa, 1st Mayor of the town of Delhi, died 1 December 1929 Delhi, Delaware County, married 27 October 1880 Delhi CARRIE (or Caroline) ELIZABETH PULVER, born 2 November 1860 Benett's Corner near Royalton, Ohio, U.S.A., died 3 March 1930 Delhi (issue - see below)

  • REBECCA SWINBURNE, born 20 February 1859, died 24 September 1862

  • JOSEPHINE SWINBURNE, born 28 March 1861 Delhi, Delaware County, Iowa, U.S.A., died 2 May 1943 Manchester, Iowa, U.S.A., married 25 March 1880 Delhi JOHN URIAH RECTOR, born 13 December 1849 South Bend, IN, died 3 April 1911 Delaware County, Iowa (issue)

  • EMMA MEAY SWINBURNE, born 3 May 1863, died 23 January 1944 Nebraska, married 19 January 1885 Great Falls, MT, GEORGE C. JENKIN, died 15 March 1935 Smithfield, NE (issue)

  • ARTHUR HALIFAX SWINBURNE, born 6 November 1866 Delhi, Delaware County, Iowa, occupation - Physician, died 18 December 1945 Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, U.S.A., married 29 December 1891 Delhi LOUISE INGLES WHITE, born 15 May 1870 Delhi, died 2 October 1947 Washington D.C. (issue - see below)

  • JEANNIE A. (GENEVIEVE) SWINBURNE, born 6 April 1870 Delhi, Delaware County, Iowa, died 25 February 1953 Humboldt, Iowa, U.S.A., married 8 October 1892 JAMES H. SAVAGE

    John William and Carrie Elizabeth were parents of:

  • MAUDE EDNA SWINBURNE, born 19 November 1882, died 5 January 1929 Rochester MN, married 1stly 31 July 1901 Delhi, Delaware County, Iowa ARTHUR REEDER, born Earlville, Iowa (issue). She married 2ndly 12 November 1913 OTIS W. SMITH, born Hopkinton, Iowa

  • HARRY WILLIAM SWINBURNE, born 23 January 1887, died 3 July 1974 Delhi, Delaware County, Iowa, married BERTHA RYAN, born 1888, died 30 July 1963 Delhi, they had three sons, HARRY W. SWINBURNE, JOHN E. SWINBURNE and BRUCE R. SWINBURNE

    Arthur Halifax and Louise Ingles were parents of:

  • ALGERNON CHARLES SWINBURNE, born about 1895, died about 1940, married 24 June 1916 Washington DC, PEARL MAY ORNDORFF

  • RHODES DEWEY SWINBURNE, born 5 May 1898, died 1955 Wheeling, WV, married about 1925 GOLDIE MARIE CLARK, born 22 March 1900 PA, died 21 August 1992 Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California, they had two sons RHODES DEWEY SWINBURNE and DONALD RICHARD SWINBURNE

  • MARGARET C. SWINBURNE, born 30 June 1903 Marietta, Washington County, Ohio, died 28 August 1903 Marietta

  • ARTHUR FRANCIS SWINBURNE, born 7 June 1906 Atlantic City, Atlantic County, New Jersey, died 5 November 1997 Kensington, Montgomery County, MD, married 20 June 1934 National City Christian Church, Washington DC, RUTH FLORENCE DUCKETT, born 25 February 1911 Washington DC, died 5 November 1997 Kensington, Washington County, MD.

    Arthur Francis and Ruth Florence were parents of:






    *Researched by Dianne Sims, U.S.A., email:

    The following family are also from Clarborough in Nottinghamshire but their connection to the above family has not yet been found

    GEORGE SWINBURN, married 2 June 1829 Hayton, Nottingham (Hayton is about a mile to the north of Clarborough) HANNAH HEMPSTOCK, born about 1793 Clarborough; she is on the 1861 census at Town Street, Clarborough, a widow aged 68 with granddaughter Fanny

    George and Hannah (Hempstock) were parents of:

  • ?HANNAH SWINBURN, baptised 13 October 1834 Wesleyan Methodist Church, East Retford, Nottingham

  • JOHN SWINBURN*, born 20 December 1831 Clarborough, Nottinghamshire; married (possibly reg. Q3 Newark) 1858 ANN KING (daughter of William and Mary King), born c.1830 Newark, Nottinghamshire; John is on the 1861 census at Town Street, Clarborough in a different property to the rest of the family, a Blacksmith (journeyman) aged 28, Ann is at 23 Cheapside aged 30 with parents, daughter Ann M. and Sarah Swinburn; they are together on the 1881 census at the Post Office, Clarborough, with 4 children, a grandchild BERTHA SWINBURN (born reg.Q3 1879 Rochdale, Lancashire) and visitor Sarah Black, John a Blacksmith aged 50 and Ann aged 51; John is on the 1901 census still at Clarborough, Postmaster and Blacksmith aged 68 (issue - see below)

  • MARY SWINBURN, born about 1835 Clarborough; on 1861 census aged 26, Housekeeper with uncle WILLIAM HEMPSTOCK (Blacksmith, born c.1791 Clarborough)

  • ? SARAH SWINBURN, born about 1837 Clarborough; on 1861 census, a School Mistress aged 24, at 23 Cheapside with the King family

    John and Ann (King) were parents of:

  • FANNY SWINBURN, born (reg. Q3 East Retford) 1858 Clarborough; on 1861 census with grandmother, at Town Street, Clarborough, aged 2; on 1881 census at 118 Potter Street, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, an Assistant Dressmaker aged 22 in household of Annie Clarke, Dressmaker

  • HANNAH MARIA SWINBURN, born (reg. Q2 East Retford) 1860; on 1861 census aged 1 with mother and grandparents as ANN. M.SWINBURN; on 1881 census aged 21, an inmate patient at 37-38 Great Alie Street, Whitechapel, London

  • GEORGE SWINBURN, born (reg. Q1 East Retford) 1862 Clarborough; on 1881 census with parents, a Groom aged 19; married SARAH, born c.1857 Burn Cross, Yorkshire; they are on the 1901 census at 66 Sedan Street, Brightside Bierlow, Sheffield, George a Coachman aged 39 and Sarah aged 44, with 2 children (issue - see below)

  • JAMES SWINBURN, born (reg. Q2 East Retford) 1867 Clarborough; on 1881 census with parents, a Saddler aged 14; married (possibly reg. Q2 1890 Sheffield) SARAH ANN, born c.1871 Sheffield, Yorkshire; they are on the 1901 census at 42 Bell Hagg Road, Nether Hallam, Sheffield with 4 children, John was a Saddle and Harness Maker aged 34 and Sarah aged 30; of 1 Prospect View, Doncaster Road, Tickhill, Rotherham in 1916 (issue - see below)

  • JOHN SWINBURN, born (reg. Q1 East Retford) 1870 Clarborough; on 1881 census with parents, a scholar aged 11; married (possibly reg.Q4 1892 Sheffield) FRANCES, born c.1868 Morton, Lincolnshire; they are on the 1901 census at Ordsall, Nottinghamshire with 2 daughters, John was a Saddle and Harness Maker aged 31 (issue - see below)

  • WILLIAM SWINBURN, born (reg.Q3 East Retford) 1871 Clarborough; on 1881 census with parents, a scholar aged 9; married (possibly reg.Q2 1895 East Retford) SARAH ANN, born c.1872 Retford; they are on the 1901 census (as Swinbourne's) at 5 Argyll Terrace, Goldsmith Road, Friern Barnet, Middlesex with 2 sons, William was a Railway Clerk aged 29 and Sarah also aged 29; of 60 Greaseborough Road, Tinsley, Sheffield in 1916 (issue - see below)

    George and Sarah were parents of:

  • GERTRUDE SWINBURN, born (reg. Q4 Ecclesall Bierlow) 1888 Sheffield; on 1901 census with parents, aged 12; possibly married (reg.Q2 Sheffield) 1921 Mr. SAVAGE

  • JOHN ERNEST SWINBURN, born (reg. Q3 Ecclesall Bierlow) 1895 Sheffield; on 1901 census with parents, aged 5; enlisted Sheffield, Private 11529 West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own) 11th Battalion, whilst of 60 Greaseborough Road, Tinsley, Sheffield; killed in action 7 October 1916 aged 21, memorial Adanac Military Cemetery, Miraumont, Somme, France (111.J.20)

    James and Sarah Ann were parents of:

  • GILBERT JAMES SWINBURN, born (reg.Q2) 1891 Sheffield, Yorkshire; on 1901 census with parents, aged 10; died (reg.Q1) 1965; possibly married (reg.Q1 Donaster) 1914 SARAH AINLEY

  • WILLIAM SWINBURN, born (reg.Q2) 1893 Sheffield; on 1901 census with parents, aged 7; enlisted Doncaster, Lance Corporal 3100 6th battalion Connaught Rangers, killed in action 31 May 1916 aged 23, Loos Memorial Pas-de-Calais, France (panel 124)

  • GEORGE ALPHONSO SWINBURN, born 25 May 1895 Sheffield; on 1901 census with parents, aged 5; died (reg.Q4) 1974; possibly married (reg.Q1 Sheffield) 1932 MARIA WOOD

  • BLANCHE SWINBURN, born (reg.Q1) 1898 Sheffield; on 1901 census with parents, aged 3; she had a son LESLIE SWINBURN, born (reg.Q1 Doncaster) 1917 who died 5 March 1943 on war service, whilst of 8 Council Estate, Wadworth, Doncaster, Admon. granted Wakefield 23 August to Blanche Maxfield, effects 135; Blanche married (reg.Q2 Doncaster) 1931 HERBERT MAXFIELD

    John and Frances were parents of:

  • ELIZABETH ANNIE SWINBURN, born (reg.Q1) 1894 Sheffield, Yorkshire; on 1901 census with parents, aged 7; possibly married (reg.Q4 Sheffield) 1922 Mr. MARSHALL

  • ETHEL MAY SWINBURN, born (reg.Q1) 1896 Sheffield; on 1901 census with parents, aged 5; possibly married (reg.Q3 Sheffield) 1923 Mr. BUNTING

    William and Sarah Ann were parents of:

  • CECIL EDWARD SWINBURN, born (reg.Q1) 1896 Islington, London; on 1901 census with parents, aged 5; died 23 February 1963 at St. Charles Hospital, London, whilst of 18a St. Charles Square, London, probate granted London 26 November 1963 to Charles William Blamey, travel agent, effects 30

  • REGINALD ALBERT SWINBURN, born (reg.Q1) 1899 Friern Barnet, Middlesex; on 1901 census with parents, aged 2; married (reg.Q3 Edmonton) 1921 Ms SIMMONS

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  • Sources: GRO indexes; IGI; 1881 and 1901 census returns; Probate Calendars

    The IGI lists:
    HANNAH SWINBURN, married 1730 Treswell; ANN SWINBURN, married 1723 Treswell; THOMAS SWINBURNE, baptised 13 April 1749 Clarborough, son of Richard and Elizabeth Swinburne, both born c.1713 Nottingham

    *another JOHN SWINBURN baptised 25 January 1832 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, East Retford, Nottinghamshire

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