Alfred Francis Swinbourne of Bristol

Father of:

  • ALFRED FRANCIS SWINBOURNE, born about 1862 Bristol, Gloucester; on 1881 census as Francis Swinbourne, a Labourer aged 21 lodging at 6 Cart Lane, Bristol Temple, Gloucester; died (reg. Q1) 1919; married 1stly 23 December 1883 Bristol Register Office EMILY LOUISE HARPER; born c.1863 Gloucester; they are on the 1901 census at St. Mary, Glamorgan, Francis a Fruit Dealler aged 39 and Louisa aged 38; he married 2ndly 6 November 1905 Bristol Register Office CLARA MILLS

    Alfred Francis and his 1st wife Emily Louise (Harper) were parents of:

  • EMILY SWINBOURNE, born about 1882 Gloucester (possibly not registered as a Swinbourne); on 1901 census with parents, a Domestic Servant aged 19

  • FLORENCE LOUISA SWINBOURNE, born (reg.Q2 Bristol) 1886 Gloucester; on 1901 census with parents, aged 15

  • ALFRED FRANCIS SWINBOURNE, born (reg. Q3) 1887 Bristol Street, Newport, Gwent; on 1901 census with parents,a Shop Assistant aged 14; died (reg. Q1) 1955 St. Mary's, Gwent; married (reg. Q2) 1914 Newport CHARLOTTE ANNIE GIBBONS, died (reg. Q2) 1933 St. Mary's St. (issue-see below)

  • ALICE SWINBOURNE, born c.1889 (possibly Alice Blanch Swinbourne birth reg.Q4 1888 Cardiff); on 1901 census with parents, aged 12

  • FRANCIS ALEXANDER SWINBOURNE, born 15 July 1892 Great James Street, Bristol; on 1901 census with parents, aged 9; died (reg. Q1) 1972 Newport; unmarried

    Alfred Francis and his 2nd wife Clara (Mills) were parents of:

  • CLARA VIOLET SWINBOURNE, born 2 August 1909 at 5a St. Mary Street, Newport, Gwent; married 12 July 1930 St. Woolos, Newport FREDERICK TREVOR BAKER

    Alfred Francis and Charlotte Annie (Gibbons) were parents of:

  • REGINALD SWINBOURNE, born St. Mary's Street, Newport; married Register Office, Newport JOSEPHINE RUTH ADAMS (issue-see below)

  • FLORENCE DOREEN SWINBOURNE, born Mary Street, Newport; married 1stly Newport Register Office JOSEPH HANNAH; she married 2ndly St. Woolos Church, Newport, WILLIAM ALBERT REGAN

  • IRIS LORRANE SWINBOURNE, born St. Mary Street, Newport; married St. Woolos Church, Newport GEORGE WRIGHT; she married 2ndly Newport Register Office GEORGE EDWARD BALE

    Reginald and Josephine Ruth (Adams) were parents of:

  • JOHN REGINALD ALFRED SWINBOURNE, born St. Mary's Street, Newport; married 1stly St. Woolos, Newport BETTY DELICIA JONES, they had a daughter; he married 2ndly at Newport Register Office CAROLINE ANTOINETTE SANTWRIS, they had two children

    Sources: Mrs. L. Swinburn; 1881 and 1901 census returns

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