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Gules three boars heads argent - the oldest recorded coat of arms for Swinburne

The arms of Sir John Swinburne, 1st Baronet
The name Swinburn originates in Northumberland in the north of England. The Swin Burn is a stream rising at Carrycoats Moor and flowing through the township of East or Little Swinburn. Ulfchill de Swyneburne is the earliest known resident proprietor at East Swinburn. He is presumed to have been a man of considerable standing although he held his lands of the Lords of Gunnerton who were feudal tenants of the Baliols. Ulfchill's son, Adam was born about 1160. At West or Great Swinburn a Godfrey de Swinburne was given land by Ralph de Gunnerton in the late 12th century. The Swinburne's rose rapidly in wealth and influence from the end of the 13th century.The early histories of both lines are among the genealogies listed below.

In 1811 the population of Little Swinburn was 219, in 1821 it was 149. In 1871 the population of Great Swinburn was 492.

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Swinburn Family Genealogies:-
Oak Tree Oak Tree
Ulfchill de Swinburne of East or Little Swinburn
John de Swinburne of West or Great Swinburn
Robert Swynborne of Little Horkesley, Essex
Swinburne of Edlingham Castle and Nafferton
Swinburne of Chopwell and Wylam
Sir John Swinburne of Capheaton, Northumberland, England
Thomas Swinburne of Pontop Hall, co. Durham, England
Swinburne of Westgate, Northumberland
Henry Swinburne of Hamsterley, co. Durham
John Swinburn of Blackhall, Northumberland
William Swinburn of Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland and Gateshead, Durham
Swinburn of Lamesley, co. Durham
Robert Swinburn of Fugar Bar, Lamesley, co. Durham
James Swinburne of Jarrow, co. Durham
Ralph Swinburn of Chowdean, Durham
James Swinburn of Bishopwearmouth, Durham
George Swinburn of Lamesley, co. Durham
Lanclot Swinborne of Gateshead, Durham
George Swinburn of Medomsley and Burnmoor, co. Durham
Thomas Swinburn of Byker Hill and Cowpen, Northumberland
Benjamin Swinburn of Holywell, Earsdon, Northumberland
Thomas Swinburn of Byker, Newcastle, Northumberland
Robert Swinburn of Trimdon, Durham
Swinburn of Yarm and Gateshead, co. Durham
Swinburne of Benfieldside, Durham, England
Swinburne of Minsteracres, Bywell St. Peter, Northumberland
Swinburne of Dilston, Northumberland
Henry Bradley Swinburn of Birkenhead, Cheshire
Cuthbert Swinburn of Warden, Northumberland
Swinburn of Winlaton, Durham
John Swinburn of Wolsingham, Durham
Swinburne of Benwell, Northumberland and Melbourne, Australia
William Swinburn of Hexham, Northumberland
John Swinburn of Gowbarrow Hall and Walton, Cumberland
Christopher Swinburn of Skelton, Cumberland
William Swinburn of Skelton, Cumberland
Swinburne of Hewthwaite, Cumberland
Swinburn of Dearham, Cumberland and Greymouth, New Zealand
John Fawcett Swinburn of Workington, Cumberland
Swinburn of Whitehaven, Cumberland
John Swinburn of Newburn, Northumberland
John Swinburn of Ryton and Newburn
William Stokoe Swinburn of Sunderland, Durham
John Thomas Swinburn of Sunderland, Durham
George Swinburn of Chester le Street, Durham
*George Swinburn of Lanchester, Durham
Ralph Swinburn of Durham
Miles Swinburn of Houghton Bank, Durham
Michael Swinburn of Collier Moor, Houghton-le-Spring, Durham
Robert Swinburn of Collier Row, Houghton-le-Spring, Durham
Robert Swinburn of Houghton-le-Spring, Durham
William Swinburn of Houghton-le-Spring, Durham and Plymouth, Devon
Swinb(o)urn(e) of Lincolnshire
Swinb(o)urne of Middlesbrough, North Cleveland and Hartlepool, Durham
Frederick William Swinburn of Hartlepool, Durham
Thomas Swinburne of Clarborough, Nottinghamshire, England
The Family of John Swinburn of Newark, Nottinghamshire, England
*Swinburn of Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England
Swinburne of Loughborough, Leicestershire and Nottingham, England
Nicholas Swinbourne of Butterby, Durham and Bickenhill, Warwickshire
John Swinbourne of Warwickshire
Edward Swinbourne of Warwickshire
Col. Joseph Swinburne of Lichfield, Staffordshire
*Michael Swinburn of Pickering, Yorkshire
Swinburne of Settrington, Yorkshire
Royston Harry Swinbourne of Yorkshire
Swinburn of Prestbury, Cheshire, England
Swinburne of Oldham, Lancashire, England
Robert Swinburn of Salford, Manchester
Alfred Francis Swinbourne of Bristol
Swinburne of Stepney, London
Samuel Swinburn of Hornsey, London
John Dean Swinborn of London
Thomas Swinbourn of London
William Swinborne of Essex
James Swinbourn, Pent Side, Kent, England
Swinbourne of Collon, Co. Louth, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia
The Swinburn Family in Chile
George Washington Swinburne of Millston, Monroe, WI, U.S.A.
Edwin N. Swinburne of Worcestershire, England and Texas, U.S.A.
Small family groups not yet connected to main branches

*recently updated
Variations in Spelling
The spelling of SWINBURN is very inconsistent through almost every branch of the family. Different spellings for the same person will occur on birth, marriage and death registrations, census returns, parish registers, letters etc. The inclusion or omission of the final 'e' is the most common inconsistency and occurs very randomly. Some branches have adopted an 'o' and the variants SWINBOURNE, SWINBORN, SWINBORNE and SWINBOURN are most common in the Warwickshire and Essex branches. The census returns in particular, have many odd variants and Swinburns have been found under the names SWIMBURN, SWIMBURNE, SWINBARN, SWINBUN etc. In the genealogies above the most commonly found variant for each person has usually been used, or the earliest reference if all are different.

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