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23 Jul 1997
(no, that ain't right--it's more than that!)

I'm back from Kuwait again. Check back for Kuwait pictures!

Marine Weather Links
Global Wave Watch (USN)
National Data Buoy Center

NCOteam.org, new home of Squad-Leader.com

Tropical Cyclone Links
Atlantic Basin Hurricane Forecasts
Updated 11 Jun 2005
National Hurricane Center and Tropical Prediction Center Weather Underground's Tropical Page
SUPERTyphoon - Worldwide Tropical Cyclone Watch Typhoon 2000 - Philippines-area Tropical Cyclones Unisys Weather Tropical Cyclone Data (Archive)
Global SSTs (USN) SST Anomaly (USN) Saffir-Simpson and Fujita Scales, and Sea State

JD's Bunker

Florida Division of Emergency Management Brevard County, Florida Emergency Management Virgina Department of Emergency Management
Hawaii State Civil Defense Maryland Emergency Management Agency Washington Emergency Management Division
California Office of Emergency Services

The Army's experimental High Speed Vessel

Other Weather

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Thank you, Jimmy Page

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