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The Dryad Grove

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This website is dedicated to doing a small part to support the efforts of all people working to preserve our natural world and protect animals.

About Me

Working on this website is both a commitment and hobby.  I am committed to doing what little I can to help the cause of making our world a better place for all its creatures.  It is a hobby because I am an amateur graphic artist and web designer.  Everything I do on these pages is strictly non-profit and has nothing to do with my career or profession.
I use several different programs to create my graphics but one of the primary ones is Paint Shop Pro.  I still don't know how to properly use all its functions, but I am learning.
I am willing to offer whatever help I can to people sharing my concerns and interests in creating and developing their own home pages.  Unfortunately, time is finite and limited.  Whatever I can do is bound by the rule of "as time allows."

About the Site

Bullet The main goal of this website is to get people to support environmental causes by linking to their websites on home pages.  There are many ways to help, and this is only one of them.
Bullet Some other purposes of the site are to spread information about environmental issues and to provide inspiring selections of love and respect for nature.
Bullet I also want to promote fun.  That's why the games, quizzes, and contest sections are on the site.

About Linkware

Bullet Linkware is all over the internet or www.  Basically you get something free in exchange for linking to the provider's website.  You are providing advertising and exposure to their sites for them.  It's a pretty good deal, but it's not literally free so that is why they call it linkware.
Bullet How I implemented the linkware system to my graphics is to request that people using my graphics link to an environmental cause on their website instead of mine.

Honor System

Bullet You use my graphics and you don't link to an environmental site.  Guess what?  You are going to get away with it.  I have neither the means nor the desire to hunt you down.  I am doing this to help our environment and endangered species, and I trust that most people will make the link because they are concerned and care about our earth too.  Most people that might use my graphics probably already have links to environmental websites.
Bullet For the few that don't link, I guess I will just leave you to the karma police.

Why Register?

Bullet I know I made a big deal about not requiring anything but that link as the fee for using my graphics and it still is the only absolute requirement.  So what's this about registering?
Bullet Registering your page will simply create a link to your site from mine.  The specific environmental link you have on your page might get an extra hit or two.  And you might have some great information on your pages that others should see.  My site is limited and people interested in environmental issues will only benefit from being able to visit other sites.
Bullet Curiousity.  I find that I am getting very curious whether or not anyone is finding a use for my graphics and what the pages they are used on might look like.  I guess I want a little validation for the work and time I put into my website and my graphics.
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The Dryad Grove


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