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A distant Cousin
Hello and Welcome to my home.

My name is Sheba and I was the first of nine puppies born to my mother Princess.  I was born on October 2, 1996 at 4:00 p.m. in San Bernardino, California.  I had 5 brothers and 3 sisters and was Shebataken from my natural mother at the age of two weeks.  This was necessary as my mother, who was only 10 months old, was trying to kill all of us.  My adopted mother (Dominica) was present when I was born.  She decided at that time I would be the one she wanted so they put purple finger nail polish on one of my front nails.  That was my first and only experience with make-up.
Dominica has been real good  to me.  She would stay up all night and I would go with her everywhere when I was first born.  She fed me with a bottle until I was old enough to eat by myself.
Now all they want to do is take pictures of me for this Page.   I was trying to sleep in the above photo but they wouldn't let me.  There are more photos of me and the family  HERE .

I am still living in San Bernardino with Dominica and her three children (Andrew, Anthony and Crystal).

I'm not much of a traveler but did get as far east as Tempe, Arizona where I visited with my now good friend River, a mixed Labador, for a few weeks.  We had alot of fun playing together and I think I may have been too rough with him because he would constantly go into the swimming pool to get away from me.  I never went in because I don't if I can swim.  Besides that was his territory.

I hope you find my Home Page interesting and informative.

Rottweiler Running
 Are you considering breeding your Rottweiler?
The old rule -- multiplying a dog's age by 7 to find the equivalent human age -- is fallacious.
A dog is able to reproduce at 1 year and has reached full growth by 2 years.
To calculate a dog's age in human terms,
count the first year as 15, the second year as 10, and each year after that as 5.


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