A Jewish Vegetarian Homeschool

Last updated 9:00 p.m. MT on 15 February 2005.
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Welcome to Beit HaChatulim, which is indeed full of chatulim (cats) and almost everything else. Please choose a path through our page from the options below.

What's New? Things have settled down a little in our lives and we are starting to both update this web site and to move the entire production to our own domain. We hope to finally fill in the holes we have left over the years -- especially in the homeschooling area. We will also be updating links to other web sites as we work.

* The Jewish path. How one modern Conservative Jewish family does Judaism on a daily basis.

* The vegetarian path. What we eat. Yum, yum.

* The homeschool path. Why and how we homeschool. Our educational philosophy and the links we use a lot.

* Not a path at all. Come in, take a load off your feet.

* Our bookmark files. These are probably going to go away. At the very least, they will be seriously down-sized. It's way too hard to keep something like this up to date.

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