Ancestors of Arline Gamache Shogan

Welcome to my family tree

Everything I put forth here is true to the best of my knowledge. I will not guarantee that all the facts are without errors. I have based my tree on actual documentation when possible. Some has been obtained from the files of other trees and some from the interviews of persons who are knowledgable as to the facts which were relayed to me. If you should happen to find something which you believe to be in error, please don't hesitate to let me know.



A little background information

I am currently following the family of my dear mother. My grandmother, Margaret Wheeler was born in Marlow,NH. She was the daughter of Alvin Wheeler and Elizabeth Miller. Robert Miller came from England probably in the later part of the 1600's he eventually settled in Lyme, CT. His grandson, Nicodemus Miller, bought land in Marlow, HH in 1767 and soon after moved his family there. They were one of the first families to settle there. My line of Millers lived in Marlow until about 1911, sometime after my grandmother was born.

Alvin Wheeler was born in Bangor, NY. So far, I have traced The Wheelers to Clarenceville, Quebec, to Ephraim Wheeler. This line has been very hard to follow as it seems that every generation moves. I am still in the process of researching this line.

My grandfather Albert Gamache was born in Leominster, Mass. I also am in the early stages of researching this line. This is an old Acadian family. I am currenly trying to find a link to Canada. Which I believe I am omly one generation away. Information is still being collected and I hope that the documents are in the mail.


My surnames

Miller,Huntley, Champion, Jones, DeWolf, Palmer, Beckwith, Marvin, Clarke, Munsil,Lester, Comstock, Chappell ,Noyes, Pickett, Brewster, Royce, Caulkins, Gustin, Brown, Makepeace, Shawe, Moore, Hempstead, Willie,, Eshe, Raymond, Wheeler, Allard, Tucker, Gamache, Mercier, Provost, Dufour.

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