Welcome to the Keep of Clan Archbold. Alright, we're not a Clan by the Scottish definition. We are Cousins or a Associated Family of Clan MacPherson and Clan Chattan. Also are known as a Infamous Border Reiver Family. We will touch on these subjects and more as the Keep grows. I want to make this site a place where our family can find useful information. Now how this site will develop and grow is unknown. Any input from you would be appreciated. As with all web pages this is under never ending construction. Now enter the Keep and learn about our ancestors.

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ARCHIBALD. A surname derived from the personal name Archibald. in OE Arcebald, Arcenbald, or Ercenbald and doubtfully explained as meaning 'right bold' or 'holy prince'. Archebaldus filius Swani de Forgrunde is mentioned in reign of William the Lion. Erchnbaldus, Abbot of dunfermelyne mentioned c. 1180, appears again in the same record as Arkebaldus and Arkenbaldus. Thomas, the brother of Erkenbaldus, witnessed the gift of the church of Kilmaurs to the Abbey of Kelso before 1189, and Arkembaldus de Duffus was witness to an agreement between the bishop of Moray and John buseth concerning the churches of Coneway and Dulbatelauch between 1203 - 34. Robert Archebalde had a charter of the Hospital of Roxburgh in 1390 from Robert III and John Archibald was a witness in St. Andrews in 1545. The OF form of the personal name is found in Archambaud (earl of Dougles), 1405. Harrison's explanation of the use of Archibald for Gaelic Gillespie is probably correct. "Archibald was adopted by the Scots as a Lowland equivalent of Gillespie because the -bald was mistakenly supposed to mean 'hairless','shaven','servant' and therefore to be equivalet to Gael. gille 'servant','shaven one','monk'. Harchbald (earl of Argyll) 1493, Archombaldus 1233, Arkanbaldus 1228, Enkerbaldus a. 1189. (This information provided by our good friend Elaine from Britain.)



  I was looking up some records today and I ran across across some of the Archbold family history. Since you told me your sister's name was Ann Archbold, I thought this might interest you. The ancestral home of the Archbold's was in County Kildare, Ireland.

 In family bible of our Grandfather (my Great Grandfather ) James Archbold, it is recorded he is a native of County Kildare, Province of Leinster. He landed in Baltimore, November 16, 1787. September 6, 1790 he married Ann Kennedy, native of Prince George County, Maryland.

 Through a letter received from the Rev Francis H Archbold, clergy of the Church of England we received the necessary details as to how to reach Davidstown House, the name of the mansion Archbold Desemne.The estate is located forty or fifty miles from Dublin.

   This Eleanor Archbold is a Roman Catholic, but was very gracious and invited this cousin of mothers to have tea and told them of other Archbolds, whom they had not time to see. Does this connect in anyway connect up with your family history/Mother told me her father always said -only their family had spelt the name 'Archbold'-as interested me to hear of it being spelled the same in your family. Well, it is  lock-up time and I must go.We had quite a few guests this weekend and all of the fathers seemed pleased very pleased with their duaghter's surroundings. I am tired ,so I will bid you goodnight.

                          Yours , Alla Wale

The foregoing is the text of an undated letter, the contents of which are self explantatory. There is no address of the sender and no knowledge of the recipient, other than that contained in the letter itself. The letter I believe was written in America and the sender and recipient lived there. As to when the letter was written the following information may be pertinent. 

The Eleanor Archbold of Davidstown,who entertained her visitors to tea, died in 1926. She was unmarried and the last her family to live in Davidstown. The house still stands. The Rev Francis H  Archbold also died in the 1920's and was I believe , no relation of the Davidstown Archbolds.

 The Challenge is to trace the descendants of James Archbold and Ann Kennedy and to identify 'Alla Wale ' or Wall (the signature not very clear)

This was sent to us from Richard Archbold. Does anyone have the answer?


Patrick Archbold was born in 1725 in Ireland and emigrated to the United States. I am one of many here in the U.S. who is directly related to him. I have been putting together Patrick's descendant list with the help of many of you. Here is what I have so far.

Patrick Archbold's Descendants

The Archbold surname has been involved in alot of history. Archbold's have fought in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. An Archbold helped discover the Lost Valley in New Guinea. Below are links that will take you on a Archbold tour of the net.

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