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Welcome to Trouble and Cory's very own page.

It has been a LONG time since I have updated this page, but I am going to try my hardest to get it going again!

Trouble is a CKC/AKC registered white Keeshond. To see his pedigree (still under construction) go Trouble's pedigree.

Cory has been with our family for 2 years now. His sire is Can/Am Ch. YanKee Marquis, and his dam is Can/Am. Ch. Keesbrook's Hint 'O Magic. In the 2 years he has been with us he has obtained many group placements, all owner handled. His last group placement was a group first during the weekend of the Ontario Regional specialty.

Cory is OFA'd Good(hips), OFA clear of Elbow Dysplasia, His eyes have been cleared by a registered optimologist, though I have not CERF registered them, his Patella's are OFA'd tight, and his thyroid is OFA'd Normal.

He has been a joy to own. He is the sweetest dog I have ever met. He has the softest mouth when it comes to children and small creatures. He is also VERY calm compared to many Kees.

As for white Kees, in North America it is not too common to have a white Kees whelped in a litter of grey pups. But Trouble isn't normal, he's a Kees! :) The Keeshond comes in a few different colors in the native country, the Netherlands. North American CKC/AKC both only currently accept the grey Kees in their conformation standard. To see Grey Kees & Trouble at a snow picnic in Ottawa Ontario Canada click hereSnow picnic

The Canadian Rare breed Association, as of June 1996 has accepted the FCI standard for the other colors of the Keeshond. The Keeshond is a unique breed as it is a sturdy compact dog which can do most everything. They excel in obedience, get along well with other animals, excellent family pets. They are not a dog for everyone. They do not do well with harsh treatment in training. As well are NOT a dog which should be left outdoors for prolonged periods of time. They prefer to be with people and can become hyper when away from people for periods of time. Trouble was taken to the National of 1997 in Boston MA. There was a cinnoman color Kees there named Joker as well. To see a photo of three colors of Kees all together go HERE

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