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 Sit back, put your feet up, and stay awhile.  Help yourself to a cup of steaming hot coffee and listen to the soft Beatles music playing in the background:

 This page is here to bring you a respite in your hurried and hectic day.  And to give me From time to time, I may post my poetry or articles here.  And please remember that your comments are always welcome.  Well actually only your positive comments are welcome.  The others you can keep to yourself (smile).  

Just remember, you are about to embark on a great adventure, so fasten your seatbelt (not too tight or you won't have room to snack on the scrumptious calorie-free cookies I baked and placed on the table right there in front of you).  So what if I can't cook or bake in real life.  This is cyberspace, and in here, I can do anything and everything I please.  So ...

Welcome Aboard!

Annie's Place

Yaphank, Long Island, New York

Here's a little bit about me and my family:

I am a New Yorker by birth (let's hear it for good ol' Brooklyn, NY, U S of A!) and still by residence (now in Yip, Yap, Yaphank as Irving Berlin called my town in his famous song of the same name).  By day I direct an interfaith, not-for-profit social services ministry which assists poor and homeless families and individuals here on Long Island (Yes folks, Long Island does have many, many homeless and poor people living on it.  

By night and weekends I am a Net addict and wannabe writer.  I also collect bears (the stuffed kind), angels, good friends, seashells, driftwood, Faberge' type eggs, books, and a lot of other things that most common (and sane) people would call junk.  It may be trash to you, but to me it is a wondrous  treasure.  I also enjoy traveling, hanging out on the beach, reading, computing in one form or another, beading, jewelry making, stained glass, and other crafts.  When not playing on the computer, I can usually be found glued to the tube late at night watching re-runs of "The Odd Couple" or "I Love Lucy" or tuned in to QVC or the Home Shopping Network.  In my next life I would like to be a show host on one of those shopping channels.

I have two very special and loving dogs I would like to introduce you to.  Tchotchkes (pronounced Chotch-kiss)is an 8 year old sort-of-overweight (I'm being kind -- the poor bastard is a blimp!) tri-color beagle with an adorable pink spot just above his nose.  He is very affectionate and quite smart.  Although we don't like to admit it, Tchotchkes believes that he is a direct descendent of Snoopy, and that he was indeed born at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm where Joe Cool himself hails from.  As for the rest of the family, we have our doubts on that one.  Anyway, if you aren't sure exactly what the name Tchotchkes means, either is he, but as rumor has it, it is a Yiddish word for memento or dust catcher, and either way, the name suits him.

Gildarad is named after Gilda Radner because she can always make me laugh (and how I love to laugh!).  Gilda was a skinny stray when she befriended me on sunny October afternoon in 1991 and then joined our family.  Well, first I had to bribe her with a slice of pizza and a 7-Up, but we will ignore that piece of trivia for now.  Gilda is 6-1/2 years old, a black Labrador and Chow mix with the personality of the Lab.  At present her nickname is "The Professor" because she is growing a very distinguished looking white mustache.  She is sweet, loving, and looks wonderful when wearing the color purple (don't ask unless you are one of those people who dresses your dogs up when it's raining, and there is nothing else to do).

Heather Rose, my 20 year old daughter, is very beautiful (inside and out).  She is a college student and drives the only Suzuki Esteem in the New York area.  She spends what little spare time she has in the tub.  Heather is a gifted artist and writer, a very creative spirit, who once had an imaginary horse as the focal point of her life.  That was before Tim's arrival.  Tim, her fiance (the wedding is planned for August 1998) is a great guy.  He loves Beatles music (when Heather Rose let's him listen to it), architecture, and sleeping.  Heather and Tim are very much in love, and it does the old folks good to see such passion and partnership in two young people.  In his next life, Tim wants to be Ringo Starr, and Heather wants to be a driving instructor (don't ask, you're better off not knowing!). Although Heather is a tad bit camera-shy, Tim loves to have his photo on the web page:

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Who Says Friday the 13th is Bad Luck?

Annie is both proud and pleased to announce the engagement of her beautiful daughter, Heather Rose, to wonderful Tim (also known as "EB") on June 13th, 1997.  The ring is beautiful, the kids are happy, and Annie is smiling.  Congratulations and best wishes to my daughter and her fiance'.

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Martha Wild - July 9, 1919 to June 19, 1997

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Philip "Fatman" Smith - May 9, 1952 to December 29, 1989

My beloved husband, the love of my life, and wonderful step-father to Heather Rose.  We miss you, Fatman, and you will always be in our hearts.  Not an hour goes by that I don't wish you were back in my arms.

Edward  "Eddie" Francis Wild - February 7, 1916 to June 15, 1990

One of the smartest and most loving men I have ever known.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, Daddy, and wish I could talk to you one more time.


Rose "Nana" Dooley

October 27, 1891 to November 8, 1979

Thomas  Aloyissius "Papa" Dooley

January 10, 1883 to September 2, 1957

(Aunt) Rosemary (Dooley) Corbett

September 17, 1914 to October 1986

(Uncle) Joseph Corbett

June 14, 1910 to December 1986

(Uncle) Thomas John Dooley

March 12, 1911 to April 10, 1955

Clare & Murray Smith

Uncle Frank "Brother" Dooley

November 17, 1912 - October 26, 1997

My Dear Friend, Rev. George Byron Anderson

Frank Mitchell (An angel if there ever was one)

Ronald Riga

1949 - October 21, 1997

Jesus Loves You, Ron.  Homeless No More.

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