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McKenzie's Mint is devoted to Genealogy, Graphics and a small bit of information and about (and the obligatory photos of) the fur persons who live with me.

I've posted information about my ancestors on separate pages in the form of Ahnentafel charts. If you're looking for a particular surname, click on the "Names" button to see if that name is listed on one of my pages. To make your search easy, try typing "Control F" to pop up your "Find" box, and type in the name you're looking for.

My "Links Page" has links to sites with great genealogical information, sites with information on building web pages, sites with help with using Paint Shop Pro (a great graphics program) and to sites with just fun things on them.

I've posted some genealogical "How To" pages to help you in your search. I add more every so often, so check back when you can.

I've added some graphics pages, too.

I hope you find something here of use. If you find we connect on any of the genealogical lines, drop me a note and let me know. It's always fun to find a new cousin.

For a genealogy smile, find the magic wand on this page and see where it leads.

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Photos Some of My Ancestors' Photos
Graphics Free Graphics and some Paint Shop Pro Tips and Tricks and Blade Pro Presets
My DAR Chapter The Bill of Rights Chapter, NSDAR: My Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter
Info on Cats My page of links to information on cats, and the obligatory photos of my wonderful felines
Links My page of genealogy, graphics and just for fun links

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