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Last Update: August 15, 2001

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Hi, I am Tatjana. Welcome to my site. I am engaged in oriental dances of different styles and origins in my free time for about eight years now. This site is not about me as a dancer though. I do dance as well, but this is not to be a subject here except for some photos :~).

In case somebody wonders why my page hasn't been updated for such a long time: here is the reason. But I try to keep working on it...

Dancing has inspired me to my second hobby, which is drawing. The original intention behind my drawings was actually costume designs. Meanwhile the costumes are of secondary importance and the focus is on the presentation of the dance/the dancer.

I work without a concrete copy by the "trial and error" method, i.e. I draw and erase on a picture until it looks right to me. For this reason my pictures are not absolutely perfect from a technical point of view. But I hope to improve by practice and let you participate in my development with this.

Belly Dance in German   
Veil Dance in German
Sword Dance in German
Rhythm Accompaniment in German
Cane Dance in German
Persian Dance in German
Uzbek Dance in German
Mujra in German
Giddha and Bhangra in German
American Tribal Style in German

Just for Fun: animated gifs

Mehndi Designs in German
Photos of Tatjana
in belly dance costumes
Photos of Schachloh and Muazzam
with Uzbek dance
Photos of the Costume Exhibition
by the German Association for Oriental Dance

I put some lines of information and links to information resources with each subject. So far the text is all in German, but I will translate it as soon as I find time. If you are engaged in the presented dances yourself for a long time it may not contain any news for you. Maybe you even find mistakes with regard to the contents or you are simply of a different opinion - then write to me.

Maybe you have come across my site by chance, want to see the pictures only and think the remarks are boring.

However, I could not hold myself back. I hope the result still rouses your interest. Have a nice time on my site.

Naturally I hold the copyright of my drawings. But if you want to use them on your own homepage, you are invited to do so. Please observe the following common terms:

  1. Download them, do not set any direct links to the pictures on my site.
  2. Do not change them or claim them as your own.
  3. Do not add them to any commercial collections.
  4. Set a link to this site on your homepage. You may use a textlink, my logo or my banner for this purpose. My logo and the following banner in additional colours and in a smaller version are here.

In addition you will find on my site a commented collection of my favourite links concerning the subject of oriental dances (English version to come) and information on instruction offers in Bremen, Germany. As this last page is of regional interest only I am not going to translate it. Send me an email if you need to know anything from it.

Mitglied im / Member of OrientalWeb

I would be very glad about entries in my guestbook or emails with comments and good advice to the contents and design of my site.

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