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This page contains due South themed wallpaper for computer desktops

I have tried to keep all files under 100Kb, so, unfortunately the quality of the images may be slightly compromised.

Be sure to check back regularly, as I plan to add more wallpaper soon!

Onto the wallpaper!

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due South

In this section you'll find wallpaper with your favourite characters from the show.

Improved version
Fraser, Ray, Diefenbaker, Meg and Victoria. Meg and Victoria?

This pic is 61.2 Kb

due South Wallpaper
Constable Benton Fraser and Detective Ray Vecchio -
the most innovative crime-solving team in Chicago.

This pic is 59.2 Kb
Ben and Ray
Another wallpaper with Benny and Ray!

This pic is 57.9 Kb
More Ben and Ray
Yep, more Benny and Ray wallpaper!
Nice pics, but I don't like the colours though. Oh well...

This pic is 63.3 Kb
Hey! More Ben and Ray
Even more Benny and Ray wallpaper!!
Hey, is there a theme goin' on here?

This pic is 62 Kb

Even more Ben and Ray
Diefenbaker - everyone's favourite chocolate eating,
donut grabbing, sugar junkie wolf! This wallpaper also
features Maggie from The Wild Bunch

This pic is 49.3 Kb
Ben and Meg - for all you Megamaniacs out there :)
"There are times between men and women when things come up...
y'know, feelings. Enough said."

This pic is 50.7 Kb
Ben and Meg
Robert Fraser... or Our Favourite Dead Mountie :)
Fraser: "Hello, Dad. How are you?"
Fraser Sr.: "I'm dead, son. Other than that, do you mean?"

This pic is 44.3 Kb
Fraser Sr.

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