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To all Sweet Valley Community visitors,

Due to lack of interest and lack of time, I will no longer be updating this page. However, I have decided to keep this page up so present and future Sweet Valley fans will be able to enjoy this page. I would like to thank all those who have visited and supported this page.

Thank you.


Welcome to my SWEET VALLEY COMMUNITY! This is the place where you will find everything you wanted to know about Sweet Valley...the residents...the library...everything. So what are you waiting for? Start up your engine and get moving.


The Map of Sweet Valley~~

The Mayor's Office Sneak into the Mayor's Office to find out all you wanted to know about the residents of Sweet Valley...Careful! Don't get caught!

The Voting Booth The student's of Sweet Valley High are having a popularity contest. Help out and and vote for your fave character, fave couple and more here...

The Sweet Valley Newspaper What to post something up in the newspaper? Want a question answered? Or do you just want to comment on the Sweet Valley Community? Well, why not post a message in the Sweet Valley Newspaper? The cost is free.

The Studio The photo shoot is just about to begin. Get in and watch your favourite stars get all glammed up, striking different poses. (Also see who plays your favourite characters on Sweet Valley High).

The MatchmakerWe look into your future and we see you with. . .well, okay, so we need a little more info on you in order to pair you up. Come on in, your future awaits. . .

The LibraryInside, you will find everything that you want to know about the lastest Sweet Valley books. The libraian is friendly, so no need to worry. This is the place to go if you want to see sneak peeks on upcoming Sweet Valley books!

The PetitionOh no! For those of you that didn't hear, Sweet Valley High is not going to be renewed for a fifth season. However, us Sweet Valley fans are not giving up without a fight! I you want to help save the show, Sweet Valley High, come on in and sign the petition.

The Book StorePsst! Keep your voice down. The store owner here is really strict. No talking is his policy! But a visit here is well worth the silence. Here you will find stories after stories, all written by. . .you!

The Hall of Fame Look at all the cool awards I won for running such a great community...The Sweet Valley Community!

The Post Office Feel like saying hi to your favourite star? Want to drop Francine Pascal a line? Or do you want to order Sweet Valley books? Well, you can do it all here! The Post Office is jammed with addresses for your pleasure.

The Park It's a Saturday afternoon. There's nothing on t.v. and all of your friends are busy. You're all by yourself and have nothing to do. You are bored. So why not take a trip to the park? (The Park is a place on miscellaneous things that DO NOT have anything to do with Sweet Valley. It's just a fun page with polls, images, etc. Find out what other people like, aside from Sweet Valley.) Come on in! You'll like it!

The Conference Room There has been many fights going on about whether Liz and Todd are the perfect couple. Do you agree? State your opinion as see what others have to say. We're going to settle this once and for all...


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