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This is the almighty Titanic picture page. I am setting up a picture gallery using all the photos I can find on the 'net of the 1997 film version of Titanic. I am presently just starting out so the collection may be small, but if anyone could e-mail me any photos at ms.rosedawson@usa.net I would put them up immeadiately. Any sites where pictures are found or names of people who send pictures to me will be put in the links page. This site will not only contain pictures, though. I am planning to set up character and actor biographies, links, and anything else I can think of or someone could suggest.

Any pictures found on this site can be used by other people if they would kindly provide a link back to this page. Thank you.

On To The Gallery!

"My Heart Will Go On"

The Titanic Script

The Webrings

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Have a page with a banner? Well, for all the webmasters out there I have my banner exchange. Send me a copy of your banner for my links page and I'll put it up with a link and you can put my banner as a link on your page. Interested? E-mail me at: ms.rosedawson@usa.net.

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