Dave's Hotwheels Collection!

If you have HW's to trade - email me at Jester84@hotmail.com

There are quite a few pics so please give them time to load.

One of my wall's of Hot Wheels

Here is what I have so far for 1999 FE's & Series

1998 First Editions and Series Cars

1997 First Editions and Series Cars!!

1996 First Editons and Series Cars!!

Adult Collectibles, 1998 TH's & 1995 Model Series and Series Cars - Missing the Real Riders 8(

This is my VW bus collection to date 5/99

Here is what I have so far in the JC Whitney Collection



Internet Revealers and more Limited Editions

Gold Nascar and McDonald's Hauler with Happy Meal cars

A couple of Treasure Hunts and some Krogers Haulers

A lot of All Blue BP's and Chuck 'E' Cheese Cars and Miscellaneous Blister Packs

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