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This site features individual memorial pages for and by families that have lost loved ones to alcohol related tragedies. Each page contains a guestbook where you may leave comments only for that person's family and friends. I have not personally met or known any of the victims, their friends or family for whom these pages were made. I simply design and maintain each page as per their request through SOARS, which stands for Support Offered to Alcohol Related Survivors. So please direct your heartfelt sympathy to the victims' loved ones instead of me as I am sure they are in need of words of comfort.
If you have any questions or comments for Lisa, this site's creator, please use the email button at the bottom of this page. The guestbook on this page is also for comments to me. You are invited to visit my main site, Lisa's World as well. Once again, please do not leave comments or questions for Lisa in the guestbooks on the individual memorial pages. They are not for me. Thank you for taking time to view these sites.

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