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Whales of the Serengeti      Home page  


Welcome to my mind.

Do not allow fear to hinder your journey: wallow in the void, peruse the barren wastes and travel on a lonely path into the hidden recesses of my mind. For within these poorly constructed pages are hidden treasures to discover - treasures that will numb the senses and bore the rest of your bits.

All items found in this site, including animations and even the buttons, were creating using the 3D package, trueSpace 4.x. In only some cases has another tool been used for pre- or post- work.

Please pop by the links page and visit my friends. It is to these people that I owe the greatest gratitude as they have helped me - either directly or indirectly - to generate the images that pepper these pages.

As will soon be obvious to the casual observer, this page is seriously under construction. I have not yet tested this page under browsers other than Internet Explorer 4 and above so do not be surprised if this looks kind of stupid. If this text does not even appear then I think you're ugly and you smell of cheap scotch!






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