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11/12/2000 10pm: Homework. I was on a roll this weekend. I got my assembly program finished, wrote an extra credit assembly program which I'll definately need, got an english memo written, and studied for my discrete math quiz. The assembly assignments just take up tons of time.

Samuri Swords. We'll be playing this coming Saturday night. Am I pumped. Hell yeah.

Peer In. On my ongoing studies of the peer-in, I've yet to come to good conclusion. Let's revise what we have so far. The "Peer In" is defined as walking down the hallway in a dorm (residence hall) and impulsively looking in random open doors as you go. Nobody really knows why people do it, I think the reasons very from person to person and from time to time. The last 3 people who've walked by my door have done it, but one guy walked by like a good 6 times, looking in every single time, as though the situation magically changed from moments ago. Of course, now that I'm counting, I'm pulling a "Peer Out", but I think we can all agree that's a whole noth'r subject for noth'r time.

Elections. Does anybody even care anymore. The first couple days I was all gungho about finding out who's going to win. Now I could really give a rat's ass when I find out. Of course I'm still rooting for Gore, but I think with this controversy, both presidents will be ineffective for the next 4 years.

11/12/2000 1:45am: Friday night. Last night we didn't roleplay at all, but we have a good excuse. We played Playstation 2 for a solid 5 or 6 hours. Playstation 2 undeniably rules.

Today. Didn't do anything today. Man, that was cool. Hung out with some friends round the hall and worked on some homework. Right now, still doing nothing. Still very cool. Sorry my life is boring, otherwise I might actually have something cool to put up here... yeah.

11/10/2000 12:15am: Spanish Armada. History Channel had a special about the English and Spanish armada battles back when they were using cannons and wood ships. The English were wasting the much larger Spanish armada and we never really knew why, until later we learned that the Spanish cannons all were different sizes!!! Each cannon had to have a different size ball. How freaking dumb can you be as naval leader to make a mistake like that.

History Channel. Right now I'm watching an ongoing series about the U.S. Navy. The HC touts it as the "Undefeated Navy". Of course we've been around a few centuries less then the Europeans, but it's still cool. Right now they're showing the Navy during the Cold War. They had some unbelievable technology at the time, I can only wonder what we have now. As a strategist at the time, you would be able to do some very, very awesome things to really screw up the lower tech enemies. On another now, on November 27th, a new series will start that will document the Founding Fathers of America. That will be awesome. I think I'm taping that one.

11/7/2000 9:15pm: Elections. I've been watching the elections more closely then I watch most movies. Go Gore!

11/7/2000 12pm: Go out and Vote. Living on a college campus, you are reminded about 10,000 times to go out and vote on election day by about 10,000 different people. They say they don't care who you vote for, as long as you vote. Well you know what, I do care who I vote for, and I don't want some dumb ass shmuck going out and filling in random circles on a ballot which might go against my vote, when they have no clue what they're doing. If you don't know who to vote for, sit your ass at home (or go out and vote Democratic). Gore isn't the most excitable person, but people are happy with the government doing nothing right now, thats what happens with a Democratic President and a Republican Congress, if all of a sudden you toss a Republican President in office, you not only have a bunch of laws being passed that I don't agree with, but the President this next term will also pick a good hunk of the Supreme Court Justices, so the justices will support the crappy laws being passed. Ladies, if you don't want to lose your right to choose, do something about this, otherwise somebody will very soon, choose it for you. I just can't believe the shit that people base their vote on. Tax breaks? Academic Standards? Environment Issues, fuck no, we vote for the guy who looks best on T.V. and who doesn't make a complete ass of himself during the time he was running. Who'll ever figure out politics, thank god Alan Greenspan still runs the economy.

School Work. Caught up for now! WooHoo!

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